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    Legion 42

    Amazing work on both pieces so far. Looking forward to more posts.
  2. I would gladly buy the excess. Looking to build squads of Navy troopers and the droids I would love to paint up and use in the scenery.
  3. If Star Wars and Tron had a baby, every AT-ST would look as cool as this.
  4. Skull Forge has HK-7 droids in his shop as well as Expanded Universe characters. Mel has an assortment of miniatures and heads that could easily fall into the outer rim category and they span the Prequels, Original Trilogy, the Sequels and the EU as well.
  5. Trust me I was bummed when going the Magic Kingdom/Epcot and seeing rides being replaced or removed. Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Snow Whites Scary Adventure, Skyway to Tomorrowland/Fantasyland, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (one of my favorite childhood rides second only to Big Thunder Mountain), Mickeys Musical Revue, Dream Flight, Mickeys' Toon Town, this list could go on and on if I went park by park because once again Future World at Epcot does not contain one single opening day attraction. Most of these rides from the MK were moved to new parks around the world or recycled into new attractions. Some of the animatronics from Snow Whites Scary Adventures can be seen in Seven Dwarves Mine Train. The Three Cabalaros from Mickeys Musical Revue can be seen at the end of the ride in the Mexican Pavillion at Epcot. (That ride received the "Disney" touch after the Mexican government discontinued funding) I have park maps that go back to opening day for all parks and maps that reflect additions and remodel/replacements as the parks "evolve". Walt Disney himself said his parks would never be finished, that they would grow and evolve. Unfortunately we have to lose some of the attractions that were part of happy/special family and personal memories for his eternal vision to happen. Walt Disney referred to it as progress. As far as watching old ride recordings I do it too. It is really the only use I have found for youtube, and to be honest I paint my miniatures listening to Walt Disney World area music. Epcot Innoventions, Living Seas area mostly. I also made recordings of the parks trying to create a virtual tours back in the 90's for whenever I got "home away from homesick". Still have them and watch them with my kids.
  6. I get what you are saying and didn't realize you going that grand. I have had this exact conversation with my fiance. My all time favorite park is Epcot (visually stunning atmosphere) and not ONE single attraction remains from opening day. People can argue that Spaceship Earth is still there but it has been updated and remodeled five times so it does not reflect the opening day attraction. So when they hype up these milestone anniversary celebrations there is nothing nostalgic to look back on. It stinks when you take your kids on a ride and then explain how it used to be and what is different. A lot of it falls back to the old Disney way of funding a park. Sponsorship. You used to see company logos on most of the attraction signage (Kodak, GM, Delta, Coca Cola, Pan Am, etc) and Epcot was actually funded by the countries of World Showcase. "Was" being the key word. With the economy the way it is almost every sponsor has pulled out of all contracts in the theme parks (except for the ones Disney actually has an investment in) and it has given Disney a new cash grab slate to play with. We now have the updated rides and the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. (MK turns 50 in 2021) Epcot is going through yet another overhaul. (Epcot just turned 35 in 2017) Animal Kingdom introduced Pandora way after the Avatar films based on a promise of a piece of the pie from upcoming sequels TBA. (AK just turned 20 in 2018) Hollywood Studios has had several name changes and is suffering the same fate as Epcot to the point where nothing in the park remains the same from one milestone anniversary to the next. (HS is 30 this year). I chalk it up to new advancements in ride technologies and finding a reason to get visitors to want to return to the parks. The latest advertising is "if you haven't been to Walt Disney World lately, you haven't been." We still have Peter Pan, Country Bears, Mad Tea Party, Robinson Family Tree House, The Enchanted Tiki Room (restored to its original state) and Jungle Cruise (if you can ignore the millenial jokes they have added in now) although these were not all officially open on opening day Oct 1st 1971. And now back to Legion...
  7. Sorry that was supposed to be "10" (fat fingers). We still have Star Tours if you want to take a ride through the original trilogy and sequel trilogy films. Honestly lately it is only if you get lucky enough to not get Kylo Ren at the beginning. Along with seemingly always getting the scenes from The Last Jedi, Star Tours has become a commercial for "Disney" Star Wars and Galaxys Edge. Trust me no one loves the nostalgia of Star Wars and all the reasons why we fell in love with a "galaxy far, far away...." more than I do. The way I look at it is that Disney can't disappoint the fans by getting things and details wrong if it is new to everyone. Honestly there is so much Star Wars content that exists and that Disney has and will create that Disney Imagineers could've come up with a brand new park.
  8. Live here in Orlando. 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. We have Annual Passes and visit just about every weekend. We regularly visit Hollywood Studios new Toy Story Land because you can see the progress from there and it looks amazing. Cant wait til the end of August (pushed back due to Hurricane Irma). We waited over 20 years to see a new Star Wars film, we can wait 3 more months. Actually look forward to the merchandise the most. After riding Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom, (hands down best attraction ever) I know the Disney Imagineers are going to make the rides at Galaxies Edge top notch. It also doesn't hurt that my next door neighbor actually builds the attractions/lands for Walt Disney World.

    Hoth X-34

    Really digging this one. The painting and the basing are awesome.
  10. Really like this Vader. Amazing job on this one.
  11. C3POFETT

    My paintings

    Great job on all your miniatures. Look forward to more posts.
  12. They really shouldn't have an issue. Usually their only request is photos along with proof of purchase. I had purchased 3 core sets and had missing parts for the AT-RT in all 3, Speeder bike parts in 2 and a pair of miniatures. I did everything on one request. Just include a thorough explanation of what you need along with photos. I have submitted a few requests (at least 5) over the years between Imperial Assault, X-Wing and Legion and have never had a hard time getting replacements. Bubbles in the molds of miniatures from the Jabbas Realm expansions were my biggest issue. They contacted me needing more info about that once but have always taken care of any problem.
  13. Really, really like these troops. Great job on all of your miniatures. I am gonna have to put a Bespin table on hiatus and go full on Hoth now that we are getting true Hoth rebels and Tauntauns. Using EA Star Wars Battlefront maps as inspiration for my tables.
  14. Your Death Trooper looks great. I agree with @TauntaunScout that carefully placed coats of Semi gloss or Gloss clear coat can change the overall look of the miniature especially armored troopers. In reference to your original question. Yes he does. He works for the Empire.
  15. Nice job all around. A solid looking squad and very sharp painting
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