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  1. For my most used Star Wars character, Juggo the Scoundrel, I've actually got several songs tagged to him, but only two of which could be considered a themesong. On a good day it's Clutch: Subtle Hustle. When things are running a little more rough it's still Clutch, but instead Clutch: The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
  2. I'd go for the HWK 1000. It looks cool, has good stats, is the right size for a small party that might want to take one or two passengers occasionally, and you're thumbing your nose at the empire just by owning one. Not currently part of an EotE group, but we started out with a Lancer Pursuit Craft, before realizing it didn't really do much well, and then switched over to a YT-2400 and modded it to the gills (well, not quite since we didn't have custom loadout, but close).
  3. The group I joined originally started off in a Lancer Pursuit Craft (ND pg 61). They really liked the speed, but we came to realize that other than that it didn't really have anything going for it. Too fragile to be a good fighting ship, no cargo space to speak of, and not even much in the way of crew/passenger capacity made for a problematic ship. Even the special rule Fire Control System didn't do much given that we had multiple decent gunners. I think the only attachment we got for that one was a Smuggling Compartment. After hitting it big we got rid of the Lancer and picked up a YT-2400, which is a good all-rounder even if it's not as fast as I'd like, and then modded the bejezus out of it. We crammed those 5 hard points full of Advanced Targeting Array, Cloaked Smuggling Bays, Encrypted Computers, Gunner Droid Brain, High Output Ion Turbines, Pressurized Universal Docking System, Security Measures, and a Slicing Computer. We also replaced the decent basic weaponry with a quad laser and a pair of heavy laser cannons, meaning we can punch at longer range (especially with the Advanced Targeting, sniper shot) and probably can make full use of all those linked qualities. I personally wanted a C-Roc, since it's an absurdly good ship for the price, but the group didn't want to go up to Sil 5 and have to hire a bunch of NPC crew.
  4. Page 267 under the Starfighter Defense heading. It doesn't negate the penalty, but it does reduce the effective sil by 1.
  5. Obviously we apply common sense where applicable. I'm not even sure why I need to say that, but an hour is just a rule of thumb.
  6. We play it as a an hour to attach or detach attachments for human scale stuff, as well as an additional hour per mod. For ship attachments, it's an 8 hour shift worth of work for each attachment/mod. This is of course assuming ideal conditions (all the right tools and facilities and non-stressful situation).
  7. Nope, not in the Jewel of Yavin. It's in Endless Vigil page 59, and is pretty specific on what it's for. Anyway, it's kind of off topic.
  8. As nice as it is, Oggdude's stuff does miss out some things. It's why one of these guys kept talking up a vehicle attachment for any vehicle that was actually only usable in pod racers.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about standard issue blasters, light or normal. As others have said starting funds are limited (unless you are willing to take the extra obligation). Get through one or two fights and you should probably be able to pick up a couple of standard blaster pistols. The catch vest from Suns of Fortune is actually a really good walking around like normal folk armour. You might very well use it for quite a while as your “I'm not wearing armour” armour, depending on your feeling on armoured clothes. Add to that the Fiver revolver from Dangerous Liasons. Why the fiver? Because the character is a disgraced ex-lawman. That just screams a PI style character, and despite having only 5 shots per fight, it's reasonable accuracy means it's at least useful until you get something better.
  10. Well... If we're getting pedantic about it, I could mention that car's don't run over things either. They roll.
  11. Sounds like just the type of encounter I like. Good job.
  12. Heck yea. They stock them and use them unless there's a real good reason not to.
  13. That's actually my favorite type of game. It's the type where the players are constantly saying, how are we going to get out of this mess/survive this situation etc. Now I don't mean the type of game where it isn't clear what needs to be done, or how it might be done. I mean the type of game where you're scrambling to cover multiple serious problems and everything seems to be going wrong. It's the most satisfying when you manage to get things settled up. It's a fun, crazy mess.
  14. I wouldn't call it unreasonable, but I also wouldn't always use the despair for that every time that situation occurs. Mix it up some times. EG: Have him accidentally shoot the weapon out of his ally's hand and damage it one level. Or the ally winds up stumbling and gives the enemy a free attack (maybe with a black due to the hasty nature of it), or if he's trying to get out of engagement, a free maneuver.
  15. At a quick eyeball I'd probably have gone with the following. Roll his Vigilance to see if he spots the oncoming speeder, success gives him a boost on his attempt to dodge as does two success or two advantage, while triumphs provide upgrades. Failures, threats, and despairs can do the opposite. Then you roll Pilot vs coordination as an attack roll representing your attempt to run him down and his attempts to dodge. Base damage of a successful hit is Sil x 10, and otherwise treat it as a normal attack. I guess the question is, just how deadly do you want running people down to be? Is it action movie style, where you roll off the hood, show some pain, and then move on? Make base damage Sil x 5. I'd be tempted to do this.
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