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  1. on the rebel side, the two ROTJ ships Mel's has named MC20 and Sullustan Dreadnough are canon, and could stop the gap me all see in current rebel Range (maybe) the dreadnough, which I'm sure is the ship landing at 0:35 in this video of Solo Corellia chase from Tarkin, Lancer frigate and Carrack light cruser for the Imp's
  2. gounour

    CyborgNinja's Repaints

    yay, real good Home one!
  3. gounour

    Never have I ever...

    -played a game of armada without forgetting to use one or another card I paid. the "not crashing in one's ship" is a good second, too -almost everything everyone said
  4. gounour

    Paint Setup for Beginners

    same as Dras and Ginkapo, start small if you are to paint squads, you need black/white, a mid grey, and some basic colors (Red/Blue/yellow/green) and a wash never go too much into small brushes to start with, n° 1 or 2, may be a 0, nothing smaller, you'll be unable to use it properly if you enjoy it, you'll buy more paint later
  5. -"The Emperor is disappointed at your lack of progress" choking epidemic in the playtesting group? -Bothan spies interference on the production line under review? - final test group too busy going PewPew with free armada SSD to validate "Go" review?
  6. gounour

    SSD best guess of release date?

    February 30 then we'll get it mid-May in France anyhow
  7. gounour

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    being obliterated by a SSD (even if a Lego one) in our July the 14th game. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/281846-our-july-armada-stop-the-ssd-game/ that was a complete blast, and this SSD a monstrous beast, far meaner than the one FFG will be selling (10 shields front and side, front armament 6 red+6blue+4blacks, side 5red+5blue+4blacks, rear instant death except for Large due to reactor exhaust, 27 hulls and 12 defensive tokens, triple admirals, 3 shots a turn and can shoot twice same arc, two order phases, 5-generic squads generator for each squadron command, no ram damage or block except by large, etc...) we tried our best to stay out of blue range to stay alive.... and it went down!
  8. and there will be Armada articles, and there will be much rejoicing!
  9. gounour

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    I stand corrected. still very good nevertheless
  10. gounour

    SSD Spoilers, from reddit

    ouch! those officers will have a huge impact on meta if not locked to SSD Gherant as an anti-alpha strike, palp as a shield against generic bombers (no defense token, no attacks), Lira blocking APT, krennic cluster reroll the reds...
  11. I agree, but then it's not the squadron game which is broken, it's the way cards (or named) interact with the squadron game. something drastic could be making named really unique, with a draft system for the event in place. (or for the round) or you could limit fleets to 6 (8?) titles/named... This is a huge Meta Modification though
  12. gounour

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    can't be a definitive list, as none are listed in Europe outside UK, and there are some....
  13. gounour

    Playing the game in costume/uniform

    we have a regular imperial officer between our local players/TO http://sw-armada.forumactif.org/u186 altough I think the beard is not regulation (but well, long, flowing, curly reddish hairs neither)
  14. gounour

    Happy Friday

    kitten alt-art showing one getting its nose blown off by Ghost like in Rebels? Tagge Alt art? or experimental retrofits for interdictors? for the rebs, Mc30, don't remember if there is AFMkII (I think it does).Liberty?
  15. in fact I won the FART by my incredibly ingenious and masterful choice of players, and geek19 is trying for the nielenth time to find how I could have been so insightful! don't search so hart, dear Geek19, Genius is self explanatory!? ...or maybe not.....?