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  1. Make sense though. You put more guns along an axis without increasing the ship volume too much (bigger hull overall), you get more firepower on a smaller hull. Which is what we see with Scythe. Scythe lore stated that as a result of a change in Doctrine which take 'economic reality' in account, the navy was favoring smaller but more tougher and more powerful ships.
  2. Alexhurlbut

    New season of The Clone Wars

    A class 0.6 hyperdrive and a fuel range of 250,000 light years, I can see why one would want to make a star frigate out of this attack transport.
  3. Alexhurlbut

    Medical Frigate

  4. Alexhurlbut

    New Commander Announced...

    Limited ticket sales. More armada players wanted to play but didn't get tickets in time. In addition to what slasher956 said.
  5. Alexhurlbut

    NEW ARTICLE!!!!!!1!!!

    yeah I would have to agree with you, they didn't say the tickets were sold out and that not enough armada players got a chance to get said tickets. Graph is really misleading for that fact.
  6. Alexhurlbut


    Yeah, it's up on wookieepedia. As far as the blurb say, the "weapon pod" is heavier laser cannons (I was really hoping for turbolaser cannons there).
  7. Alexhurlbut

    Dreadnaught Cruiser / Imperial Support Vessel

    Well yeah the original had laser cannons or such, but the Imperial version is all turbolaser, at least in Legends.
  8. Alexhurlbut

    Dreadnaught Cruiser / Imperial Support Vessel

    Hm, is the 2 blue anti squadron battery indication of having no point defense/laser cannons at all?
  9. I'm intrigued by the fleet support upgrade idea for the support variant. How would this be balanced?
  10. Alexhurlbut

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    don't forgot there's the MASSIVE empty space between the "wings".
  11. Alexhurlbut

    Theory Crafting the Maxima

    I prefer this http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nebula-class_Star_Destroyer who also has a sister class sharing the same basic hull; Endurance Fleet Carrier.
  12. Alexhurlbut

    Theory Crafting the Maxima

    That's nothing new for the Star Wars Comic Books. Some of them have really bad ship art.
  13. Alexhurlbut

    dreadnought on Rebels

    In Legends these ships have been referred to having the Trench Run Disease. Aka they are incapable of preventing starfighters making a run at them with their guns alone. Point defense cannons have been referred to in many sources, but none are mentioned with regard to the Imperial Star Destroyer.
  14. Alexhurlbut

    Theory Crafting the Maxima

    https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Poe-Dameron-13-7.jpg The dialogue would imply the cruiser is slanted toward being a carrier/troop transport. The offset bridge tower would support the notion of it being heavily slanted toward being a carrier (and amphibious assault carrier).
  15. Alexhurlbut

    dreadnought on Rebels

    The typical doctrine of the TIE Fighter is that it served as the Point Defense of the ISD. ISD has no point defense weapon, it's purely all anti capital ship armament. TIE Fighter having no hyperdrive keep cost down AND make it dependent on the mothership so it would keep functioning as her point defense.