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  1. Hi ! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start to play Rune Wars Miniatures with the upcoming Latari Elves then Uthuk Yllan. Though, I'm a player who is usually very interested in the background of the games I play. So I'm a bit concerned by the availability of the Lore book outside of the Core box. Since the Elves army box doesn't seems to include any books (no Rulebook, no reference book, no Lore Book...). My question is : Are you gonna release the Lore Book in some form ? pdf at least ? Anyone also interested here ? Thanks in advance for the answer. Regards,
  2. And so they announced what I wanted before my 1st message got approved by a moderator. 25$ with Dice, seems a good price, Elves and Uthuk player can buy the component without buying the core box, so it's good to me. Can be used for loss or used items too. 60+25= 85$ for 1 Faction (145$ to add Uthuk). Since Core box are usually a deal, that doesn't surprise me. ^^
  3. Hi there ! I'm kinda excited by this game, I like several mechanics and I do own Rune Wars the boardgame and got Battlelore 2nd Editon before it goes aways. So my choice goes to Uthuk Yllan 1st, then Latari Elves, they are my favorites. And I'm really concerned by the availability of Morale Deck, Templates and Tokens. They absolutely need to sell them separately from the Core Box ! Since I'm probably the only one who will go for this game at my club I just can't buy the Core Box only for those templates ! Of course my choice will be already at more cost since the Army box will be 60$ with which I need to add the dice and Tokens/Templates but well, you can't put a Miniature Games on the market where you absolutely need the core box to play the game ! And yes I could buy the things I need Online or buying the Core Box and sells miniatures. But what I'm saying is, we need an official option for this. Miniature Games are like this, it would be super weird to force people to do those things and might restrain some people to get into the game. It's a miniature game, some people wants to collect only 1 army, and they need all the material to go play with someone else or in tournament. Imagine 2 Friends who wants to play Uthuk and Latari against each other, and only those ones... BUT, if the community ask, loud, for it, I'm sure FFG and Asmodee will answer. It would be great for Organized play too. Anyway, have fun with the game for early adopter. Regards,
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