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  1. I wonder if the dials pack will be just dials with different art on them. Didn't X wing do something like this, with fancy tools for the different factions?
  2. Sure, I think I could do something next week. I'll touch base in a few days and send you a message.
  3. Nice, this sounds great and very doable. I'm on discord too, maybe it is possible to create a group chat there to coordinate games. I'm not sure if so, not that familiar with the functionality.
  4. I'm in as rebels! I heard there were a few corvettes lying in a junkyard we could use.
  5. This sounds like fun!
  6. I would definitely find points to put officers on both MC30s. Expert shield techs, Derlin, or Lando are good options. I might lean expert shield techs if you are going squadronless. I wouldn't mix H9s and XI7s, would go for either, or. I might lean towards H9s (or drop them if points are tight) as your CR90s can't take XI7s. I would put Mothma on an MC30, unless you want to be very conservative with the CR90 she is on - CR90s can go pop very easily against certain squadron combos. Maybe give a CR90 a title such as Tantive IV to give you some token passing options if the MC30s are hit early. I think this would be fun - lots of small ships have some tough matchups now, but I really enjoy lists like these.
  7. I could see an adjustment to Jerry and the SSD. Either upping the damage to huge ships, lowering the clicks given to huge ships, or not allowing him on huge. Allowing the SSD to have such crazy manueverability with him, when it comes with a horribly limiting nav chart to balance its other strengths, seems like it dramatically changes how it can operate. And the damage is such a minor annoyance given all the hull/shields, much less proportionally than on an ISD.
  8. I like the idea. I would be interested in exploring Salvo with 2 combat ships. The AF seems a good home for Salvo, especially if you upgrade its tankiness with Walex. Then either ship can salvo back effectively. I'd probably add a comms net flotilla in a Salvo build though though so it wouldn't be true 2 ship. I think you may want boosted comms over expanded hangers here, to give the AF more range and ability to escape, like the Quasar in the Imperial version. Interesting way to listbuild! Very excited for the Starhawk.
  9. I brought Rift Assault with my Sato list yesterday, and played it against an SSD. The SSD is so large it wasn't too difficult for it to stay at distance 1 of an obstacle. I could have played it a bit better for sure, but I think that matchup amps up the challenge to get it working in your favor as second player.
  10. One question you will want to answer is, why won't people just focus first on the far easier to kill Liberty? I would convert the squadron wing into Biggs/Jan/as many X wings as you can fit into. And drop bomber command center, for me, too expensive for the benefit with only 75 points of squadrons. Maybe include gold squadron if you can. I would move Toryn (or drop her) to the flotilla. With Garm, I would probably turn her into Ashoka, and then you can put strategic advisor or Bail on the pickle. I think the MC80 probably wants engine techs. Maybe drop it a command to save some points? If the concept is tanky rebel larges (which the Liberty is not really), you could consider doing a MC Exodus fleet. With Garm's tokens, you can get some serious repairing going. Or perhaps stripping some things off allows you to have a strong fighter wing (more than 75 points) that can also bomb, with 5 activations with the token at once. I would try to develop a theme perhaps a bit more about what the flight really wants to do. I would definitely switch out superior positions....not as familiar with the RitR blues, but something else, so someone with max squadrons can't flip it on you!
  11. One mildly fun combo I've used is to pair one with Dutch, when you don't have any escorts, in a medium sized squadron ball. Dutch is sort of a soft escort because he is normally the target due to his annoying ability, but can take some damage with 6 hull and double braces on the way out. The Z95 then gets to trigger swarm off him while he's alive. If they instead attack the Z95, you are keeping Dutch alive longer so that's not bad either! As said above, one is also good with Sato, you can just have it cheaply spot things and maybe stay on an obstacle to make it harder to one shot. This would be even better with reserve hanger bay, if its destroyed, you can place it again, and still possibly get more value that turn from its spotting. I've played someone who brought 3-4 with flight controllers, which actually worked pretty well, with a decent number of squadrons. This gives them a blue die and lets them interact with Toryn Farr, which gets around the drawback that she doesn't buff them at all if you are including her. It makes them much more reliable too. How to set this up ideally myself I have not yet really thought about.
  12. He is definitely fantastic with Yavaris. It really depends whether you want the CR90B to be more of a lifeboat, or a supporting skirmisher (which is not without risk). My personal take is more towards the latter camp but both approaches can work.
  13. Nice! I love the double Neb and Liberator idea. I like the second one more. I would tweak the squadron complement a bit - try to fit in gold squadron (double blue with Yavaris is awesome), and maybe another double die bomber, possibly by dropping Luke to a regular Xwing and upgrading the other Ywing to a scurrg bomber. That doesn't leave a generic Y wing as ruthless fodder I suppose, but ruthless would still help by killing stuff engaged with your generic X wings faster. I would try and upgrade the CR90 to a CR90A, as I think you run the risk of losing all your combat ships - the Nebs want to be sort of close, so having a CR90A that can plink at long range is good. Maybe drop Adar to fit that in. I like the concept!
  14. To add, I think with Pryce, you can have 2 ships and full squadrons, so the last-first can involve those powerful squadrons having free reign. Let's say the extra price of a bid for first is 20 points. With Bail, you are buying first, but you've got to have enough activations to go last. Maybe you are adding a few flotillas to a 2 ship core, but those two flotillas cost 36 points. If the goal is to retain a powerful max squadron ball, it's still cheaper to pay for first with a huge bid, then to pay for the activations to go last. If you want to increase activation count with non flotilla ships that can fight more, it becomes challenging to keep max squadrons. I think he is useful (especially in my experience with strong objectives) but I don't think in the same "all in on squadron" way that Pryce has been so successfully used.
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