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  1. Hey guys I haven't read through the most recent events yet - I just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday and today are full of meetings for me. Sorry for any inconvenience, I'll be catching up tonight. With E3 going on and with meetings this week, it's kind of a busy time for me :/
  2. Lol thanks I almost did Charming the Captives: 3eA+1eB+2eD 0 successes, 3 advantage so I wasn't successful.. but that's a lot of advantage ... hmm... any thoughts on spending it?? I guess if my goal was to calm them, I've failed at that at least... hmm...
  3. Yeah for sure, Brin will hand the datapad off to Khaine before talking to the prisoners.
  4. I'd like Brin to talk to the prisoners in an attempt to keep them calm and rallied like @Ahrimon suggested. If we can convince the prisoners to trust us, we may be able to collect some valuable information.
  5. Cool Strain Recovery: 2eA+1eP 1 success, 3 advantage so that's 4 strain recovered I guess? If anyone needs a boost die to add to this check, I still have those two advantage from the last attack.
  6. Brin makes sure his blaster is still on stun setting, takes a moment to line up his shot, aims at the receptionist and... Blasting Away in Stun Setting: 3eA+1eB+1eD 2 successes, 2 advantage 8 strain damage before soak, and enough advantage to crit Critical Injury Roll: 1d100 54 Inflicting a 'Fearsome Wound' on her
  7. Yea I'm in position to keep blasting away. Easy check, @Ryoden?
  8. I'll just provide the next ally with a boost then
  9. Sounds good, I'll flip a point too so we can attempt to end this!! Firing at the receptionist from behind the desk: 1eP+2eA+1eC 1 success, 1 advantage ****, I was hoping to do a little more than that XD 7 damage before soak, and can I use that 1 advantage to give her a setback if she tries to return fire at Brin?
  10. I'll do the former option then. Climbing down the ladder and hastily looking for a better vantage point to fire from (second maneuver). Once I'm in place, I'll set my blaster to stun and fire at her. Just looking to confirm difficulty of the check.
  11. How many maneuvers would it take to try to sneak around the desk unnoticed from where Brin is? I figure with all the stuff going on, I can probably try to get around her cover, but it may take too long...
  12. I've always been under the impression that drawing a weapon or item is a maneuver all its own. I'd be really curious to see if there is such a rule!! It kind of undermines abilities like Quick Draw though otherwise...
  13. Yeah I say take the shot -- it looks like she won't go down without a fight now.
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