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  1. One of the participants in the Gen Con tourney said on the Facebook group: "Both players had their own command cards and token pools. Lowest total pips per team went first. (I.e. ambush + assault = 4) commanders can't command other player's units. They did share commander courage values to friendly troopers for checking break." Another person also said that among the team that won initiative, the player that played the lowest pip card played first. And it was played on a regular size 6x3 table.
  2. Oh wow, it's highlighted in blue and I still missed it! Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I can't see any rules on building your battle cards deck in the newly updated Tournament Regulations document. Are there any? For example, could someone who bought three core boxes build a deck with three copies of the same mission cards, to make sure that he's gonna play that mission (well, supposing he's the blue player)? Did Alex Davy mentioned anything about this? Cheers.
  4. It's a new unit type, so you still need a commander.
  5. The concern for distinguishing squads is not just about possibly mixing the minis, it's also about knowing which squad has which upgrade. In Runewars Miniatures, I had some part of the minis painted in a specific color (ex: the fletching of arrows for archers), and then put a sticker of that color on my unit card. But for Legion, having the specific marking on the unit leader only (not on all troopers) would be enough (for that purpose).
  6. Sorry, I posted on the wrong thread.
  7. That being said, the Upcoming page has not been updated yesterday (as it normally is every thursday), since the products released on the 9th (yesterday) are still set as "Shipping Now" instead of "In Stores Now". So I would not be surprised they update the dates today and we get to see the Uthuk shipping for the 23rd.
  8. FFG just published the World Champion Army List. Nice little initiative from them. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/08/a8/08a8e432-5517-45c5-aa1e-d11aadebd2cb/worlds-2017b-rwm-armybuildcompressed.pdf
  9. Being nit-picky here: Ben probably just had two Vicious Roots cards, not three, since he probably bought just two Scion expansion boxes to get 5 in total (1 in army box, 2 per expansion box). Did you actually see the three cards during the game stream?
  10. I did my own version of the reference sheets created by @Contrapulator. You can find them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxjWKt9WtA5AeFJCaTN0VWRobEU?usp=sharing They will fit on a 8.5"x11" landscape sheet for printing. Another interesting option would be to save each unit table as a separate image file and put them in a photo album for each faction on your phone , so that you can scroll through enemy units when at the gaming table. Illustrator files are also available if you want to customize them.
  11. Thank you guys for all your answers.
  12. Hey guys, I have a question for you Star Wars experts. :-) I wonder if there is any significance behind the accent color of rebel ships. I notice that x-wings and T-47s have orange stripes, a-wing got burgundy and y-wing are yellow striped. Any reason for this? Have other colors been seen? I ask because I wonder how much I can move away from the traditional paint scheme for my future Legion T-47, while remaining "canon", hehe.
  13. I agree. Here is a reminder of what is mentioned in the Lore Guide that does not exist yet in the game: DAQAN (pages 12-13) Battle chariots (from dwarf allies) Totem guards (warriors from Frostgate clans) Ironbounds (page 13: "... created the Ironbound: animated suits of armor ensorcelled to combat both corrupt warlocks and the enemies of the realm...") WAIQAR (pages 17-18) Barrow wyrms (undead dragons, page 18: "When raised under Waiqar's banner, these barrow wyrms terrify all who can hear the the beat...") UTHUK (page 25) Archers, with poisoned arrows (page 25: "Archers from the Viper Legion tipped their arrows with the heads of snakes to deliver painful poisons.") Bonewitches (page 25: "...bonewitches could twist the bones of their followers into weapons or break the bones of their enemies.") Note: I guess A'laak is one of them... Bloodwitches (page 25: "Bloodwitches could heal themselves and their minions with the spilled blood of their enemies...") LATARI ELVES (page 29) Darnati spearmen (page 29: "How swiftly they shift their steps, facing any foe with a forest of razor tips.") Swordmasters (page 29: "In full armor, with great blades made heavy to carve through mounted foes...") Note: are these the Darnati warriors? Yeron riders (the yeron being a flying horse, as I understand it)
  14. Ok, so here is a question for those of you who have a lot of experience with FFG games: usually, when does FFG makes a game's rules available compared to its release? A month before? Just upon release or sometime after?
  15. Yeah, probably because it makes the maneuvering even more significant. Also, it keeps the capacity to shoot over units as a special ability for future units, like dwarf artillery... ;-)
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