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    Almost definitely in the hyperspace format, he’s very good there. I the extended format I think he’s still very viable but admittedly less dominant.
  2. Dengar has the ability to block and is a point horde if he’s fat enough? The JM5K could certainly use a price reduction or maybe a reshuffling of upgrades, it doesn’t have a whole lot of advantages
  3. Quadjumper King


    From what I’ve seen the general counter to traj-sim for a swarm player is to fly a swarm in which the synergy is ma8ntained loosely. This can be seen in captain jonus as his ability works at ranges 0-2 and isn’t completely necessary to be utilised by each shipment achieve turn in the bomber swarm. Another example would be the Sloane swarms, positioning the Sloane shuttle in a somewhat middling board position in an ability that works at ranges 1-3 allows her to basically generate a synergy over a huge portion of the board and thus means the formation can be flown away from range one. Swarms have generally seen great success in 2.0 specifically with the bombers, Sloane and Space-tugs, all of which don’t require formation flying. This also helps against aces as they can easily dodge the single conjoined arc of a formation and thus fanned arcs can be a more effective means of catching them. My advice would be to go for a swarm that doesn’t need a formation but can fly as one in the right matchup (learn several deployments) Something that can do both since their synergy is based of the enemy being damaged would be the Seyn, Del and Gideon Tie pilots, add in some named or generic buddies and that could be a workable group. Best of luck to you bud.
  4. I was thinking it will make the ship that overlaps it roll dice and tar a maximum of one damage while all other dice force the pilot to spend charge tokens from upgrade cards. i think this partially due to lack of an “ion bomb” or munitions that deals solely condition damage and it works thematically as R2 would have to fight them off or they could eat into your missile storage. It would be a nice counter to munitions and not too harsh seeing as reload is more common now, however there would be matches where it’s useless, or it could also apply to force charges as the Jedi use the force to rid themselves of the droids.
  5. Without having a copy of either list to look at, my advice would be that, as the Drea player going second, set yourself up on an edge but with an easy line with which to joust the TAP’s that we’re set up first. If the TAP’s goal is to move first and block, then using the rule of 11 in a simple joust can help to counteract that to a degree. Also, since its more or less obvious from the get-go that Whisper doesn’t want to be head on in the joust, you can predict that they’ll be placed as far from the formation as possible and therefore can give yourself some distance between them, elongating her flank. but the core of my advice is just to play on the most basic principles of X-Wing combat, joust part of their list with all of yours. This is much much easier said than done, but in an ideal world, with whisper taking longer to flank and with the TAP’s gunning it forward and moving to gunk up the space-lanes, you should be able to straight joust the TAP’s with the entire imperial list to decent effect. the main issues I imagine would be that whisper is an excellent flanker and can cover the board very fast or that the TAP’s kite and let whisper have at the Drea swarm since they can turn out pretty easily and boost with mods. the best way I imagine to facilitate this “all on part” engagement would be to move slowly from your corner and drag whisper through the rocks while using the rule of 11 to engage the enemy at range 2 or 3 with th entirety of the list. A more box-like formation may be better to focus firepower but does leave you liable to be gunned up on the next round by the TAPs.
  6. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the turret ship that’s most widely accepted as having the most promise is both one of the cheapest and has access to a reposition at initiative six.
  7. Their effectively one point cheaper in 1.0 terms as their old cost of 18 base would be 36 rather than 34, in relative terms the striker stayed at the same price point as in 1.0 (17 to 34 as a direct transition) despite the fact that the one extra hull is less valuable than the one extra agility. I think the issue is that the overall ace experience has had a downgrade, more emphasis on manouverabilty than token stacking. While the defence and offence compared to 1.0 Soontir has been nerfed into the ground, it fills the same role in relative terms as a proper ace along the same line that basically everything that was stupid good has been nerfed. however, even saying that, you can’t really dispute that the base chassis has received a significant buff. Baked in royal guard title and mini PTL all for one point cheaper in 1.0 terms is pretty clearly a good thing. The named aces may have been weakened, but I still feel that they’re good in terms relative to the weakness of 2.0 compared to 1.0 and as such are about equally as effective. While that is subjective, the chassis promotion is objective, as for the Awing there is a similar story, inbuilt refit and mini ptl while keeping the missile slot and being cheap is good for the chassis, however less talents of value and no I5 or 6 restricts the named pilots. i try to just divorce my 1.0 perspective of ships from their current position in 2.0, think less of buffs and nerfs but relative power to their peers like strikers and stolen Tie fighters. I find that it helps to give me a clearer picture of the current game state. May your dice always roll natties - QJK
  8. Oni Wan (crew), One charge non reccuring: If you concede half points on this ship, reduce the difficulty of your hard turns ”we’re still flying half a ship”
  9. Just as a point of interest, perhaps we should use a base ratio metric where large ships count for four small bases and so forth as a means of measuring a health to base real estate ratio. That way we can see about how much the average base holds in terms of individual hit point and then get a better idea of what sort of damage a list should be able to do in order to be viable. though with the medium base, different archetypes and the fact that large ships don’t fly like a four base formation it may not be super legitimate as a form of measurement. it just seems that ship count almost always requires a sort of asterisk due to the fact that 5 barrage bombers are very different in terms of five ships to say five Quadjumpers or A-Wings. Or the fact that 2 ship imperial aces are substantially different in hit points and manouverability to a fat turret and a closing escort ship. It’s probably not worth much but there’s my hat in the ring, just a suggestion to see if we can formulate the most useful metric possible for 2.0
  10. You are absolutely right, I forgot other Z-95s opposed to Blount and the generic existed there for a second, in my mind I saw Blount even though the YASB 2 link was there. Not a big fan of his action economy though, the red action doesn’t seem all that useful but it is a method to get double mods on torps.
