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  1. The clone captain's ability reads: "When you activate, you cannot remove suppression tokens or be suppressed during this activation" Does this mean the unit cannot receive suppression tokens, or does it mean they don't suffer the affects of them? Also, it says "this activation", but it refers to the whole activation phase, right? Like when other units shoot at me?
  2. Free 3-day, but the product almost always arrives at least a day or two before the street date. I recently ordered a product for another one of their games that isn't released until 2/7 but it showed up last Friday
  3. Mine is on-track to be delivered Thursday as well. Sounds like a problem with the Amazon seller. Just curious - if you're going to order online, why not just get it through FFG? Did the Amazon seller have some sort of deal?
  4. Would you mind giving an example of a surge card you have in mind? In 9/10 cases, you only surge when you can't fulfill something on the first card. Though I think there may be 1-2 exceptions to this. Either way you would fully resolve the first card, and then surge, and completely finish one player's encounter before moving on to the next. When you get the hazard icon, it adds one more encounter card to the whole party, in player order. So if you are playing with 4 people, and have 2 hazard icons, you do player 1's encounter, then player 2, then player 3, player 4, and then player 1 gets a second card, as does player 2 after that.
  5. I went through the Masters of Mayhem to try and figure out which minion OP is referring to, but I'm not sure at the moment. None of the minions themselves have straight Surge as far as I can remember. "When reveled" refers to when a card is revealed during the encounter step, not literally any time the card is drawn. If you could tell us exactly which one is being referred to, it would help. Not all but almost all instances of surge in the game so far happen when you can't fulfill the 1st part of a card.
  6. Iron Man has War Machine, which will deal 1 damage to every enemy on the board, killing all of the drones unless they've been upgraded. This is game-changing, especially in multiplayer where deep into phase 2 everyone can have 2,3,4 drones on them. He also has the upgrade that let's him ready so he can deal with Ultron's HP or attachments and threat at the same time. I consider our group to be pretty experienced, but we struggled with Ultron all 3 times we fought him. We lost the first two and managed a hard-fought win in the third after we swapped in Iron Man. I feel like he'll become a lot easier as the card pool expands over time. I initially kind of thought OP was a little full of it and maybe he is but maybe he is just also really really good at this game...or really lucky
  7. Personally, I find the difficulty to be in a good sweet spot that strikes a great balance between newer players and seasoned vets. Of course it's going to be easier if you use a hero almost designed to fight a specific enemy, and play by yourself. Try solo'ing Ultron with Spider-man. Or take Iron Man against all 3 villains in a row on expert and record so we can see the master in action. It's entirely possible that you are just really good at the game and are ahead of the average skill curve.
  8. Can't go wrong with Daisy, and clues are always needed If the group doesn't have a decent fighter though, may want to go w/ Akachi.
  9. Ya, that will always be a thing in MP games with odd numbers. In my opinion it is good and bad. It's a whole 'nother playstyle. Very dog-eat-dog. Make sure you able to persuade them that attacking you is not in their best interest (Don't be the little guy). If you happen to end up there, try to make one of them attacking the other too tempting to pass up, or maybe strike a treaty. They know they will have to go at it afterwards, so offer to focus all your attacks on one player. You could even just break the treaty once their alliance has broken down
  10. I'm super excited for this. Our group ends up with an odd number of players a lot of times, and we've been toying around with multiplayer concepts.
  11. Are all the clans just randomly deciding to do this separately on their own, then? I figured it might be a GenCon or Kotei tradition type of thing.
  12. Hate to piggy-back into your topic, sorry, but I saw one of these for Crab as well. Is there an info hub, or another site where players going to GenCon have been gathering and communicating? Would like to hook up with some fellow Scorpions. EDIT: Just noticed the FB mention...is it a particular group?
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