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  1. in fact I won the FART by my incredibly ingenious and masterful choice of players, and geek19 is trying for the nielenth time to find how I could have been so insightful! don't search so hart, dear Geek19, Genius is self explanatory!😎 ...or maybe not.....😜
  2. grooving even a slight bit the faces you want to show up is a well documented way to load dices.... As you remove matter from marked faces, they end lighter than blank ones, which will statistically end more time down than up. industry-made are balanced against that (or should be). you seem to have put all marked face on the same half of the dice, so marked half is decidedly lighter than blank one! the way to mitigate that is to evenly interspace blank faces with marked faces, so the difference between dices halves is null. It will still be a loaded dice though.... you could burn neutral symbols on blank faces too maybee. Making custom dices without loading them is a very precise and hard process, not to be done by hand.
  3. gounour

    Future Admirals

    Republic: General Jar-Jar-Binks (ducks and runs for the door) more seriously Separatists Poggle the lesser (geonosian archduke) Darth Maul (why not?) Foreman Wat Tambor (Techno union) Passel Argente (Corporate Alliance) the other Separatist Council members do not seem to have any military affiliation
  4. gounour

    Armada 2019 World Cup - Qualifiers

    If 2 players started a game, paused it turn2 with equal losses for a beer, and returned to find the dog having wasted and eaten the mini, could it not been ajudicated a 7-2-2 win for the Dog? (which is as close to a 2-2 result as you can regularly get) (Said dog to be taken to a vet to be searched for possible internal bleeding from gastrointestinal puncturing, plastic shards are nasty.....)
  5. 8 health, 6 blues AA with grit and counter 3 for jut 26 pts? Woa, I think I'm in love! the other, 4 AA and 3 bomb 8 health, with counter 1, grit and escort for 23? Did not know that Christmas was on Nov, 9th for Imperials😁 wonderful models for you mining guild, too
  6. gounour

    Happy Friday - Yup Indeed.

    happy friday to all, mine will be crappy as always since '98😥 I paint my minis, or will paint what is still unpainted, now on something else though Imps in white or bone white, except ssd which will be grey/anthracite, and a Black ISD Rebs are done with an elemental scheme Zahn Consortium in browns as in FoC game
  7. gounour

    I am bad at guessing.

    All hail the Triangle! (be it 8 or 19km long) Behold Triangular, His new Prophet, may he stay Equilateral to all!
  8. I'm totally in for setting a pen-armed senator interposition force between the Clone and the droids armies. informing those armies of their whereabouts would be discussed later in comitee
  9. gounour

    What IP would you like adapted to an Armada style game?

    ww2 naval engagements were OTH between aeronaval groups, and proved that Battleships were outdated. The rare ship-to-ship gun battles were fought by units under 250m long (Yamato was 263m), at ranges between 40 and 15 km, with a hit probability that began at 4-5% and improved with each broadside, but never went really over 30%. Under 8 000m was dangerous for big ships as it went into torpedo range, and armor piercing rounds tended to explode after having gone through the target. A direct hit from a battleship round would litterally disintegrate anything smaller than a cruiser at any range. And there is no fighters whatsoever Besides, what was paramount in ww2 navies was the "keeping of the line". so as no ship was to steer out of the line of battle, except if it was unable to fight anymore. The reason was that optical and rough radar fire directors could not calculate and give fire coordinates fast enough (calculating was done by hand or/and with abacus and slow analogic calculators) if the starting point (I.E. the ship) was not stable relatively to the target.... there is no way a fight would go to the scramble we see on Armada tables. Armada can't get that right... it can perfectly get Medieval/Renaissance naval fight, it can even be very accurate for it, my dream is to play the Battle of Lepanto with the armada rules; short range/inaccurate guns, low grade steering, inefficient commanders, ramming and boarding, gunboats, etc...everything you see on an Armada table!😊 for Scifi, Babylon5 is good, Star trek and Gundam were explored by fans and seems good too Andromeda would be great, 4 or 5 factions, fighters/small crafts, a few big ships each, no given federation but local partnership between factions. Plus the Andromeda ship design is a beauty (even if military challenged🤣)
  10. gounour

    What will be Commander Solo's ability?

    may be tuning it down a bit " At the start of every turn, just before the ship phase, you may choose one enemy ship at medium-close range of a friendly ship. The enemy ship has a yaw value of (-) for speed 1 and 2 until the start of next turn" it can be maneuver'd but only if you have a dial, E.T. is affected too. The fact that it's chosen after dials are assigned makes it a threat for the whole ennemy fleet in range. Thrawn can mitigate if he stocks manoeuvers dial, jejerod is good too.
  11. gounour

    Ignore thread....delete.

    did he ask you to go Dutch on his next China?
  12. note that he did not specify an Armada campaign. Someone, somewhere, is bound to publish an campaIgn box for some game really soon...
  13. so a SSD is less than a Motorcycle? much less than a motojet, then, what did stop the Empire from producing tons of it? It was a budget-cutting move that has not been advertised, going from ISD to SSD, the hard part was certainly crew recruitment, you can't get more than 1 million specialists as fast as you impulse-buy a posh motorcycle, even if you are a galactic empire.
  14. gounour

    2018 VASSAL Autumn Tourney - Round 4 Fight!

    thank you, you were one of those that permitted to get 15+ points in FART last turn! continue the good work!
  15. I think painting is automated, heck, back in the 80's, miniature cars were already chain painted (I know, I visited the NOREV-MAJORETTE factory we had in the city, what a trip to Wonderland for 12-year-old-kid it was!) it's cheap, error-free and consistent. much more than hand painting.... forget about getting anything done in the US, too pricey, too much security laws; if things get really bad between the US and China, the factory will go to Vietnam, Malaya, or even to any central Africa state, were trained labor is cheap and will be more and more common in the 30 years that come. You can't beat a 10-12 hours work-shift paid less than 5 US$ a day, and transport is almost free. I do not think the "out of production" case in FFG is due to lack of workmanship, to me it's a perfectly assumed business model. FFG does not want to get new production lines going, as it is not sure that it will be worth it. a new production unit will cost several hundred of $ (even in a low-cost country), and has to be reimbursed in the first years to get profit Will FFG have it from Armada? not sure.....