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  1. Not much movement in the south of Spain, not yet dead (it might soon be dead, this is not a too gamer zone). The unbalance between daqan and waiqar that I percieved prevented me from becoming a regular player. Most waiqar in my region are trying to sell them. I don't know if the situation has changed with the last releases. On a first sight wraiths look much more powerful than scouts, but I'm not sure
  2. DK 2x1 DK: 12 damage for 24 (12/24=0.5) points is not a bad ratio at all, but not excellent -> 0.5 On the 2x3 configuration they are 36/55=0.65 which is pretty good. -> 0.65 Reanimates 2x1 Reanimates are 8 damage for 16 points (8/16=0.5), exactly the same (and they're rarely considered tough) -> 0.5 On 4x3: 48 damage/64 points is 0.75. Actually our poor infantry is tougher in ratio than DK. -> 0.75 Carrion lancers 1x1: carrion lancers 9/16= 0.6 better than the other units in their smallest configurarion 3x2carrion lancers: 54/69=0.794 the best ratio. Rune golems 1x1: 8/17=0.47! a bit low! 3x2: 49/74=0.648 Very similar to DK. Of corse this is just raw mathmatics, but not to be ignored On 100 point games high defense makes enormous differences, as defense 3-4 are very hard to kill, but on 200 point games many units do more than 10 damage per turn. Then that extra armour is just a mild help. Carrion lancers are our hardest to kill unit. DK have enormous advantages: greatest dial, good upgrade cards combos, but they're not specially resillient, they're hammer, not anvil. ED: add oathsworns 2x1: 8/20=0.4 a very fragile unit, as many say (hopefully they have their powerful defense modifier that they can use almost always but when they charge) on a 3x3: 36/68=0.529: still very weak in theory, not bat if you take the modifire into account. (with the modifier it would be 0.794, one of the most resillient units, the same as carrion lancers, devastating if you remember that you can use it almost every turn).
  3. Be a proselyte with your friends. It really works and in products like this it's the best way to get new players
  4. We just play 150 points tournaments to encourage beginners to participate. Here in Spain the releases are launched 1 or 2 weeks later. You find it hard to play a decent center + decent units on flanks, but aside from that it's not too different
  5. Several points: I have a single RA expansion box. I have therefore only 1 card. And many people also do. My wallet is scorched. RA are not hard to neutralize. Kari can do them damage an pile a few inspiration tokens before. A couple of attacks should be enough to kill an 8 wounds unit with just average results, 3 if not so lucky. If archers don't help in the flanks it's very easy to loose against kari or oathsworn cavalry. You should engage before the flanking units are destroyed. There's absolute no grant to get so many blights. In most of my rolls I place a single blight. Often 2 rarely 3, but there's no grant. OSC can engage units on a distance of 6! The unit engaged against the spearmen suffers a lot of panic and can suffer serious morale tests if attacked. The archer spam requieres a minimum of 5 units: 2 archers, 2 flank protectors and generally an average sized reanimates block
  6. A damage dealer archer build with 3x2 and fire rune could use CGT, but that's a very particular configuration
  7. Comparisons say that it isn't expensive: Moment of inspiration: white die and cannot be killed asi it's a non miniature upgrade card, but exhausts the card so you'll rarely use it more than 2 or 3 times. 6 points. Kari: blue die (not too killy, doesn't profit the rune golem that much) useful skill, 18 points. Ardus: white die, circumstancial skill (can be useful sometimes but that unit rarely gets much energy and you need near friendly unit with skills to do anything) and the most expensive. 23 points. The key on CWM is that he adds the perfect die to the perfect configuration: red die has the best average damage. In a unit that generally switches between threat 4 and 5 it's a big, big profitable. He is hard to be sniped down, he has defense 3 and can be raised to 4 in an emergency if you equip and ready the shield wall. In comparison and in the circumstances that it's playable I find it cheap, specially because it perfectly suits the front line rune golem upgrade. For 14 points your spearmen unit does more than the double damage than than they would. Isn't it cheap? Besides from the raw cost I'd call an upgrade card cheap or expensive based on the general effect and the likelyness to be profitable, rather than the point cost. CI is also very cheap for its effect. Archers are there to blight, the damage they do is generally just a side effect (generally 2 or 4 damage per shoot, rarely changes a game). They multiplicate the desired effect more than twice: the blight. Without CI you get 0 blights more often than 1 and 2 is almost impossible. With CI you have 1 granted and often 2. Even sometimes you can do 3.
