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  1. Wow I don't know why I never thought of it as total. that definitely does simplify it down more. I guess since everything is always referred to as in level thats where it got me. Thanks for helping clear that up. I definitely wanted to know because otherwise that just felt like it would be too game breaking.
  2. Ok so when reading through the core exxet I noticed on pg23 at the end of the section for gaining levels the book states that "A player can decide not to spend all his character's DP gained when rising in level, reserving some of them for later." What I am wondering about is if a warrior player who gains 100 pts uses say 60% on their primary physical abilities and chooses to not spend the other 40% on secondary or supernatural abilities if at the next level would that character then have 140pts to spend on the next level? The 100 from gaining the new level and the 40 that were not spent previously? If so would these points then be covered under the normal rules for point distribution? so instead of having 60 points to spend on primary physical ability and 40 points on secondary and supernatural abilities would the character now have 84pts to spend on physical primary abilities and 56pts on secondary and supernatural abilities? Or am I missing something here?