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  1. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Yes, I was thinking that most people would be reluctant to play the species, but that was probably too much. I appreciate the feedback! I just kind of eyeballed it without really doing a balance with XP. The Urgals are dislked by most races of society, so that would be a negative. I moved back to 3 brawn, gave them more XP and offset their talent with setback die to social checks and gave them 110 XP. When I do the Kull race, I will use the 4 brawn since they will be NPC Rivals. Probably give them intimidating which will add a boost die to Coercion skill checks. I also had the Elf template a little to high in XP, bringing them down to 75 due to the extra 3 in Intellect.
  2. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Here is some of the stuff I'm working on.. I'll keep updating this post with the latest here and the Setting Worksheet post. Please give it a look over and let me know any suggestions you have. I'm thinking the dragon will progress like this and their abilities will increase per the Creature Adversary rules. Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Youngling (Sil 2), Young Adult Dragon (Sil 3), Mature Dragon (Sil 4). It will get abilities as a normal NPC Wild dragon would. It can get special abilities as per the Dragon Bonding Heroic ability. Dragon Hatchling (Rival) Brawn: 3 Agility: 3 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 Soak: 4, Wounds Threshold: 16 Strain Threshold: 12 Melee/Ranged Defense: 0/0 Skills: Knowledge: Ancient Language 1, Brawl 1, Cool 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1. Talents: Swift (a 2dragon does not spend extra maneuvers to move through difficult terrain). Abilities: Flyer (can fly, see page 100 of the GENESYS Core Rulebook) Frightening (at the start of the encounter, all opponents must make an Average (2 Difficulty dice ) Fear check, as an out-of-turn incidental, per page 243 of the GENESYS Core Rulebook. If there are multiple sources of fear in the encounter, the opponents only make one fear check against the most terrifying enemy). Silhouette: 1 Equipment: Fiery Breath (Ranged; Damage: 6, Critical: 3, Ranged (Short), Burn 2, Prepare: 1. Claws (Brawl; Damage: 6, Crit: 3, Range (Engaged); Vicious 2) Urgal (PC/NPC Species) Brawn: 3 Agility: 2 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 1 Wounds Threshold: 12 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 8 + Willpower Melee/Ranged Defense: 0/0 Starting XP: 110 Starting Skills: Urgals begin with one rank of Resilience. You still cannot train their Resilience skill above rank 2 during character creation. Special Abilities: Battle Rage: When making a melee attack, an Urgal can choose to add [1 setback die] to the check to add +2 to the damage dealt by one hit of the attack. Disgusting - Most races find Urgals to be beastly and repugnant, giving them [1 setback die] to all Social checks (negotiation, charm, deception). Silhouette: 1 Equipment: Ram Horns (Brawl; Damage: +3, Crit: 4, Range (Engaged); Knockdown 1) Elf (PC/NPC Species) Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect: 3 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 1 Presence: 2 Wounds Threshold: 9 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting XP: 75 Starting Skills: Elves begin with one rank of Magic(Ancient) and Knowledge: Ancient Language. You still cannot train their Magic (Ancient) and Knowledge: Ancient Language skill above rank 2 during character creation. Special Abilities: Nimble: Elf characters have a melee and ranged defense of 1 Silhouette: 1
  3. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Hey, thanks. That was a very nice gift! I've been reading through a bunch of it, especially with the new talents, skills, and races. I can use some of those talents as a guideline for the ones we create for WoA. I haven't delved too deeply, I had dental surgery Thursday afternoon. Still having some pain from that, they had to pull a tooth as well as part of it. I thought my jaw was going to break before the tooth came out. You mentioned other classes. I believe Wizard will be very similar to others just using Ancient Magic & Knowledge: Ancient Language. Herbalist, Potion making (more of a talent that a profession), Blacksmith, Arcane Warrior, Scout, Aristocrat, etc. Just thinking off the top of my head. I am thinking of adding an special talent for Elves, so that they can get Ancient Magic & Knowledge: Ancient Language as class skills or just give them that as their racial bonus & lower the starting XP. Since all elves from Elysmira all learn the ancient language from a very young age, they should have them as class skills. Races will be Dwarves, Elves, Human, Urgals, Kull (NPC only), Werefolk. I don't really remember any others that were considered intelligent from the books. Can you think of specific classes & races I didn't list?