  8. That's a bit simplistic. There are maths behind those affirmations. For example a 2x1 carrion lancers unit should rely on their skill (they have threat 2) and therefore there's no need to add the CI card. 1 red and 2 blue doesn't grant many damage in your rolls, 2 results as an average, so they need to use their skill to do a serious damage to those powerful flank units such as oathsworn cavaly (which are generally deployed on 2x2 units) or kari, not that killy but defense 3 is not easy to kill for them. However a 3x2 carrion lancer unit is both powerful and expensive. Powerful threat invites you to use combat ingenuity + master crafted weapons, as you'll rarely find enemies with defense 4. And a so expensive unit makes it desireable to be a good standalone unit. That configuration makes them independent from support archers that blight. We suffer from a gameplay that implies a complicated and fragile synergy, while others can use a very strightforward gameplay. CI is key, because it grants or synergies (archers do at least 1 blight, which is not much but enough to trigger all our mechanics) or releases us from that synergy dependence, as a carrion lancer deathstar can crush powerful enemies without the need of blights. There are other ways to generate blight, but not too proficient. CL skill is hard to be applied, as engaged enemies cannot be targeted and it's often better to maneurver/countermaneuvre (as by this time we have no cavalry nor any other mobile units). The reanimates with heavy upgrade are a lot better: the can fist move and then blight, buy there are still not miniatures for sale and that upgrade card only works while you aren't engaged and reanimates often engage in very long combats. To sum up, it's a quite overpowered card in a quite underpowered army, it solves most of our problems and makes us a decent rival for daqan. We need more than one on many competitive lists.
  9. "Condition" seems to be a new concept on the game different from bane. That weapon can make me think of playing standalone ardus again.
  10. I suggest not letting them to accumulate inspiration tokens. An archer unit with combat ingenuity often place 2 blights. In theory the limit is 4, but I never saw that. Flanking 2x1 carrion lancers are a great choice to combine with 2x2 reanimate archers with that card
  11. I don't know the patterns in X-wings. Actually I should claim more CI cards ir the final decissions are still to be taken
  12. Sometimes I do against daqan. I'm slower and have lower initiatives but I'm better at ranged combat. Therefore I prefer to countermaneuvre rather than maneuvre. The key is to take advantage on movement. Daqan's key power is to engage their powerful units such as spearmen or oathsworn. And improve the list. A good waiqar list should outwhelm daqan on ranged combat. Kari has no distance skill, so she cannot expect to do much ranged damage. Her top is 6 damage, often does only 2. Your archers can kill her and blight can prevent her from shooting. She can regroup and elliminate the blight, but only after the first action concluded so she cannot get rid of your blight. However I respect the 2 of you for resolving your runewarish conflicts as civilizated gentelmen and avoiding the use of force or violence.
  13. That would be sweet, but so far only the cards in the core box are repeated, right?
  14. Quite decent! but I don't see it specially prepared against spearmen. What to do against them? I've not been too sucessfull on that task, but I think that: Reanimates can do a lot of damage, but in the 1 against 1 they often loose, so they should be an anvil to stop and decimate the spearmen and let the archers blight them. Don't forget that file leader makes your unit static if you try to use him all the time. Archers are important to blight. Therefore I recommend combat ingenuity. A couple less dice on spearmen and they'll be much weaker. Don't forget that while engaged you produce panic to your units, so you won't want to shoot a lot of times, better few with a big blight production. One of the main problems is their capability add 1 extra die, specially with the cheap citadel weaponsmaster. Ankaur maro with fortuna dice can kill him on an automatic roll, specially if he has violent forces. A lucky roll could even kill the heavy upgrade golem on a single strike! (2 rolls for accuracy+damage and a 2 damage modifier). Spearmen are very weak without those upgrades. Even if the overpowered rune golem survives, a good reanimates unit is match against spearmen that roll 2 dice. What would I use that big reanimate unit against? Againts enemies with multiple small units. Golems, 2x1 or 2x2 oathsworn cavalry, kari, all these units should fear such a big reanimates unit.
  15. At least the continuous complaints might lead to paliatives. For example, an extra copy of combat ingenuity on carrion lancers would have solved lots of problems. Some upgrade cards are included in more than one product. I know it won't happen, because the skill cards on that box are grey and not purple. In my experience with Corvus Belli feedback without a tenacious persistence goes to nowhere. I'm not complaining about the price. That's their choice. I'm complaining about a not so well planned product (maybe CI should have been placed with carrion lancers or in both CL and RA) and I hope they take that feedback in consideration for future releases. Infinity wouldn't be there without the ferocious but often accurate criticism that they recieved on their forums and that improved dramatically some big failures which produced a slower echonomic growth, such as unintelligible rulebook, unequal size between similar miniatures and lots of rules improvements. And only after years and years of debate did they priorize those aspects. X-wings is said to have an obnoxious card policy, my friends who play it say "the card you want is always for the other faction". I'm not a big fan of star wars, buy knowing that I'm sure that I'll never ever give that game a chance. It seems that they've learnt the lesson, and the upgrade card policy seems to have improved a lot. But to improve a lot is not the same as to become perfect. Most complaints are thrown by people who actually love the game and would like to see certain aspects improved on it. Some players have a special empathy with the company and share their decissions. I find it reasonable and experienced that feeling several times. But feedback and constructive criticism is a great tool to help the company reach a wider ammount of players/customers.
