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  1. jar-jar Binks admiral 20pts "at the first activation of each of your turns, take all command dials from all ships form both sides in play and redistribute them randomly according to each ship command value" THAT will create chaos on the board😁
  2. there is a resurgent, but still only primed, so no interest for a close-up sorry
  3. a pair of Kittens just finished, the Grey Monk on the left and the White Knight on the right
  4. General Skywalker: a.k.a. general "Suicidal Assault with Heroical Memes" "You play second player whatever the odds" "at the end of Turn 6, if your opponent is not considered tabled, you are"
  5. gounour

    dice odds

    that one made my day🤣 the real question is, how could C3-PO have computed the odds of survival a close-up encounter with an ISD in a YT1300 to 1 in 3720?😋
  6. Still in a Disney trend, a Beagle Boys Gladiator Star Destroyer. his designation is 176-617 of course soon to be painted, 2 more generic Kittens
  7. 'cose Kittens are always cute😼 Meow! seriously, Arquitens are mean little brawler that can hit like a (HO-scaled) truck, and do not need half your points to do it. they make Imperial MSU lists possible
  8. I just binged your RiR campaign videos yesterday, great fun If I may, two generic tactical hints to Ken🤓 -fly united! you are being repeatedly picked up one ship at a time. Plan your moves so that your arcs are overlapping potential fire zones one or two turns ahead -you're reacting far too much to John decisions, so you're at least one move behind and get killed. -don't be overeager! learn to flight slow, force your opponent to come get you. He's doing it with much gusto, flying "0" then pouncing at you when your ships can't help each others well that's three of it, but I never pretended to know my numbers, did I?😜
  9. very good campaign canvas, which can be adapted to several scales the end is very Star Warsy IMHO, as a rebel commander you should have 2 objectives: -don't be to "noisy" -don't be too successful else the Big Bad Empire WILL take time and resources to trample you to dust, even if it is only temporary. Here we get an "end of battle of Scarif" vibe. Tactical victory has been achieved, but withdrawal ls the only option that has you not ending dead ....
  10. his creations are quite good and quite cheap. But he is also quite-not-producing-at-the-time as his process uses medical gloves and masks that are best used elsewhere at the moment (well he'll correct me if he has gone back in prod)
  11. Ackbar's been about as useful as in Ep8😁 great video, anyhow, give us more!
  12. at long last you show up here!😁 those rebels, always sneaking out of view, preparing some mischief in their sociopathic ways😜
  13. a great repaint of a bad ship (I personally don't like the three last FFG ships)
  14. found one for you https://www.cdiscount.com/le-sport/surf-shop/bestway-ballon-l-etoile-noire-star-wars-61-cm/f-12131240504-auc6942138929911.html won't kill your wallet, and it can perfectly be passed to your wife as a beach implement😉
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