  4. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

  5. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Here is my setting sheet so far (incomplete) but it is a start. Let me know if it is okay, what you would like to add, etc. I haven't added everything yet, but I do have to get my paying work done first. World: Alegaesia (Continent as part of Eragon Book Series) Base Setting/Genre: High Fantasy Tone: Drama / Political Intrigue (different campaigns can use several elements in this setting) Overview: Setting Specific Skills: Knowledge: Ancient Language - This is the language used to bind magic in order to access it without the dangerous use of thoughts only. Knowing the true names of objects and people in the Ancient Language gives power over them. This ability has to be either taught with someone with knowledge of the Ancient Language with a higher rank than the character acquiring the skill, or found through means of a tome, spirit, scroll, etc. (all of them are rare). Magic (Ancient) - Also called Gramarye in the Ancient Language. Requirements: 1 rank in Knowledge: Ancient Language skill. Magic (Spirit) - This is the magic used to access or summon spirits to be controlled by certain Sorcerers or desperate Wizards. Summoning a spirit that the user can't control will result in the character becoming a Shade. Setting Specific Talents: Dragon Rider Initiate - [Tier 2] This allows a character to become a Dragon Rider. Pre-req: Dragon Bond Heroic ability. Benefit: Gain class skills for Riding, Magic (Ancient), and Knowledge: Ancient Language. Use Stored Magic - [Tier 2] This allows a character to use energy stored in gemstones that transferred their magic energy into an appropriate container. Pre-Req: Magic (Ancient) skill, flawless gemstone or object that can contain life/magic energy. Benefit: Character can used stored energy points from an energy vessel, instead of taking strain. Once the energy points are depleted, character will take strain normally. Transfer Magic Energy - [Tier 4] This allows a character to store some of their energy into a vessel of some sort, usually very expensive gemstones. Pre-Req: Magic (Ancient) skill Mental Defense - [Tier 1] This allows a character to resist other beings from viewing or controlling the character's mind. Benefit: Upgrade Discipline checks when people are using magic to access the character's mind for each rank in this talent. This talent can be taken multiple times. Setting Specific Heroic Abilities: Dragon Bond - This allows characters to have a Dragon egg hatch and become bonded to them. The bond enables the character to share feelings over a limited distance and makes them mechanically a mount, but, for story narrative, more like a close companion. The character's first touch will mark the spot with a magic symbol that glows faintly, known as Gedwëy ignasia, which means 'shining palm' in the Ancient language. Basic ability: They gain a dragon mount/companion, and an Empathic Bond special ability with their dragon. Setting Specific Special Abilities: Empathic Bond - This ability grants the character the ability to detect the emotional state of a specific creature permanently, over a limited distance. Major Species: (Name / PC class? / Description) Human / Yes / Same as GCRB Elf (non-Santa helper variety) / Yes / Same as GCRB Dwarf / Yes / Same as GCRB Urgal / Yes / These are large humanoids that have thick hide and ram horns on their heads. Urgals (or Urgralgra in their language), were a race of sentient creatures that inhabit Alagaësia. In the first book they had been forced by Durza into the service of Galbatorix. They are considered evil by most Humans, but are not inherently so… Kull / No / Kull were especially large Urgals. Kull were born as Urgals and through their growth, they grew progressively larger until they were above eight feet tall. Also, when they are born they have no horns but as they grow they slowly get them.
  6. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    I downloaded something from the forums which discusses Heroic abilities pretty well. I can't afford to by another product for now, so I will just have to wing it. I may have Christmas money left over, but not sure I want to cough up $25 just for a new rule or two. I don't want to outright copy everything anyway so I'm sure we can manage something similar. I do like the Heroic Ability for High Fantasy, which Eragon series is definitely that. Basically Heroic Ability for Dragon Riders, is... bonding with the dragon. Then add to that powers for the dragon at each 50 XP. I like it, that will even out when others that play and decide to become straight wizards, warriors, etc. can have some heroic abilities of their own and be able to take some of the spot light with those. It is basically Signature abilities from SW FFG books, but you can get them a little earlier for a very basic version of the power. Is there a cost to the Heroic ability or is it available at character creation? I like the idea of doing the basic one at character creation so they have a reason to go on epic adventures in the first place. My concern is that seems limiting the dragon as in the books they grew and could fight on their own quite well. Saphira grew and gained abilities, and prowess (skills) in fighting, flying, etc. There wouldn't be any of that without having skill increases, etc. I don't see how Heroic Abilities could cover all that, especially if it is just spent on growing in size. If the Dragon Rider spent XP to increase skills of his dragon, then if he was caught without his dragon he would be vulnerable because he spent XP for the dragon. Unless we just have them play the bonded dragon and fast forward until the dragon is fully grown and has the size, skills, and powers of a full dragon. I really wish to avoid that, because that would limit the story to prevent running an apprentice dragon rider with a young dragon and going on some quests before they are fully grown. I am a fan of starting out the characters before they are fully developed and have them grow into their characters as they grow in power. It is a big problem in PBP, if you start out with fully developed characters and didn't go through conflicts and setbacks first, the players don't feel invested in their character. Games like those fizzle quickly, but I find long running campaigns start off lower level/power characters and develop them into fully rich characters that have deep foundations and real memories of past events that the players & GM have had a hand in. I will try and work on putting some of this into a setting sheet, and character class for dragon rider as as rough draft with costs and everything and look at what it would cost for the options.
