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  1. yes.... the more I look at that mini, the more I'm happy NOT to have preordered it.... in the preview it looked odd-shaped to me, it seems it really is, top panelling makes it looks like a Playskool toy, the people who had to wash it was as lazy as the one who did the Neb B (maybe its the same one), and seriously those underside details are the icing on the cake! "hello, my name can be Executor, Ravager, Night Hammer, Steel Fist, etc... I'm supposed to be the epitome of Imperial Might, designed to instil fear and despair in my ennemies' mind... and they put a smiling clown emoji and a teddy bear with boobs on my belly!" 😓😭 sorry to rain on everyone's parade, won't do it again, but I had to!
  2. I committed one from Mel in WSF, in March not at all film-like, though. and you will easily be able to do better.... If you want ISB-feel, I think dark prussian blue plates, anthracite central part and underside could be good what could be good would be black with red piping, you wash red,paint the panels with black and details it with med grey.Or black/gold like the 70's Lotus racing cars
  3. It's not like nobody ever proposed armada minis on ebay before they had it...
  4. Disclaimer: I'm very good at giving bad advice😁 Your opponent, by his choice of fleet, seems to be a careful planer, everything in his fleet is slow and ponderous (except Awings, but that is a quite defensive fast squadron) so break his concentration! go for High risks-high rewards fleets, Vader triple cymoon, 5-raiders-fleets with APT/disposable capacitors and/or Ext racks... begin at speed 1 go speed 0 turn1 then with token+commander+dial jump to speed3 turn 2.... remember that at Armada, the winner is not the one who utterly destroy the enemy fleet, it's the one that scores 1 point more. so go full AA boats, avoid contact and destroy his squadrons; avoiding 4 speed 2 ships that can not go directly in your direction (because Ackbar) should not be too hard use your objectives to his despair, minefields, planet ion canon, any thing that harvest token and get some Lambda shuttles/interdictors, remember, he is slow, make him crawl!
  5. otherwise, Rogues are very shellfish-like in form, so a clam-Scruggs, nautile-yt1300, etc...
  6. rebel Dreadnough and imperial Carrack anouncement. plus early bird of CW new core set
  7. we just had some grapevines from UK giving preordered SSD dispatched to customers mid-to-end July.... won't give my sources anyway, but let's say I'm quite confident!
  8. death star I in such a big station, there are lots of peaceful places you can send yourself "on guard duty" during alerts, like, the main tractor beam switch-off station! Plus, static are wreaking listening devices so easily that you can geek with your fellow guard without any CO ever knowing it... (or outside guard duty! there you can gape at stars with a good reason, and look at smugglers getting brought in for questioning) in all it's just a few weeks (perhaps a month?) assignment, and you get a fiery, warm, goodbye party but anyway, what's with "Death Star"? How can you have any system accept its presence with such a crappy naming?? Let's brand it so: "A New Hope", War Orphanage, Kitten shelter and Bunny rehab station this way, any Sociopath that attacks it will immediately get stuck with its anarchist tag, never to loose it! gounour, the Empire sucks art Branding
  9. Vykes has done some amazing mods/repaint on MKII Dras has too, but Photobucket has eaten his homework...😭 some of us less talented painters did post some repaints. Personally my 4th has been dismantled, the ugly pod hanging under it eliminated, and all wings inverted. It is now black primed and awaiting its "tweety" repaint. I may post a photo here if I can get back my camera from the mess that is my post-holiday-return-apartment is...
  10. ... you do not enjoy playing Armada, but still regularly check Armada forums, sometimes post on it, stream the games and paint the minis? I do own 6 Nebs, perhaps checking that way would be the answer...
  11. For Episode IV, star wars was the first sci-fi movie that had non-telepath characters that did not speak English, or anything near it (Greedo/Chewbacca/that bar bully) Chewbacca made Han Solo complete, RIP Mister Mayhew
  12. just a small Gladiator who apparently has seen a lot. A fast paint job to see what could go from black in less than 4 hours
  13. that was quite beside the point, and caused the Toulon Scuttle in'42. because although WWII MBT ammo could not get through the armor of even the lightest Cruiser, all battleship primary, secondary and even tertiary weapons have a minimal range of several Km, or can not traverse or depress enough to target something that lies adjacent to it. The only thing that can fire on it are light AA guns, which aren't even slightly protected, so you only need a regiment of infantry to capture a first class battleship. Modern navies have foregone the effective use of guns for OTH armament (missiles, aircrafts, drones) and no decent amount of armor can prevent modern ammo from breaching and achieving inside detonation or even better the starting of several fires, so why bother armoring? In SW, very close fighting is best if you have only light ships and are attacking large ones, you can easily stay out of the firing arc of your enemy heavies, and inflict him "the death of a thousand cuts", which can not really be simulated in Armada. (decision made for simplicity sake I'm sure) Adding ground vehicle weapons on an Armada ship is only adding more AA guns, (QLT is doing just that I think?)
  14. so let's do this Anakin Skywalker (Blah-blah-Eta squadron) "when attacking a squadron, roll a red die: -on a blank, Anakin crashes, remove its squadron from play -on a crit, remove target squadron from play -on any other result, if you don't have Asoka Tano at distance 1-2, Anakin Skywalker takes as many hit as he deals to its target. If you have her, ignore the self-inflicted damage"
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