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  1. Hi, at the beginning I want to apologize for my English. I wonder which scenario gave you the most excitement from the game. I think it would be worth writing them from the best to the worst. Then people with create new scenario will be know what most of people prefer. Unfortunately, I did not play all the scenarios, but the ones in which I played were classified as follows: 1 - Escape from Innsmouth long nothing.... 2 - Cycle of Eternity 3 - Dearly Departed 4 - Gates of the Silverwood Manor 5 - Shattered Bonds 6 - What Lies Within Rising Tide, Vengeful Impulses, Dark Reflection is was for me a whaste of my time and my friends :( I wonder why i so many plastic monster figures in box if FFG creates scenarios like this...? I am curious to know what your feelings are
  2. What do you think about the scenario editor shared to people? I know that ffg whant to get extra money from DLC scenario but one does not exclude the other. People will still pay for scripts issued by ffg becouse 5$ is not so much and the frequency of their publication is very rare. Scenarios written by fans have added a lot of regression to the game and encouraged meny new players to buy a game.
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