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  1. Rules reference 66.1: "When a unit is made up of a single rank, that rank is both the front and back rank." I think the question would be, who decides which try gets moved to fill in where the heavy figure tray was.
  2. On page 18 of the Learn to Play guide under Heavy Upgrades section: "When a heavy figure upgrade is removed, replace the removed tray with a full tray from the back rank."
  3. I have not tried it on the larger models yet. Hopefully tonight I will have some time.
  4. I found a quick and easy way to magnetize the figures to the trays. I found a magnet that has a hole in the middle that fits around the peg in the tray at Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.com/p/MASTER-MAGNETICS-3-8-in-Neodymium-Rare-Earth-Magnet-Discs-12-per-Pack-07090HD/202526371 I found a 1/4" washer that fits on the figure. I used superglue to hold the magnet and washer. It does make the figures sit up about half the height of the base, but not too bad and with some good basing it should be relatively hidden.
  5. Im used to Xwing where is the same, I just find it odd.
  6. Anyone else annoyed that range 1 is longer than the other ranges? Not that its a big deal, but I just found it annoying when measuring the setup areas i had to use the correct side to get a range 1-3 measurement.
  7. Defiantly looks fun, those reanimates will hit like a truck. Makes a hard choice on who to go after first, the archers will decimate any units in LOS, and the lancers will load up blights for the reanimates/Ardus to knock around the opponents heroes or golems.
  8. This is my first time painting miniatures, I had them assembled, but not glued when I painted. A few times I took them apart to reach the tight areas. But as another reply said, you don't usually see the hard to reach spots
  9. ++ Standard Army (Waiqar the Undying : Wave 0 (2017)) [198 Points] ++ + Infantry + Ardus Ix'Erebus [43 Points]: 1 Tray, Ancient Technique, Reaping Blade Reanimate Archers [26 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Master Crafted Weapons, Rank Discipline Reanimate Archers [22 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Rank Discipline Reanimates [38 Points]: 2x2 Trays, Terrifying Heraldry, Trumpets, War Crier Reanimates [38 Points]: 2x2 Trays, Terrifying Heraldry, Trumpets, War Crier + Siege + Carrion Lancers [31 Points]: 2x1 Trays, Master Crafted Weapons ++ Total: [198 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe
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