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  1. The card art had 1 cost when it is certainly a 0 cost card so it was pulled from the page
  2. From the OP, which is quoted from the RRG FAQ: So yes, exhausting Backup Muscle when it has no damage is still changing the game state and is a valid action
  3. For 3) No. You do have to change the game state with whatever action you take, but you do have the option of Passing which is not taking an action. The quoted example you provided is indeed changing the game state because the player that played a card they couldn't fully resolve ends that action with one less card in their hand. The sort of things you can't do is like choosing to Resolve Dice of a symbol that you don't have in your pool, no game components move or change states so that action would be invalid.
  4. Despite being a native speaker I apparently can't read english this week. This^ is the correct reasoning
  5. The 'a' makes it singular. Elite or no, only 1 is removed.
  6. For Aphra you could try pairing her with elite Quinlan Vos, the card draw will help beef him up. But since you said you preferred thematic pairings you could also do Vader with elite Aphra and go for a sort of discard/damage hybrid with Interrogation Droids, BT-1, and Ark Angel
  7. Back when my collection was smaller I kept my dice in a big felt dice bag and they got a little scratched up from just hanging out in there. I've since moved to tackle boxes and I haven't seen any additional damage, the scratches seem to only show up when a corner or edge of another die is mushed up against another's face and I've removed all causes of that outside of rolling them together.
  8. I feel like a lot of the red event catalog is under-utilized despite being very efficient: Bombing Run, Commando Raid, Guerilla Warfare, Surgical Strike, Rebel Assault, Collateral Damage, Trench Warfare, Sustained Fire are all great cards. I always try to find a way to slot these in when playing red, my favorites being Rebel Assault and Commando Raid. Also I don't see enough Close Quarters Assault, I think that card is largely unappreciated. It is devastating to have your hand blown away and that is quite likely to happen in a melee deck that times it right.
  9. Not really random, the target card is yours for the duration of Cunning's special resolving. "Your" in the card text then points to the player resolving Cunning and that same player will get a little droid friend and then discard the support. I think the question will be whether or not a hero team can have a battle droid on their side, either through Finn or through Cunning. Sounds like the rules are there for only deckbuilding and that you could theoretically add a droid to your team dynamically but who knows.
  10. I'd much rather spend 5 resources in 1 action to get the strongest non unique out than 4 resources in 3 actions to get out the weakest nonunique. I think if you're using that support it's not because of its special side but because you want its die in your pool, the special is just icing or a last resort panic button. Also you better hope your opponent doesn't have cunning, that's a real quick 12 damage swing for only a die (and the 2 resources but your opponent loses 2 resources from their board via the support leaving). Drudge work will indeed be awesome along with aftermath and attrition.
  11. I think your bud might be hung up on the "play only" in the text, that is simply a play restriction meaning that you cannot play that card at all without meeting the requirement of having those sides showing. But you are correct
  12. It's a Trap was way way out of line. Compare it to concentrate which costs 2 to fix 2, now IaT costs 1 with two conditions (opponent showing the side and you can only fix red dice) to fix 2. It lines up just fine now. Heroes were one good character away from abusing that card hard so better to fix it now than later.
  13. Before EaW i ran a Padme/mothma/acolyte deck that saw some success, included spy net, determination, c-3po, patience, and lots of cheap dice. really only needed to hit with patience once and then just try to stay alive, then discard from the hand with determination and c-3po to end the game. not sure how it'd do nowadays, i haven't gotten around to updating it but it sounds like the Rieekan/padme/instructor is the next logical step for it
  14. don't forget C-3PO! on average the Indirect values are going to be higher so C-3PO is going to only get better. Then there's a host of other things that purely rely on values: Unkar, Now You Will Die, Friends in High Places, Destiny, Planned Explosion, Determination, Psychometry, As You Command, Anarchy(!!), Defiance, Fierce Resolve, Boba Fett, and that's only including offensive cards. And who knows what cards we'll get in legacies that interact directly with Indirect damage, I'm sure there will be at least something that focuses an indirect face onto a single target.
  15. You may indeed resolve 2 of your dice as her ability is still in the queue just, as you mentioned, her dice will no longer be in the pool when you get to her ability so it has limited use.
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