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  1. Sure I'll confirm the paints when I get back home, away at the moment. In the meantime I can post up details of the colours I used for the leonx that I posted on the Runewars Facebook page. The following are all citadel paints i used for the fur. Based in Abandon black, then 2 layers of zandri dust. I then washed the fur with seraphim sepia to give a slight orange tint to the fur (looking for a lion look) then shaded again with agrax earth shade (best wash ever) to get depth. Then painted over raised areas again with zandri dust. Then a mix of dry brushing and highlighting with tyrant skull, ushabti bone and screaming skull. Hope that helps
  2. I'll do my best, it takes me a while though
  3. Rider now finished and mounted and basing all complete
  4. Have to say I'm loving the elves. Decided to try a test model for the Leonx. Took a while to decide on a colour scheme but i thought the light sandy colour of a lion would work with the green and brown colour scheme of the elves. So far so good, thoughts? Left the Elf in to contrast the colour scheme i want with the Elf models
  5. I've taken some new ones and put them up on Imgur. I'll try to add some of the older ones later
  6. So finally got around to starting to paint the new elves. Have to say i love the models. Went for the standard colour scheme as i thought it worked well, barring the green gloves. Heres the test model to assess the scheme. i think it will work nicely. Also added in the undead archer as a contrast as he's just been finished too. Can't wait to start on the rest.
  7. Nice job, and they look good in the flesh
  8. Works really nicely, good choice. Don't think I can justify buying the set just for those additions but it's tempting lol. Love what you did there
  9. Where did you get the sweeping ghost additions to the maro model. They really work well with the original look
  10. Yeah it's crazy isn't it, no way I'm signing up to that
  11. As everyone shifts from photobucket to other alternatives I can see them going the same way
  12. Ah the Joys of the new photobucket terms and conditions. Looks like I'm closing that account then. The second bodyguard for Kari is now complete. Edge highlighting was driving me nuts so I think I'll take a break from Golems (until the next release ) Time to move back to getting my Waiqar complete. Just undercoated 4 trays of reanimates, 4 trays archers and one lancer. Should be a busy weekend
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