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    ajf115 got a reaction from Helios Inferno in For the Sharing of Dragons   
    Because dragons are cool, and also because I am eternally conflicted over the physical look of my draconic form when playing Fireborn, here's a thread for the sharing of images of our favourite monsters.
    Note: None of these images are mine. I claim no credit whatsoever.

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    ajf115 got a reaction from Helios Inferno in New Spells   
    Alright, so I loved the concept of Fireborn - it was the first RPG I ever actually bought, as opposed to just leeching off other people's copies - and large parts of the execution, too. It was such a pity that there were so many issues with it. One of my personal peeves is the way that the spells didn't feel right for the game's style. They felt to clean and clinical for the elemental powers that create and govern them, too dull.
    So, naturally, I began a list of my own.
    I've only just started writing them up properly, but I have a long list of spell concepts. I'll be posting an editable link to the GDoc in which I wrote them, and people are welcome to add more spells, or to write in mechanics for spell concepts that are already there. Please don't mess around in there, though, and keep it sane.
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    ajf115 got a reaction from Helios Inferno in Fireborn Netbooks   
    I'd personally be interested. I've made a start on some new spells (there's a link to the GDoc in the 'New Spells' thread) but I'd be open to doing some work on that kind of stuff.
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