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  1. Archers done. Turned out... not so great, but the models are as you know tiny and pretty messy in certain areas.
  2. Thanks guys! Nara is bygging for some touch up, parts of her arms are way to dark and I never bothered to highlight the veins on her arms. Considering blacklinging as well, some parts looks messy without. Any way, Goblins on the way. Should be finished tonight:)
  3. Finished Nara, turned out ok. There's still some things I'd like to change but I'm moving on now. Not sure what to paint next. Maybe Splig and goblins, maybe it's time for something big.
  4. Painting one of the heroes the guys picked. Nara the Fang, WIP. The time for feedback is the best right now!^_^
  5. I used that a lot bur grew sort of tired of that look. I haven't used nuln oil actually. It's from an older sortiment, not sure if it's still in production, it's called somethingsomethingX earthshade, sort of dirt brown. And I wanted the bone to pop a bit. Might have been a mistake, I totaly see your point, thanks for the input:)
  6. Descided to stick with gloss bases for now, turned out my gamling group preferred it to scenic bases. Without further delay, Barghests!
  7. The bases didn't quite create the feel I was hoping for. I will follow your example actually, until all my figures are painted. Once painted I think I might go for a bit more scenic bases. I'm thinking tha cobblestone mixed vid some roots/undergrowth, puddles whatever might look well with most tiles. But I'll save that til last and do them all in one batch.
  8. Hi! I recently bought Descent (and wow it's the greatest thing since... ever). I've started to paint my figures in preperation for me and my friends upcoming playthrough of Heirs of Blood. I'll post everything here as I go! Please leave comments, be they praisals, bashing, questions or feedback. I'm glad for an response at all! I'll be painting everything using the art work as reference. I've chosen to paint the bases in their original color (found paints that were pretty much a perfect match) and some gloss varnish for fancyness. I chose to skip scenic bases, which I feel like they belong in miniature games like Runewars. First out, Zombies! Second group, Barghests. Nara The Fang, ready for action. Goblin archers.
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