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  1. 2/2/4/4 at least that’s what it looks like to me
  2. Rebels: YT-2400, I gotta know if Dash Rendar survived the purge and curious to see what they improved. Imperial: Defenders, this is overall my favorite ship to fly and here’s hoping it’s still as great to fly in 2.0 Scum: Shadow Caster, With the removal of PTL & other changes I’m wondering how this ship will fair.
  3. Either you’re trying to be funny or misunderstood. The Y-Wing does look really nice... Though what the main discussion is “Should I convert to 2.0...” than “Will I play 2.0...” There’s a diffence between the two. I feel like I’ll definitely play 2.0 in some fashion but do I want to convert when there’s improved models that’ll make the older ones feel very meh to field.
  4. No this is not another it cost to much money to convert topic. What I believe makes converting a bit challenging is the fact that the older models of ships like the Original X-Wing is gonna feel obsolete against the New improved X-Wings with the adjustable S-Foils and improved sculpts. This ain’t just happening to the X-Wing models but also to the Protectorate & many other ships that they plan to rerelease so to quote Men In Black 2 “Old & Busted... the New Hotness”. Then you got the fact not all the old ships are being repackage at once so if you were to sell off all the old then you’ll be behind since the conversion kits temporary exclusives could make the meta where you play and you no longer have the ships cause you want the new hotness.
  5. Local Comic/Gaming Shop is starting up X-Wing Miniature gaming every other Sunday starting this Sunday 4/16/17 at 1pm (12:30 for Setup), and they're looking for any X-wing players in the area to come and have a blast! If enough does come then they'll run 100pt build Tournaments and hand out prizes to the Top Players. Location: Rockin' Rooster Comics & Games 5000 Glenway Ave. 45238 Store Phone Number: (513)-661-7625
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