  16. @TvayumatI think we agree that GW's policies are obnoxious. So terrible that they lead to the destruction of one of their main franchises: WFB. It's out of discussion that FFG treat the customer with more respect than GW. But in the opinion of many of us the card sales policy makes the game not so good. Doing it better than GW is really easy. Runewars: the miniature game, should be a sold as a miniature game, not as a card and miniatures game. If you play magic it's reasonable to ask the players to use only company produced cards and there's nothing else to sell. Card duplicates prohibition is as logic as a non official template prohibition, as far as they should just be accesories to play the miniatures. Of course that's their corporative strategy and their rightful choice but it will take it's toll. I'm not rich and I do like to play wargames in a competitive way. I thought I could collect a second army such as Uthuk Y'llan or a rumoured Orc force, but regarding the expenses I don't think so. The strategy of cards and miniatures in a box is probably used without a bad intention, but that's not the most attractive choice for the customer. No need to play 3 or 4 copies of combat ingenuity but: 4 death knights + CI + duskblade 4 carrion lancers + CI + MCW 4 archers + CI are 150 points and sounds terribly competitive if you add it a 6 reanimates unit with a decent deffensive build could be an excellent tournament choice. Note that I don't complain about having to buy 2 carrion lancers boxes, as I'll want to play those miniatures together in some lists, but my complaint is that I'll probably have to buy archers that I don't want to use just to use the cards.
  17. The organization has a possitive opinion about that, but as a sign of respect to the shop that lets us celebrate the tournaments, he told me that it could be not good recieved by the shoppers. They apply authenticity in a serious way for magic the gathering and X wings and he told me that we couldn't expect to be treated in a different way. So I'll probably spend (waste) 25€ on a second reanimate archers expansion box, as I find it unlikely to use so many archer miniatures on the battlefield
  18. 1st question: quick, fun, tactic and quite realistic gameplay. well ballanced internally (no useless units inside the armies). not too big variety of units, granting that you won't buy useless units that you'll rarely use. Moderate unbalanced externally still some stuff to rebalance, waiqar are found by not few players weaker than Daqan, but there's reasonable evidence to think that the unbalance will be reduced). That's still a lot better ballanced than most wargames, but playing waiqar feels like you habe to row upstream. Some upgrade cards are too good and you want several, having to but miniatures that you don't really want. 2nd question On the mid-long term 250-300€ sounds fair. Quite cheaper than the average.
  19. Why? Is there a release pattern? Every monday night?
  20. I think there's no hurry to get this, but in a mid-long term it would be a desireable product
  21. 3x2 carrion lancers unit is an extremly tough unit: It needs 54 damage to be completely destroyed. Their skill is not so important in a threat 3 unit, as most enemies will have defense 3 or less and you'll do more damage with damage result rather than with mortal strikes. So in theory they're not a blight dependent unit, which is a bless to us. It can also be extemely killy if you do the combat ingenuity + master crafted weapons combo. With a top of 21 damage on front combat and an average or 12-15. There are other acceptable builds, but they do a lot less damage, as red+2blue don't score too many damage rolls and they're not likely to reroll much. Drawbacks: Not playable yet. Normal players have 2 lancers, the wealthiest might have expended to have 3 or 4. Very few available upgrade cards. Only training and equipment. I think they'll be a popular unit, tough and killy. Maybe the fact that they're expensive and that death knights will also excel as non synergy dependent flanking unit, they're not that resillient, but they have excelent initiatives
  22. Spearmen can get defense 2 or 3 in many situations and still be very powerful when they decide to strike. Reanimates can get defense 2, but with their slower initiatives they'll be attacked by spearmen, kari or oathsworn cavalry before, so it's rarely effective. Flanking oportunities sound interesting, but that's not granted, oarthsworns are very maneuvrable and only de combined attack from ardus/carrion worms + 2x2 archers with combat ingenuity lets us clear a flank easily (that's 2 units against one and a lot of expense). Reanimates are slow (unlikely to charge) with poor initiatives, cannot profit the +1 defense (only against the rune golems as most units attack on initiative 3), cannot dream of doing those ridiculous 30 damage that an optimal daqan roll (without exhausting any card), need more expenses (ATM I cannot field anything bigger than 3x3) with an optimal roll of 28, but needs to exhaust a card and it's a lot more expensive build than the daqan build. They are completely out of the synergy triangle and at the moment they have no good enough builds to resist against a daqan deathstar unless a dedicate archer unit with combat ingenuity blights them turn by turn (but it's unlikely that kari or oathsworms allow that to happen for many turns). Daqan deathstar is very flexible (both the killiest unit in the game and if necessary the toughest) Daqan infantry has a decent initiative, they can move 4 or hit on the 3 or get +1 defense on 3s. Their most expensive build is cheaper than reanimates most expensive build.
  23. I meant 150 if the game is 150 point limit. There are still no 200 points tournaments here. Then I will try to make round 200 points units.
  24. the problem is that rune golem upgrade should be about 10-12 points. You cannot focus all your power against them you need to kill first the rest or they'll reach your archers. Even our best strategy can easily fail if we don't manage to get advantage on the flanks
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