  7. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    That's great info and gets me thinking in other directions. I don't have Realms of Terrinoth, and I just got the Genesys system so I'm catching up on this. I have been running a FFG Star Wars F&D campaign on RPoL for a year and a half now, so I'm familiar with the core precepts of Genesys which is a generic version of the FFG SW rules. 1 & 2) I didn't mean talent trees, just used to saying that because of FFG SW. I meant additional talent pyramid, but I suppose it would be easier to just add talents with pre-reqs (which seems like a mini tree when you have multiple pre-reqs). But what would the class be? Like in your example, before they become Templar, what is their class? Did the class change because of the Templar talent? Assuming the original was Knight.. would gaining the Templar talent make them a Knight/Templar class? Let's take Arya as an example. She has probably Tier 4 level talents (at least) by the time she bonds with a dragon egg. She would then purchase.. I wouldn't quite call it Silver Palm, though that does sound cool. Silver Mark (or Dragon Mark), would make more sense, according to the Wiki, it could be anywhere the bonded dragon touches them. Though, at the point Eragon got his mark, I doubt his character could purchase a Tier 2 talent. Perhaps the Silver Mark could be Tier 1, but all it does is create an empathic bond with the dragon (not a full telepathic bond) and gives a combat skill as a class skill of player's choice. According to the Wiki, some Dragon rider's used bows, lances, and other items for their main weapon. I think that would be one of the first things a dragon rider learns so they can protect their young dragon and could be a target because of that. We could make the Tier 2 talent, Dragon Rider initiate, and then give them Magic (Ancient), Knowledge (Ancient Language), with the pre-req of having the Silver Mark talent. Maybe after that is purchased they can purchase another talent; Dragon Rider Apprentice at Tier 2 and that would grant them 'Incorporate Stored Energy' ability (with Dragon Rider initiate as pre-req) and Dragon Riding, perhaps. I believe Eragon learned pretty early on in his training to cast from the gemstone in the hilt of Zarroc.. if I remember correctly. They would need someone else (powerful NPC like a mentor to actually store the energy for them), so it would be a GM grant and not automatic to be able to use this. They could find items that have some stored energy and that could be a GM award in lieu of XP. 2) As far as magic and the ancient language, they would have to learn the words for each and be taught by someone or acquire them through other methods, such as ancient tomes, scrolls, other people that would share them at cost, etc. It should be a pre-requisite to gaining a rank in Ancient Magic (which, perhaps, needs Knowledge: Ancient language as a pre-req), that they have to acquire that knowledge first through these in-game requirements. At skill rank 1 they would learn just the base skills without using the effects. At skill rank 2 they could gain 2 effects (but only ones that add 1 difficulty according to the table III.2-5 in GCRB pg. 215 [Blast, Close Combat, Fire, manipulative, deadly, etc.), at skill rank 3 they can gain one effect that has +2 diff. rating (Destruction, Empowered, Poisonous) and additional 2 effects from the +1 diff list. Perhaps they can add effects to magic with talents, like Creative Wording, that Eragon (and many others) used in place of limited knowledge of words in the Ancient language. I don't think Range should be used as an effect. I think additional range bands would cost additional strain points to cast, as well as the added effect adding to strain expenditure. 3) Do you mean a Dragon Rider would have to split their XP to add talents to their dragon mount? That would seem to make them weak compared to a straight wizard. If they get XP awarded for their Dragon as well, then they may be too powerful? Not sure how that would work. It seems a lot more complicated than a flying mount. Dragons gain abilities/talents, like breathing fire, tail attack, flying maneuvers, etc. that are separate from the rider. Dragon Sight would be a Rider talent, though it would benefit both.
