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  1. Mr_Underhill

    Lore Control

    This one is really good. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/5524/flawless-victory-1.0 It doesn't quite "shut out" the encounter deck but it does make good use of the cards you mentioned.
  2. I would like to participate in this but I'd second Dale's suggestion of waiting until later to choose / reveal the quests. The reason I say that is because seeing both The Siege of Cair Andros and Deadmens' Dike on the list is putting me off a bit. Plus, Siege of Cair Andros (at least on normal mode) represents a bit of crapshoot for what would hopefully be some very interesting and unusual hero lineups. Love the idea though and thank you for running it.
  3. Mr_Underhill

    The Black Serpent strategy

    I've used Eowyn(T)/Fastred/Dunhere. You need to stall at stage 1 for a while to build up a board presence. The trick for that stage is to quest for just enough so that you place a little progress, but without flipping to stage 2 before you're ready to handle 2-3 attacks per turn. Then quest past stage 2 as quickly as possible so that you don't have to stay engaged with the Black Serpent. There is a degree of luck involved in that the difficulty depends on which objective you reveal and how hard it affects your deck. Getting Summons from Mordor on Stage 1 can really hurt the Fastred deck. Especially if it has the Serpent's Redoubt guarding it.
  4. Mr_Underhill

    Helm's Deep

    I've just come back to this thread because I wanted to use Rouxxor's silvan deck for this scenario, but using Grima is actually against the rules! From the box insert: When playing the scenarios in The Treason of Saruman, the players cannot use any ally or hero card with the title “Saruman” or “Gríma.” I guess we could sub in Haldir?
  5. I had to get my Treason of Saruman nightmare deck from the USA. I think the release was overlooked by Esdevium.
  6. I actually kept my copy as I quite like having alt-text cards. Plus I really needed those extra Daeron's Runes - or Runas de Daeron, as they're now known
  7. For UK buyers, I think there is no risk to buying from the reputable online retailers such as Boardgame Extras, Games Lore, etc. The only time I received a Spanish pack was from Book Depository. Apparently there is a line in the product description that shows it as a Spanish copy, so you do need to be careful when ordering from there. I saw that Dwarrowdelf is back in stock with Boardgame Extras. I use them to get all my APs and POD packs for LotR and AH, so I would be very surprised if it is an error as they've always been completely reliable. If you are concerned then you could always email them and ask.
  8. The nightmare images for Ring-Maker, Treason of Saruman and Land of Shadow are coming. I scanned them a week ago, just haven't had time to cut them out yet in GIMP.
  9. Mr_Underhill

    The newbies first experience

    My pleasure! Here is a link to my channel if you would like to have a look.
  10. Mr_Underhill

    The newbies first experience

    I made a few YouTube videos of playing Heirs of Numenor as a solo player, with some deckbuilds included - I'd be happy to link them if you still find yourself struggling with it.
  11. Mr_Underhill

    Revealed in Wrath and Brown Water Rats

    I guess that makes sense, thanks. As if they weren't annoying enough already!
  12. What do you guys think would happen if you play Revealed in Wrath on the Brown Water Rats from Journey Along the Anduin Nightmare? Revealed in Wrath: Action: Choose a non-unique enemy. Until the end of the phase, treat the chosen enemy's printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits). The Brown Water Rats have a null value (indicated by the hyphen) for their hit points. They have the text "Brown Water Rats cannot be damaged". http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Brown-Water-Rats-JAtAN It's clear that the rats can be damaged after blanking their text with Revealed in Wrath. But since they have a null value for their hit points, should they be discarded immediately after blanking their text box?