  11. My mans Blanks is cooking up some squads? lets peep this out: For the sake of convenience we will address the wedge list as 1 and the Norra list as 2. list one has some interesting things going for it, regen wedge coupled with two perfectly decent filler ships and an ordnance support. However, I feel that it almost immediately breaks down from that point. Elusive regen wedge is really your only end game ship here and even then he is exceedingly... meh. The torpedo doesn’t fit particularly well with chopper and even though he can leverage his I6 to use it, but that point is moot thanks to Dutch, or rather, it seems to work agains Dutch as he most likely can’t lock before he moves if he needs to leverage his I6 for the torpedo. Basically I’m suggesting that he isn’t your greatest platform for the torpedo, especially when it doesn’t significantly help chopper. In terms of regen, you have better options too than chopper, disengaging is super viable and much better than action/charge consumption is most cases and not necessarily more expensive when we add in the missile. dutch has repair, ion turret and torpedoes, but I feel that a bombing Norra is much better for both survivability and damage as she can blue move with r4 to reload and bomb each turn while being tough to actually take down. More or less, list 1 has a mediocre at best end game ship, with inbuilt redundancy for target locks (occasionally good for double mods) and a poor regen. His support from Dutch is limited to mediocre control and a torpedo and while the A and Z-95 are good fillers, they don’t really want to fly straight at the enemy so much as ordnance does, especially if there’s a loose formation for the -2 agility, double mod combo. Basically each ship loses some of its value in formation but that can be mitigated with flying. My main gripe here is wasted/redundant points and potential that could be better spent for both raw efficiency and control. list 2: similar to before, it’s an end game(-ish) ship in Norra and a support along with two filler style ships. We have a similar double torpedo salvo but again not much else. Horton isn’t really leveraging his ability with only torps and Norra is better as a bomber at close quarters though she isn’t completely terrible here. Our fillers are decent and cheap, Ten is interesting and a nice filler/main but doesn’t synergies to well in that he is a slow-ish jousting craft with no one else who really wants to joust apart from the oddly placed torps. it has most of the same issues as list one. all that being said, despite my harsh critiques, neither list is terrible. They just need some refining and to be less janky/redundant while better leveraging what makes each ship good. without introducing too much new stuff, here would be my addendum. Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) — Y-Wing 43 Dorsal Turret 4 R4 Astromech 2 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 54 Ten Numb — B-Wing 50 Debris Gambit 2 Ship Total: 52 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 52 R2 Astromech 6 Servomotor S-Foils 0 Ship Total: 58 Airen Cracken — Z-95 Headhunter 36 Ship Total: 36 Norra can get close and bomb forever while also having a turret for strafing in order to get close and to use before she needs to reload. cracken is cracken, the cheapest 3 die attack rebels have, a great filler. wedge is cheap and somewhat expendable, the list won’t fall apart without him and he can hit and run with regen after the initial engagement. ten does Ten things and self stresses. Again, it’s only how I would use the pieces you offered, these ships don’t suit my play style but I hope that at the very least a raw efficiency boost and a cool use of norra are some food for thought. Best of luck, may your dice always roll natties.
  12. I believe th real issue with the chassis stems from the upgrades it can take. There aren’t all that many outstanding crew (other than aforementioned regen and my man/droid 000) and in terms of turrets the two we have are quite whelming, not under or over, just whelming. Average. its a platform that has nothing it really wants to take aside from bomblet. And I pretty much agree that it’s an ace-style ship as is. But I think the nerfing isn’t what holds it back as much as just a lack of options, though i wish it did have access to the gunner slot in some form, not that I want to face a line of double tap Skurrgs. Due to this lack of decent upgrades, it suffers from similar issues to most rebel/scum support ships, with crew that support themselves only, hence lending to ace style play. At least, that’s how I see it, it’s an ace less so by choice than lack of options.
  13. Yeah, your pretty much right. I’ve seen a triple generics list that jousts but the chassis with all its options does seem to favour ace style play.
  14. I agree, it can’t perform as well in those areas. But rebels have similar problems with lacklustre support options. I believe the Skurrg to be a more versatile chassis nonetheless though because those are still options that it has available. In terms of being an ordnance carrier though, the punisher is the best heavy bomber for the fact that it has a gunner slot, reload and missile/torp slots. That’s pretty clear. my point is that the Skurrg can’t compete in that regards and as such has a different use. It isn’t the ship it used to be and isn’t t a scum punisher or a scum K-wing. It’s something else.
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