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  1. It does specify in the FAQ that you can shoot someone who's dead. Can't remember where, but think it's on a page in the late teens.
  2. Hey another SW london player... bit closer than woking though! How often do they play at spread eagle? I joined thier forum a while ago and had a look... but not actually organised going... I went to the Euro's , Bristol (the guy with the broken ankle) and Norwich last weekend.
  3. Lol, have you seen the picture of the various champ rulers they've been giving out? Maybe not as highly accurate as you suggest.
  4. Minor typo, but that last word should be engaged. That's right isn't it?
  5. I'm dyslexic thought this was going to be about artificial inteligence in armada.
  6. I think rather than help or hinder people learning the order in their head I think this would stop a lot of mistakes that are easy to introduce into play if you don't pick up on the subtleties of the order. I now noticed your original request for better formatting, I've exported it in to word and have been thinking similar things, mostly I've been trying to get the space down, there is a lot of white space so there must be a way of shuffling things together better... I'm thinking of moving it to excel where I can control the formatting more easily (probably because I'm more familiar with it that it's actually better), I think a flow chart with coloured boxes for the skills interruptions. Am I crazy to want more squad stuff too?
  7. Thanks for the quick response, I was actually in a game with a friend and your answer came before we decided to move on. I'm still concerned that it says "while a friendly ship is attacking it may change 1 dice", suggests to me that each ship can only reroll one dice a turn... but we went with your greater knowledge :-)
  8. Does that mean that for both attacks a ship affected by home one can gain an accuracy... or that it can only effect one attack?
  9. Ace, this answers a similar question I had on thursday re mithrals movement damage and biggs. Luckily we came to the correct conclusion in the game, but nice to have it confirmed.
  10. I like this, I was goign to create something like this for any list I was going to use regularly (ie with just the upgrades that list has), but now I'm just going to steal yours... have been setting up an excel army list (so I can make army lists at work without them seeing how much time I'm spending on warlords! :-) might intergrate your document so you get an order of operations for whatever list is on the army list...
  11. Following on from this, if you have flight commander (during your activation, you can reslove a squadron command after you excute a maneuver), could you: move - squad - extra move? Does "after" mean directly after, or can you do other things in between?
  12. I'm new so it's more of a question, but would having 3 bombers and 2 interceptors give you more hitting power than the 3 defenders?
  13. I would have thought Screed would be better? Especially for the first list, where basically all the ships can benefit from the auto crit. Auto shut down 2 squads and auto face up damage every turn... One of my first lists looks very similar but with a rhymer ball and loads of ties instead of a glad
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