  8. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    I have been reviewing information for a bit and have thought about magic and classes. I don't like the whole idea in Genesys 'you can only be one class', since that would make Dragon Riders have to be that class from the beginning. Normally they could be very old, someone like Arya didn't become a dragon rider until she was much older (I think hundred years or so if I recall correctly). She was pretty much and elven battle wizard up to the point she became a Dragon Rider. Roran was an apprentice blacksmith, etc. Eragon was an apprentice hunter, and then learned to become a dragon rider. I am contemplating to allow multiple classes, with separate trees. An additional tree will be expensive as far as XP is concerned. The other option I see is to have something like a latent Dragon Rider class, where you can choose a couple of additional class skills for a sub-class skills to be included). Basically no talent tree for sub-class, just 3 sub-class skills. As far as magic, I would like to keep it similar to the Alternate Rules listed, but we will have some limitations. Like you have to have a class that has arcane magic (we could probably name that Ancient Magic skill) and knowledge (ancient language) to be able to use magic. Both wizards and dragon riders would use this. They can get talents (Stored magic energy) so they can put energy into objects, like rings, necklaces, etc. and draw strain from those sources without taxing their own and make it use expensive materials (flawless diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc.) and the more expensive it has, the more stored energy (in the form of strain points) that object can hold. The talent for accessing stored energy would be at a lower tier than actually the ability to store that energy which would be more difficult. So earlier levels they can inherit items that already has stored energy, but it will be much harder to store their own (and expensive as previously mentioned). Also way up the tier line for talents (I would say 3 or 4) could be using other energy from surroundings to take strain for certain arcane spells that are more powerful. Such as what Eragon learned and used small life & plants and took their energy to cast certain spells. Use of an eldunari would be tier 5, and have to have one given to them or they find one (extremely rare) and have to successfully convince the eldunari's dragon spirit to bond. The other thing we need to think about is dragons. Do we make them separate characters with another class, or just very powerful NPC's? Maybe allow both.. but would be alot more for a GM to handle such a character.
  9. gm_ordon

    Genesys: Alagaesia (World of Eragon)

    Of course you can help. I am on vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando. I'll be able dive back into game creation after this weekend. As far as play by post, the way I compare it is tabletop RPG is like doing a play, playing by post is more like co-writing a novel.
  10. Discover Your destiny. Become a Legend. I am looking at making a Setting Ruleset for the world of the Eragon book series, Alagaesia. I would like to see if anyone is interested in this setting and would like to help, play, GM or otherwise. I have a very busy life with kids and travel ball sports, so I will GM, but only have time to run games in PbP forums such as RPoL, RPGCrossing, MythWeavers , Gamersplane, Discord, etc. Mainly I use RPoL, because I was one of the early adopters of that forum. The original book: Fifteen-year-old Eragon believes that he is merely a poor farm boy- until his destiny as a Dragon Rider is revealed. Gifted with only an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, and sage advice from an old storyteller, Eragon is soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of magic, glory, and power. Now his choices could save - or destroy- the Empire.. This setting will take place 200 years past the age of Eragon (as it is called in this time period). This will allow for mention of the original characters, but provide all new ones and plenty of new adventures.
  11. Marshall Shinqo heard that this was Teemo involved and negotiation was improbable at best. "Call on Ryloth for support since we are escorting one of their citizens, I'm going to get on one of our big guns." He spun on hjs boot and rushed down the corridor to get to the nearest turret. _________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Can he get there and attack this turn? I am willing to use 2 strain for an extra maneuver.
  12. "What the kriff? Who's firing at us now?" he shifted his gaze over to the sensor station, but could not see the console to tell if the ship was coming from the planet or elsewhere. If it was from the planet he could talk them down, they have a citizen of Ryloth onboard and can use that angle. But if the attacker followed them in hyperspace, they'll probably have to duke it out. ____________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Not taking an initiative slot or action, just doing some role-play here since in-character Lang has no idea who is attacking them.
  13. Lang brought the bottle of Trandoshan whiskey back to his quarters to drink. It tasted horrible, but the alcohol kicked like an enraged bantha. He took a few sips, and felt like he was going to be sick. Trax must have been a masochist, or he just had bad taste. He couldn't drink this swill enough to be plastered. Just as well, failing to help the people here would have made him feel worse later. It won't help change anything in his past. But he could do right by the people he met. He put the stopper back in the bottle, and grabbed a few porga chips from his pack to chase away the horrible taste of Trax's booze. He then headed out to see what the rest of the crew was doing. He remembered something about jumping into hyperspace, so he headed toward the cockpit to ask. He spoke to whoever was in there, (Caizu and the Dug, I assume). " Sorry, I was feelin' a bit under the weather. But, I'm mostly better now. Where are we headed? Anything new happen in the last hour that I missed, besides making a jump to hyperspace?"
  14. I am still here. Yes, more green skin and longer sideburns for Lang. The shock glove looks like a Hulk hand, disproportionately large.. the rest is well done. I would do the glove dark grey with sparks running along the fist.
  15. OOC: I didn't think anyone was waiting on me.. Lang is in the Galley getting blitzed, so not really part of the converstation. He isn't comfortable taking on leader, especially since he blames himself for not stopping the massacre on the outpost he was supposed to protect. So, don't wait for him to post. If you need me to make that an IC post, I can scrabble together something about him drinking and singing some ol' west type tune that makes little sense..