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  1. Something that I've always thought was interesting is how plentiful and diverse the Cyphers of the Numenera system are. Has anybody implemented something similar by bending the rules of Runes to have an even less powerful rune than the "Lesser Rune" that is pretty common and one time use?
  2. When you create a new character, do you get ability points to upgrade you heroic ability based on the amount of starting experience your specific race gets? If I start as a Half-Catfolk and I get 100 starting experience. Does that mean I also get 2 ability points to use at character creation? If a GM told the group that along with those 100 starting experience, they were giving another 50 experience points to build the characters with, then I would assume that I would be able to use an ability point to upgrade my heroic ability. Thanks!
  3. So far I love Realms of Terrrinoth. It feels so good to finally hold and page through, looking at all of the beautiful art, and reading about the world. I think the runestone mechanics are really interesting, and I'm excited to play with them! I haven't looked at the bestiary too much, but everything I've seen so far looks really interesting. I've read through Verse magic a few times, but I think I need to read it a couple more to fully understand how it works. That's been the most confusing part for me so far.
  4. Yeah, and if you have any strategies for turning the narration into game mechanics? I think I'm just having trouble moving away from the examples from the book and am wondering if anybody has some advice for first steps?
  5. I understand that the core book has some guidelines for how to spend advantage and disadvantage in combat and social encounters, but how do you draw the lines between what can be 1 adv versus 2 adv when trying to go off the book? Do you use some unwritten rules in your head to determine if something is doing "too much" for a given amount of advantage or disadvantage? Thanks, Carl
  6. Wow, this is awesome! Could you post the GMBinder code for the example? I'd love to use this in my games!
  7. THANK YOU! You answered everything I had questions about, and definitely cleared up some things I didn't even know I misunderstood (like generating the dice pool for minions). I appreciate the quick and helpful response!
  8. Hey Everyone, I was going to wait to pick up my book and dice until the first setting book came out, but I couldn't wait, and now I have some questions on how Minions work! When it's the minions turn to activate in combat, it's my understanding that you can activate them as a group or individually. If you activate them as a group do they all attack the same PC? When making an combat check you add 1 rank to that skill for every extra minion beyond the first. So if there are 5 minions (assuming their starting skill value is 2), their pool would be 3 yellow dice? So they (as a group) make a single attack roll against a PC, and any damage from that roll is directed toward the PC? So the minion groups get weaker as you take more of them down since their skill gets a bonus based on how many are in the group? Now if I didn't want to activate them all as a group, I would roll initiative separately for all of them and they would make separate attack rolls and everything, right? I'm fairly new to Tabletop RPG's so I've never seen this minion mechanic before. Thanks in advance!
  9. Still no release date for the terrinoth book right? Am I missing something?
  10. Does it surprise anybody else that we haven't seen a release article for the expansions that are supposed to be releasing today yet? Has anybody picked up the expansions from their FLGS yet?
  11. 3x6 is the supported 200 pt organized play field size, so that's why people are playing that. Personally I love the 3x6 size, as with 200 points of units, I'm finding that I have space to maneuver and flank!
  12. The fact that FFG always releases their products on Thursday's I feel like 5/26 is a bit unlikely. 5/25 or 6/1 seem like more reasonable dates.
  13. Anybody else see the new posters under the "Tournament Resources" on the RWM product page? That dragon on the escalation poster.... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/runewars-the-miniatures-game/
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