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    Skull Forge Stuff

    It would be nice to see Star Tours make its way to Legion.

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Most items ship in just under a week. There is a process of quality assurance the miniatures must go through before they ship.

    Sharkbelly's Star Wars Minis

    I saved my Priority Supplies bases for the 3D printed miniatures that I wanted to pick up so they would have matching bases to the Core Set. (actually found matching paint for both Rebel and Imperial bases) I found a 12 pack of large round wood discs at Michaels and Hobby Lobby that were the right size and thickness to serve as an objective token and a miniature base. I painted the top of one side red to designate objectives and the rest of the disc to match the original Priority Supplies bases. They are not glued to the bases so that I can just set them on the bases and use them as terrain or flip over the bases and designate them as objectives.
  4. Love the look on the Medical Droid and a great job on making the Tico Rose miniature look good. The generic officers are such disappointing scuplts after the amazing job they did on Chewbacca and the Wookie Warriors. Must be the same sculptor that did Leia.
  5. Thank you? I truly enjoy bringing the children together and with better sculpts every expansion it makes it that much more enticing to play.

    Skull Forge Stuff

    @Skullforge I see that SWL38 is officially Bossk so I guess waiting for a sculpt of him is now unlikely. Zuckuss looks incredible and I look forward to 4-Lom making it to your shop in the near future. Maybe a Lando Calrissian since FFG has gone by way of Disney Era Galactic Civil War instead of keeping with the Original Trilogy for Rebel heroes. Imperial Navy Troopers too! We should have gotten Calrissian, Rieekan and Madine before we got Jyn Erso or Sabine Wren. As always your newest additions are amazing.

    Skull Forge Stuff

    Great job on this miniature. It looks like it just stepped out of the Solo movie. Hate to admit it but this looks so much better than the FFG sculpt we got. This is probably one of my favorite sculpts on @Skullforge shapeways shop. They all look amazing but this one really stood out for me. I plan to pick this one up as well as a bunch of other sculpts as soon as the rest of the ESB Bounty Hunters are finished. Hopefully Skull Forge will add Imperial Navy Troopers to his shop.

    Four Furry Furies

    Nice job as always. Great looking squad. Like that you went with muted color choices. 4 individual looks but they all compliment each other.

    Ed's Rebels

    Great looking squad. Excellent job on the camo. Look forward to more posts.
  10. Thank you. I love seeing what other members of the community share and I am sometimes inspired by what I see. I really like out of the box paint schemes and custom miniatures. I show my stuff, not for a pat on the back, but in hopes that others might be inspired to do something they weren't sure about or to find that something they were looking for. As always if you couldn't tell Kenner/Hasbro has been my inspiration. I try to get the colors as movie/action figure accurate as possible.
  11. C3POFETT

    Walking Carpet

    Looks great. I gotta say the terrain looks really cool as well. Would love to see more of that too.
  12. C3POFETT

    Skull Forge Stuff

    @Skullforge How about Generic Officer bodies Male/Female that are headless much like the customizable Captured Pilot miniature. Then offer a set of 4 officer heads in a similar fashion as the Republic Commando heads. Male/Female, Caps or Helmets on and off. The newest additions to your shop are amazing as always.
  13. C3POFETT

    Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba

    I would always recommend the Smoothest. Especially with the detail of these miniatures. I made the mistake of not choosing smoothest on a set of heads and there was somewhat of a grainy texture to them and required more cleaning and prepping. The detail was still good but I say the extra money is worth it.
  14. C3POFETT

    Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba

    Nice customs. @Skullforge has created Legion scale miniatures for both of these characters. His work and detail is amazing and you could add them both to your game using your cards. Check out his Shapeways shop you will find miniatures you didn't even know you wanted added to your table.
  15. C3POFETT

    Bonus Wookie brings reinforcements Added Scout Troopers

    Yes I picked up 2 packs and I plan on having 8 unique looking Wookies. I will paint all the armor with a basic silver and use the Citadel washes to color the armor. I did this with the Weequays and ISB troopers and the Droids in Imperial Assault and I really liked the results.