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  1. This is awesome beyond words. With so many books out, all contributing in part to character creation, a consolidated piece like this has been needed for a long time. Thank you so much!
  2. In my opinion it’s dumb for a shuttle to have that kind of weaponry- but- George probably thought it would look cool on the big screen to have the Lambda bristling with guns and he couldn’t possibly have anticipated the misery that future rpg developers would suffer trying to write rules for it.
  3. There are some awesome tools on the Star Wars d6 Google group. Here are some random adventures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3tO4WffOVuTRjFYMEdsRGNJWlk
  4. Anyone notice that the gun on that AT-DT is a perfect copy of a Flak36 88mm cannon? I love the sneaky WWII nods. We could kick off a whole topic on this.
  5. Thanks for creating this awesome adventure. Hoping I can rope the Mrs into playing with the kids and I on this one since though she loathes Star Wars she loves her a good murder mystery. I have a few questions and I hope you can give me your insight as the author: 1. What is the deal with the Imperial officer? What does he hope to gain by shivving the PCs? Even if he were to kill them all he is still locked in a holding room with armed guards outside. If his motive is escape, why wait until spec ops shows up to execute his plan? Why not just wait until there was no attention on him and then deal with a couple of minion guards? I can't figure out where this encounter fits in to the adventure. His actions don't seem to represent a hardened, feared enemy agent. I think he would rather be trying to subtly obtain info from the PCs so that he could use it to plan his escape during the confusion of the inevitable climax while the ship was distracted. 2. Why are the body parts in Loading Bay B? I assume all the badness was going on in Bay C since the cameras were routinely shut off once per month when the Bay was signed out to medical. 3. How were the body parts getting off ship? Was the Firespray making regular visits to pick up the contraband? If so would the Merciful's crew think they were there for other reasons? 4. The TIEs bother me. I think they would have been harassing the Merciful the entire time in attempt to drive it out of the system thus turning the tide of battle for the Imperials as the rebels lose their medical support and means of evacuation. I understand they are there to set the momentum of the adventure and to give players the chance to roll some dice, but would it be more feasible to have the shuttle make a break for it solo? Or maybe have an escort with the Merciful- one the TIEs feared and thus stayed away from? 5. Finally, and probably most importantly, if I understand the plot correctly Zarander was in deep with Falstrom when it came to selling the organs, but he bailed when he figured out Falstrom was actually killing patients for the parts. Is this correct? I apologize if this is all nitpicky but I really want the lid on this thing tight before I run it with the family. They tend to think like I do and I anticipate needing an explanation for the above.
  6. Can't believe I'm just now finding this. Awesome idea! A few suggestions: Include other skills into the attacks section. For example, an Ithorian's Bellow attack is based on Resilience instead of the typical combat skills. Can you make the content searchable? Maybe it would be cool if people could comment or otherwise give feedback to the contributions of others. Oh and some way to tag favorites or something like that so if we come across other contributors' material we can easily find it again. This site is also to share and not just store personal data, right?
  7. Also use a fresh download of the character sheet. I found that if I had tried other readers and saved over the file, the scripting data gets lost and Chrome can't auto-dice. If anyone out there has had frustration with Chrome then download a fresh sheet and try again.
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