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  1. We almost always have a 2 week notice of when things are shipping so most likely the 20th is out. If they don't start shipping this week we probably won't see them in September
  2. They have already posted in the Facebook group about contacting them to get the correct base. So doesn't look like they are going to make the Huge base official.
  3. Recon Intel also comes in Jyn and Krennic expansions
  4. Looks like some of the upgrades aren't in their correct packs. Improvised Orders in Palp, Frag Grenades in Death Troopers. Not a huge issue, but something I noticed.
  5. I would just be happy if someone made some 3d printable models of the FO troopers that i could proxy for regular troopers
  6. This is covered under Sharpshooter in the RRG pg 49. When determining cover, add cover values (not exceeding heavy cover), before subtracting cover values. For example, a unit with heavy cover and a suppression token that is attacked by a unit with sharpshooter 1 has light cover.
  7. Under Destroyed: "If a card has a “Destroyed:” ability, the effect resolves automatically when the card is destroyed, immediately before it leaves play." With the rule for Control that you quoted I think the timing is pretty clear and your first suggestion is correct.
  8. Hunter only works against trooper units, so no vehicles
  9. Charges actually won't be great against speeders because Detonate triggers off an action and compulsory moves aren't actions. So you could compulsory onto the mine and then move off of it without giving your opponent a chance to Detonate.
  10. Force Push specifically says "even if it is engaged" so that is still a legal play.
  11. The card does not say it requires LOS therefore no LOS is required
  12. Yup this is a legal move and a soul crushing strategy
  13. KingCHUD

    FAQ - Rules update

    The first page of the LTP says it is just for getting started and tells you where to find the full rules...
  14. You measure Range from your unit leader to the closest mini in the unit you want to fire at. That gives you the range between the 2 units. You determine Cover by measuring from your unit leader to each mini in the defending unit. If over 50% of their unit is behind cover then the unit has cover. In your example your unit leader is behind a wall and doesn't have LOS which in the rules is automatic heavy cover (cover 2) for the unit you are attacking. Then you check LOS for each mini in your unit to determine how many dice you add to your attack pool. If your mini has LOS to any of the defending minis then they can add their dice to the pool. In your example the unit leader does not have LOS so you would not add his weapon to the attack pool.
  15. Well the token in the article is the same shape as an Ion token. So maybe just ion for people? Lose 1 action for each Immobilize token on your unit. Remove after activation. Will be a brutal counter to Son of Skywalker if you can win the roll off.
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