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  1. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Meetra_Surik_Crystal It is generally referred to as the “Named” Crystal as it adopts the PCs name. But it evolves with you to give you different stats based on you Morality.
  2. So I’m starting a campaign and one of the players (Like myself) is an avid KotOR II fan and asked if he could have a “Named” Crystal. Now I’m honestly not sure how to approach that, but if you were to do it, what would you do/require?
  3. That’s actually a really cool concept, one of the Warrior source book specs is called a Steel Hand Adept and they basically just punch the **** out of people. I can see those two things going hand in hand. (get it?) But wait, Force vampires? Wut...
  4. I can see the concern for the “Magic Amulet” thing. This character is a “sort of, wanna be” Jensaarai (Gray Force user) and for them the armor they wear is the equivalent to a typical Jedi’s Lightsaber as far as value and personal attachment. And as such one of the traditions for Jensaarai is hand crafting their armor, (Think mandalorian armor but lighter and much more personalized) and my character inlaid the crystal into the armor so it’s both important as a force artifact and as his traditional armor.
  5. Hm I was unaware that the different Crystals were legends, thanks for clearing that up. Definitely makes the thought of a corrupted crystal standalone make more sense.
  6. Yeah it’s essentially a force artifact is how my GM treated it. (For those curious it reduces the innate conflict from talents by half. Then I got to “atune” to the crystal which lets me use dark side Force results by only suffering strain instead of strain and converting destiny points) Considering we are at almost 800xp deep it seemed pretty tame for this group. (I play with two different GMs) The character in question is a Quasi-Jensaarai (Gray Force user) so the crystal helps him keep balance.
  7. They technically are, but I’m referring to the more artifact type Force Crystals. They’re mentioned in the CRB briefly.
  8. Ya know there’s a spot in the CRB where it says Fun First, Rules Second. Page 308. I’d suggest using that source before dicking on other people on the forums. But for the record, since the coworker who owned the original source moved, I’ve had to settle with what I got. Aight?
  9. My understanding is that the book does the same thing that the lightsabers do where it’s based off the Ilum crystal. I was skeptical at first too but it makes sense from a lore/gameplay perspective with the new “bleeding” thing Disney made canon.
  10. All I can link is this my dude. http://star-wars-rpg-ffg.wikia.com/wiki/Corrupted_Crystal
  11. The Corrupted Crystal is a modifier, it can be applied to any crystal. In my characters case, the pearl became corrupted by his dark side morality.
  12. My personal favorite is using the new warrior source book. I run a Great Lightsaber which gives a flat +1 Damage, a Corrupted Krayt Dragon Pearl which maxed out gives 12 Damage, Crit 1, and Vicious 7. Then throwing in Superior Saber for the +1 Damage, Extended Hilt for +1 Damage and Vicious 1 . This comes to a total of: 15 Damage, Crit 1, Vicious 8. Then add in the 2 ranks of Lethal Blows from Juyo Berserker and Juyo Savagery (Gives +5 for Crit Injury per Darkside destiny point). And lastly Embrace Your Hate (Spend 1 Destiny Point to add Damage equal to Darkside destiny points (Usable twice)) you’re looking at no less than 20 Damage outright then a ~80% chance to Crit them with instant death.
  13. So I just obtained a Force Crystal this past week, helps with talent and force power conflict costs, and I was curious if anyone else has seen or gotten Force Crystals in game? From what I can tell not many GMs (the ones I know personally at least) have utilized them in game.
  14. So KoF did some weird **** for the lightsaber stats where they account for the Kyber crystal on the useable version but don’t for the hilt version. I.E. the Broadsaber has 2 HP but the Broadsaber Hilt has 4. Not sure why but yeah it’s only 1 HP less.
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