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  1. Nobody should be afraid to comment on the actions of FFG due to fear of losing access. If that is the lesson they are learning here, that would be a pity. We're not punishing them. We're simply saying that this could have been handled better. I'm guessing they'll use this feedback and do better in the future when engaging with customers/fans directly, which is kind of the whole point.
  2. To the point of libel, really? Hyperbole much? No, this is false equivalence and hogwash. We were/are having a reasonable discussion. Moreover, I know the OP. The poster was trying to get an answer from FFG in multiple locations at once, perhaps not realizing that only his first post here would need to be validated. I assure you, the OP is not a troll. In fairness both the OP and FFG, they did issue an apology in response to this post on Facebook in a very professional manner. I hope this was a learning experience for all involved that will only serve to strengthen the game and the community moving forward.
  3. Interesting how much tastes can diverge. I was sold on the new game as soon as they announced no more gold. Getting rid of chance in terms of resource generation is a huge draw for me.
  4. I just hope that I get to play Kinzen and not some of the others on this thread.
  5. Here's the entire gist of the joke: Q:"Would you take a bribe to make a card that would objectify female characters?" A: "Hah, it wouldn't require a bribe. I'd also like to objectify those characters" The reason we're not just shrugging it off is because it goes to the heart of what the people making the jokes value in those characters. When men objectify women, there is an implication and a threat to women who actually play the game: "this space is for men, when you play this game, you are entering a space made by and for men." That's not an inclusive space. It manifests itself in men assuming that the woman across from them at the table aren't good or are only playing because their boyfriend brought them along and trying to mansplain the game to their opponent (often as they are losing the game to the very woman they are 'explaining' the game to). The community of long-time L5R players I play with don't put up with that nor should we.
  6. It's important to distinguish characters who are sexy to appeal to the male gaze and characters who own their sexuality as a point of power that is central to the character. It's also important to note that if female characters in the setting are written to appeal to the male gaze, women playing in the real world are more likely to experience negative play experiences in a variety of forms including, in extreme examples, threats to their safety. The OP's comments may seem to come out of left field, but I assure you they are the culmination of years of work by L5R CCG players in making our community inclusive and fun. Overt sexuality can, and likely should, be present in the story without teenage snickering about sexy pillow fights between two strong characters.
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