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  1. I knew it smell funny in here **** terrorists wow, D A M N is a horrible word lol
  2. I find your lack of faith disturbing
  3. ok, i've bought two starters, and a few packs and there is something I have a question about. as I was reading the cards and the rulebook. I noticed that characters like Tusken Raider and Qui-Gon Jinn have two point values but both only have a single die each. as per the rule book and watching a team covenant video on youtube, if you choose the one with the higher point value, you can have two as opposed to one die for the lower point value. what benefit do I gain from spending more points on a unique character? never mind, I found my answer, if I manage to get two of the same character for their dice, I can use the higher point value and use the second die from the second card.
  4. why is it going to be an "issue" to play the main characters? also, I am going to buy both Starter sets and a few packs today which booster should I get? I am planning on getting some boosters to start out to answer other questions, it depends on how much she likes it, if she does, it just means periodically i'll buy some with her if I like it, I found out that my LGS has a league and a decent amount of players and then it just becomes a day of the week where I go play with the other locals.
  5. Hello everyone, I am thinking about getting a game that is simple enough and quick to set up and play, mainly so that me and my wife can both play. Neither one of us are experienced card gamers. I am a miniatures gamer. In your honest opinion, is this worth getting into? We will not be competetive in any way I tried to get her into x-wing, but it was too boring for her Thanks for your opinion
  6. Now we know why slam might be nerfed, we(imps) are finally getting it
  7. yes, imagine using Kylo and Wampa
  8. it is tough but I think it will be worth it. even against a single ship. not only will you do damage on the hit itself, but you can do a hit directly to the hull(face down) and if they want to get rid of it, they risk taking even more damage, and on top of that, they will have to waste an action if they do.
  9. My Vader is gonna be very happy with this missile
  10. Welp, that sucks Back to the drawing board it is Thank you, misread the ability
  11. ok, I am an avid RAC/Kylo player it is my favorite ship/crew combo in the game. So now I am trying to come up with ways to proc Kylo and other hull damaging abilities such as Wampa. Here is my not so simple list 99pts: "Scourge" — TIE Fighter 17 Veteran Instincts 1 Hull Upgrade 3 Ship Total: 21 "Wampa" — TIE Fighter 14 Hull Upgrade 3 Ship Total: 17 "Youngster" — TIE Fighter 15 A Score to Settle 0 Hull Upgrade 3 Ship Total: 18 Captain Kagi — Lambda-Class Shuttle 27 Fire-Control System 2 "Mangler" Cannon 4 Kylo Ren 3 Operations Specialist 3 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 43 The idea is simple, although I know it's never easy to pull off things in this game. Kagi, Kylo's some unfortunate soul and hopefully with the Mangler, it can get a crit through. Kagi also has FCS for reroll and Op Specialist to get focus's for his fellow imps in range. Wampa has to be near Youngster so that he can have a greater chance of getting a crit and then canceling it to hit the opponent with a face down damage card Youngster is there to provide A Score to Settle to his fellow Tie Fighters, and to keep out of dodge as much as possible, taking evades when possible to ensure surviving as much as possible. Scourge, if he's near enough Youngster, he can possibly proc Kylo, and once there is a damage card on the opponent, he gets to should 3 attack die. if your focus was to bypass shields, how would you do it?
  12. what do you all recommend for rock/debris types and their placement? I personally am thinking 3 large asteroid rocks and place them in the middle in a line(from left to the right) if this doesn't well Thursday, I'll try your advice to see how it goes. your idea gives me a 4 point bid, any thoughts as to what I can add to the build? or should I just keep it for the bid?
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