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  1. Thank you both. I was figuring that would be the case. All well. He can play Ogryn arch-millitant if he wants or a space marine.
  2. Greetings all. My first time posting here. I have been looking through death watch, and rogue trader, and have not been able to find any rules that are RAW, that prohibit a young male Ogryn from being screened and inducted into the space marine program. The idea came from a player that wants a Ogryn Assault Marine for our Death Watch game. I know Ogryn are used in the Imperial Legion, and as body guards to important people. I can not so far find any reasson not to allow him this type of character. As someone that loves Ogryn and assault style, i was curious. I turn to you all for help finding anything that prohibits this from happening. They are a abhuman yes but still human and human ancestry. I kinda like the idea of a character that with out going through the program is taller and just as strong as a space marine in his power armor. I think the lurring of the two would be OP as hell, yes i do not deny that. But it deffintly pulls at my curiosity. So any help with rules and building such a character. This Death Watch game will end up with them being moved into Rogue Trader.
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