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  1. Marshall Shinqo heard that this was Teemo involved and negotiation was improbable at best. "Call on Ryloth for support since we are escorting one of their citizens, I'm going to get on one of our big guns." He spun on hjs boot and rushed down the corridor to get to the nearest turret. _________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Can he get there and attack this turn? I am willing to use 2 strain for an extra maneuver.
  2. "What the kriff? Who's firing at us now?" he shifted his gaze over to the sensor station, but could not see the console to tell if the ship was coming from the planet or elsewhere. If it was from the planet he could talk them down, they have a citizen of Ryloth onboard and can use that angle. But if the attacker followed them in hyperspace, they'll probably have to duke it out. ____________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Not taking an initiative slot or action, just doing some role-play here since in-character Lang has no idea who is attacking them.
  3. Lang brought the bottle of Trandoshan whiskey back to his quarters to drink. It tasted horrible, but the alcohol kicked like an enraged bantha. He took a few sips, and felt like he was going to be sick. Trax must have been a masochist, or he just had bad taste. He couldn't drink this swill enough to be plastered. Just as well, failing to help the people here would have made him feel worse later. It won't help change anything in his past. But he could do right by the people he met. He put the stopper back in the bottle, and grabbed a few porga chips from his pack to chase away the horrible taste of Trax's booze. He then headed out to see what the rest of the crew was doing. He remembered something about jumping into hyperspace, so he headed toward the cockpit to ask. He spoke to whoever was in there, (Caizu and the Dug, I assume). " Sorry, I was feelin' a bit under the weather. But, I'm mostly better now. Where are we headed? Anything new happen in the last hour that I missed, besides making a jump to hyperspace?"
  4. I am still here. Yes, more green skin and longer sideburns for Lang. The shock glove looks like a Hulk hand, disproportionately large.. the rest is well done. I would do the glove dark grey with sparks running along the fist.
  5. OOC: I didn't think anyone was waiting on me.. Lang is in the Galley getting blitzed, so not really part of the converstation. He isn't comfortable taking on leader, especially since he blames himself for not stopping the massacre on the outpost he was supposed to protect. So, don't wait for him to post. If you need me to make that an IC post, I can scrabble together something about him drinking and singing some ol' west type tune that makes little sense..
  6. The frontier lawman was about to offer to free the prisoner and was pleasantly bewildered at the generosity of the Nikto and his offer of aid. He was definitely full of surprises that one. He spoke up, his voice was a little shaky. "I second that for my leathery friend, we will do what we can but you ought to skiddadle before we get hunted down. I have to go." The story of the Twi'leks was too much for him, drudging up the open wound of what happened to his town of Yverian. He stormed out of the hold, teeth clenched and headed for the galley to find something stiff to drink. He ignored the shipwide comm from the Dug. Just one more problem, his only solution was at the bottom of a bottle.
  7. Character Lang Campaign My Kind of Scum Description charm roll Results 3eA+1eB+2eD: 1 success [3eA=A, A, A] [1eB=S] [2eD=Th, Th/Th]
  8. What is the difficulty/opposing dice for the roll?
  9. Lang looked over the elder Twi'lek and agreed with the Nikto's assessment. But sometimes looks can be deceiving and he took no chances and watched the blue skinned alien with a practiced careful eye. He opened the cage and let the man out. "Don't ya worry about that Trandoshan feller. He aint gonna bother ya anymore. We've seen to that. You can relax a bit, we aint bounty hunters. What do we call ya?" He watched the Twi'lek's reaction to gauge how much information to get out of him or what to ask next, his question was just to get the man talking. He wanted to ask why he was being kept prisoner, but first he needed to get him to let get more comfortable with his situation so they could find out why he's here. ___________________________ I guess that would be charm to get him to open up.. what is the difficulty. I have 3A for charm.
