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  1. Great work. Welcome to Legion. Big fan of your IA miniatures.
  2. @Alpha17 You are correct about the detail of the arc troopers. They are amazing and your work makes all the difference. Looking forward to more posts. Since you are considering Clone Commandos have you seen the minis done by Skull Forge Studios. He has a set based on the LucasArts video game and book series. I am dying to pick up a set but hesitate to see if FFG has one in the works. I am waiting on the Phase 2 troopers to come out and if they arent announced by FFG by then I will them up.
  3. Really looking forward to seeing this table come to life. I fell in love with Felucia playing The Force Unleashed. Although I am working on "Interior" tables, (Death Star/Star Destroyer and Bespin) I would enjoy having a Felucia table once I pick up a Clone Wars army. (waiting on Phase 2 troopers) Now is the time to hit Michaels or Hobby Lobby since they are set up with Holiday decorations for the rest of the year. Between Hallowen and Christmas floral decor you are sure to find plenty of fauna that looks other worldly. Also if you haven't done it already play EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 and run around the Felucia map. Some parts are absolutely gorgeou. (it can be done in single player)
  4. Great looking table. Really like the color choices. Look forward to more posts.
  5. Really enjoy viewing what you have done. Looking forward to more posts.
  6. Sorry I will look into it and replace them.
  7. Bossk looks great. The eyes give him a lot of character. I have been on hiatus myself and look forward to painting again soon. Look forward to more posts.
  8. Looks good so far. We tend to be a little too critical of our own work sometimes. Like the idea of giving your squad a Shoretrooper tie in theme. I look forward to seeing more posts. I actually did my first squad of core set Stormtroopers in a "Survivors of Scarif" theme, having them wear a piece or two of the armor with a small back story of how they are dead set on extinguishing the rebels who had destroyed the first Death Star because the "Survivor" squad wanted to exact their revenge against Grand Moff Tarkin themselves. (They can be seen in my painting thread)
  9. Love these guys. Great job on everything. Tauntauns were a favorite of mine from first sight. When I left the theater after seeing ESB, I wanted one in my collection just as much as getting a new Lando or Boba Fett figure. Now I just have to figure out how to make Tauntauns fit on a Death Star/Star Destroyer interior table!!!
  10. If you have a copy of EA Star Wars Battlefront 2015, might I suggest inspiration from the colors of the Rebel Troopers on the Sullust map. They have a nice mix and I think that color scheme would fit them well. I am sure those colors are probably used on another map but they definitely used them for their fatigues on Sullust.
  11. I look forward to new movies and series and merchandise. TPM was a two hour Economics Lesson. AotC was a slow moving "who-dunnit" until the final battle. RotS was the defining moment of the prequels. Even though you knew Anakin was going to become Vader, Lucas still made you feel like "maybe he will change his mind" I felt the entire prequel saga could have been told by just expanding this movie. ANH was the perfect blend of humor and action for all audiences. The unexpected hit of the late seventies. People didn't ask "have" you seen Star Wars, they asked "how many times" have you seen Star Wars. People may not be familiar with Star Wars but Darth Vader is as recognzable as Mickey Mouse. ESB was and still is the Crown Jewel of the franchise. Same heroes/villains but with character development and a new group of characters that were unique and memorable. Everybody has a Yoda impression and everyone knows someone who can name all 6 bounty hunters from the one and only scene they appeared in. RotJ was the "lets answer all questions and tie up any loose ends that might exist" movie. It was entertaining but everyone just went through the motions. TFA was supposed to be a call back to what made the OT great. The problem was they forgot to let us get to know the characters and develop them. Same story different lead characters. TLJ was unfortunately the longest of the films to date and the most confusing. They tried to mix up the ESB story and failed. The failed Battle of Hoth. (Crait) Rose and Tico meet a Con Man who double crosses them to the First Order. (Han and Leia on Bespin) The cat and mouse space chase. (Millenium Falcon in the asteroid field) Rey and a reluctant Jedi Hermit with a force ghost. (Luke and Yoda with Obi Wan) ** TLJ could have had one resounding fix. Every other film had reshoots yet TLJ was deemed perfect by RJ and KK? We all knew Carrie Fisher passed and would not return for TRoS. Why not edit the footage to where Leia stays behind instead of Holdo to make the ultimate sacrifice. (couldve been mostly a hand double) Have her iconic theme building up as she charges head on. (I think the moment of dead silence would have had more impact) Luke survives in to TRoS to finish training Rey. It would have been just as easy for Holdo to say "why are you looking at me, follow him."** Rogue One offically killed the Star Wars EU and essentially gave us two hour explanation of the text crawl of the beginning of ANH. Also they gave us that "Rage" scene with Vader that really throws off the whole "tear this ship apart, and bring me the prisoners I want them alive!" To quote Hector Barbossa "people are easier to search when dead" Solo was a decent film. Unfortunately they tried to reinvent characters that Star Wars fans already knew eveything about. The dumbest part of the film is giving him his last name. The name Solo had weight on Corellia, Han just wanted to stay out of the family business. I don't get all the fuss over not having Han, Luke and Leia in the sequels. They weren't in the prequels (except for the Luke and Leia baby scene) and no one complained. It is a different era and a new-ish story. (bit of a stretch) They should have outlned the entire story and then decided how much each director would get to put their spin on.
  12. A dry cracked river bed and some rocks. Or impassable terrain. Now would be the time to visit Michaels or Hobby Lobby for their "Halloween" themed floral items. You could make something that looks deadly.
  13. Can't wait for this expansion. I already had some 3-D printed escape pods for objectives and or squad starting points. Going to pick up several of these expansions to have droids all over the place! C-3PO, 0-0-0 (comics), K-3PO & R-3PO (Hoth) and TC-14 (Phantom Menace) R2-D2, R2-Q5 (Death Star 2), R3-S6 (Grevious spy CW series), R2-C2 (CW series) and R4-M6 (Prequels) I gotta do a Expanded Universe pair of C-3PX (assassin droid from the Dark Horse comic) and R2-MK (Disney Star Wars weekends).
  14. On a day off and spend it at the hardware store and the arts and crafts store. Look at everything and picture it on your table. Electrical boxes, plumbing fittings become outposts upside down craft boxes become Imperial strongholds. In my house for a while NOTHING went into the garbage without first seeing how it could be turned into terrain. You can turn cardboard, foamboard and styrofoam into just about anything with a little imagination. My advice is to always coat everything in ENAMEL paint before you begin to finish it/decorate it for your table. Enamel paint prevents warping of the above mentioned products and you can paint/decorate them any way you like when dry. Wall filler or Joint Compound is a great way to achieve a concrete look for your buildings. I recommend watering it down a bit before applying. Thinning it and brushing it on will give the look of concrete (or the Star Wars equivalent) so it won't have that peanut butter or icing look when dry. You can sand it and paint it any way you like when it is dry. For inexpensive trees I recommend hitting the arts and craft stores especially during their halloween to christmas seasons. You can find all kinds of artificial greenery that can be turned into plant life and painted to match your environment. The holiday stuff will have some more unique looking items and are almost always 30% to 50% off. (75% to 90% off during clearance)
  15. Impressive, most impressive. This is going to be an amazing table.
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