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  1. Hey, sorry for the delayed response and also ty very much for the kind words! I have collected a ton of basing matieral over the years, so I have a pretty wide selection of stuff on these bases. For my dirt layer I use a fine sand, and cork crumbles. I mix them in a ziploc and then do the usual pva base coat stick the base in the sand baggy and give it a good shake, let it dry then do a watered down pva coat over the top. To paint it I use (army painter) oak brown base with a heavy stippling of leather brown and dessert yellow. Wash with strong tone and then once dry do a light uneven dry brush of skeletal bone. For bush matieral I use woodland scenics clump foliage. I dab small dots of super glue on the painted base and then tear the clumps into small pieces and scatter it on. Shake it off over the bin to save the excess. For the static grass I use army painter static grass (I swear by it) and a paper clip to spread little puddles of undiluted pva glue around the base. the trick to this is to make it uneven! Do some puddles very wet and thick and others barely any glue. Make some deep ones and drag the paper clip through it and spread it around thinner on one side etc. this gives he grasses a more natural variying thickness. When applying the static grass hold the model over a clean paper plate or foil so you can dump the excess back in your tin. Do not dip your model in the grass! Use tweezers to grab giant gobs of grass from your tin, Like 20x the amount you'd use on the entire base! Really ! Then drop a giant Gob on each puddle of glue you made, (move quick in this phase, be sloppy use tons of grass) Once you have all your grass down give each area that has glue under it a firm pat with your finger, and then turn the model upside down. And give it several very hard taps with a finger and some shakes! Really tap that bad boy you wanna knock the grass off aggressively! Once that's done flip it right side up and give it a gentle puff of breath from a few sides. This will give you great static grass that varies in density and stands up super nice! (If you have any grass right on the edge hanging over use a finger on the edge and gently push it straight up) For my plants i use great escape games gamerz grass clumps. It can be harder to find but I have never seen better small scale plant products. When you really see them in person it's crazy impressive how well formed the tiny leaves and stuff are. They look fantastic. I use tweezers to pull small clumps off the sheet and dab a bit of super glue on the bottom of the clump then press it down for a second. I always do this last. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or need something cleared up! And thx again all for all the nice comments! I have barely had any hobby time at all lately but I should have a few more pics up soon!
  2. I made mine out of sculpey. Mixed black and grey and white and kneaded it till it had a nice stone color/blend then formed thick square tiles then baked them. Gonna paint on the symbols and clear coat them
  3. I was saying 3x4 meaning 3wide 4long. I suppose I'll have to try 3x6. Honestly playing on a 3x4 I haven't felt ....cramped or anything still seems like tons of room but I'll give the 6 a go and feel it out
  4. I know the learning games are 3x3. I'm curious what people think the average or common sized games will be played on. I kinda think a 3x4 would be perfect for what I'm seeing. But I know people are buying/using 3x6 as well. That seems big to me but I haven't played a ton of games ...
  5. Sorry. Poor form on my part. it's USA based. https://www.gamematz.com/ if you look under terrain vinyl matz or pro terrain matz he has a nice selection and for reference he just had an easyer sale for 30% off a big section of them. They were very cheap at that price i have 2 and both are really nice graphics
  6. Ya I wouldn't think it's an issue of magnet strength, more and issue of the larger amount of negative space around the magnet and washer in the larger/longer bases. Meaning it's less likely to sit "level" since it sits out of the slot a bit already. Still it's a good quick solution and I'm probably gonna use it lol I'll just end up painting the exposed edge the same browns as my tray/bases to blend it in a bit
  7. That's pretty awesome, have either of you done it for the larger models ? Cav or golems etc? I imagine you need larger (not thicker) washers or magnets to have them sit even and not rock around the center point?
  8. My wife works in digital media and graphic design and I've been asking her to design me game mats for years....I have accidentally implied that it shouldn't be that difficult for her and had a much sharper explanation than was given here on several occasions because of that lol. It it is a time consuming process. I've been told that maybe for my birthday or Christmas she'd do it.... but I don't wanna waste my passes to spend way too much money on things I don't need for those occasions so I've ended up buying some. Honestly theres a nice etsy shop that does pretty killer mats in vinyl or cloth with rubber backing and they are very very reasonable. Especially if you patient and wait for a sale (he does them 3-5 times a year) and he ships quickly and sells in 3x3 3x4 and 3x6 sizes
  9. I 100% agree that it's unnecessary to remove 75% of them. I used to be super upright about it, but honestly I only do the top ones now. Head, shoulders, arms, weapons. I don't do anything underneath. arms,legs, capes, anything that's not visibal from front top I don't touch. It's jut not worth it Imo. It used to kill my momentum and drive to build/paint. I find myself enjoying it a lot more now that I stopped worrying about it as much and I've been doing minis for 10+ years
  10. Killer for the amount done in two weeks dude. That's freakin epic.
  11. I'm more interested in elves and orcs but I'm building and playing daqan until then, but I agree it was definitely a missed opportunity by ffg even if they had small starter packs for the other factions like a hero and 2 types of units it would give Jose people something to work on etc
  12. I'm not at home ATM but I'll try to get ya something when I get home if no one does it before then
  13. Looking awesome man, these have a great undead horde vibe
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