  10. The lawman covered his mouth and nose at the smell and got out of his seat once they made the micro-jump to the edge of the system. "What in tarnation is that smell. I reckoned the ship looked like a piece of garbage, but wasn't expectin' it to actually carry garbage." He saw Dro-kar turn and head toward the smell, getting out his gun. He kept his blaster in its holster but followed the large Nikto. He grumbled loudly enough for the Bounty Hunter to hear, "Yeah, let's head toward the rotting smell. Why not?" He rolled his eyes, but continued to follow Dro into the hold, to make sure and watch his back just in case there is trouble aboard. He looked around to see what could be causing the smell, while still trying to keep his nose buried in his sleeve. ______________________________________________________ OOC: I wasn't sure if I am able to see what Dro-kar does, so i'll wait to post in response to the Twi'lek and cannisters. Character Lang Campaign My Kind of Scum Description Destiny pool rol Results 1eF: 2 Dark Side [1eF=DS/DS]
  11. Lang sat back after the last Tie fighter exploded in a ball of white hot flaming pieces of metal. He kept his hands on the controls and looked at the scanners to be sure there were no more surprises. After a minute he climbed out and sauntered over to the cockpit area. The Mirialan nodded quickly, somewhat annoyed at being given the reins of the ship having little experience in space vessels as anything more than a passenger. There wasn't time to argue, so he responded. "Yes, yes. Make the jump. We need to skidaddle before they can get more ships ready. We can pick something a little further out after that." The Marshall turned to Dro-kar afterward, nodded to him and responded to his earlier comment. "Well, I'm glad you survived as well. You're right handy with weapons. I'm glad you didn't use me for one back in the Hutt's arena." "Now, Sixty-six let us know the ship's status as soon as ya can, alright. The rest, any ideas what our next move is? I aint got much in mind other than keeping out of the reach of that ball of slime we just pissed off. We probably outta check out what we got on this ship that's worth some credits. It looks like we might need plenty to keep this tub afloat."
  12. Lang spied the blackness of space light up with explosions as Dro-kar downed two of the fighters, and was about to yell out congrats when the other two Imp ships came in on a run and tore into the VCX-85. The ship rocked violently from the laser blasts, and for a moment he thought they were done for. But they were still alive and Trok had the ship steadied now, and he was able to swivel the turrent so that the Tie fighters oriented into the center of his viewport. The Mirialan Marshall was able to draw a bead, his targeting computer lit up and he yanked both triggers, unleashing a torrent of glowing energy bolts. "Eat plasma, ya black bellied vermin!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: A hit! That should be 9 damage, I believe, with the forward light laser cannon (base 6 dmg) & 3 successes. Character Lang Campaign My Kind of Scum Description gunnery attack Results 1eP+2eA+2eD: 3 successes, 1 threat [1eP=S/S] [2eA=A, S] [2eD=Th, Th]
  13. Lang let's loose a string of profanity as the hull is rocked from enemy fire. One of the Tie fighters moved into his field of vision quickly, but before he could lock on. He swung the turret in front of the agile fighter, unfortunately too far ahead of them as his shots lanced ahead of them. It did cause the Imps to veer back into Dro-Kar's firing arc and also forced them to interfere with the second group of tie fighters lining up their shot on the VX. "These durn flyin' eyeballs are as slippery as Hutt spawn! Trok, keep us in one piece will ya?" _______________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: I believe this is right, a boost from Dro-kar, and 2 difficulty, from what I read.. course it was on my phone while pumping gas so I apologize in advance if I'm off. If its correct, I'll use two advantages to pass a boost for Dro-kar, and I'd like to use the two more advantages to give the next Tie fighter a setback from making them veer in front of the other Tie group lining up their next shot. Orokos must have linked me with Kymrel with this roll.. :/ http://orokos.com/roll/531279 3eA+1eB+2eD: 2 failures, 4 advantage [3eA=A/A, A, A/A] [1eB=-] [2eD=Th, F/F]