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  1. If you're really going for the shiny gold metallic look you could try Vallejo's Liquid Gold line of paints; the two colours on the right look like a good match:
  2. I just bought one from my not so local game shop (401Games) on the weekend for $40. They had a Black Friday sale with 35% off 1st edition X-Wing products and had 5 on the shelf when I picked mine up. I posted about it earlier in this thread. I believe they are out of stock now.
  3. This would actually make a lot of sense for them. The current stock of 1st ed Raiders would be for GE and when they run out they can issue a 2nd ed FO release, with a different paint job or cards. Same with the GR75. I also don’t think they mean the Raider is permanently cancelled as they have the molds and cards already done so it would be silly not to re-release the Raider at some point. I wonder if they’ll release the Gozanti again as 1st ed stock is really hard to find.
  4. First off, I'm not sure why you are getting defensive - the Raider was there on that page; I know because I was looking at it a couple of weeks ago. Normally, I'd agree that a post on Discord shouldn't immediately be taken at face value but that's why, Crabbok, being the good vlogger that he is, contacted FFG directly and the person he spoke with confirmed that the Raider has indeed been cancelled. It's all in his video. Edit: If FFG has an abundance of overstock for the Raider, then it's possible they won't issue a 2.0 product until they are almost sold out of 1st ed product. If that's the route they want to take so be it, but an announcement would be appreciated. Heck, they could even just write a post on the forum and say "the rumour that we aren't releasing the Raider 2.0 is untrue".
  5. If you look at the product page for X-Wing, under Galactic Empire Expansions, the Raider is no longer listed. FFG has said multiple times, in live streams and news posts, that the Raider was coming after the CR90. I don't think this is a hoax.
  6. Booo...just pulled my Raider out of the package and noticed I'm down a missile launcher. Looked all through the box and nothing. I can't believe I didn't notice this when I picked it up: I contacted Asmodee parts and hopefully they can send me out the missing part (maybe pull it off of one of their Raiders :)) Worst case, if they refuse to fix it, I guess I can try and pry off another launcher and make a resin cast. Unfortunately, that was the last Raider (and maybe now I know why it was still on the shelf haha).
  7. Yeah, especially now since you can only get the Raider via 1st ed product + Huge Ship Conversion kit. So now the product is in even more demand. When I'm at BoardGameBliss tomorrow I'll ask them if they know when they'll be getting more or if they have any left at the distributor's warehouse.
  8. 401 Games and BoardGameBliss had a few of these about two weeks ago. I snagged the last one from BoardGameBliss a couple of days ago. You're right though, no one seems to have any. Meeplemart is sold out too. It looks like your best bet, if you need it right now, would be to get it from FFG directly. You'll get dinged the conversion, but most of my orders direct from FFG have shipped quickly and didn't get hit with duty.
  9. For you Canadians, 401 Games' Black Friday sale is up. 35% off all 1st edition X-Wing products. There is 1 GR75 left and quite a few CROCs: https://store.401games.ca/collections/black-friday-2019-x-wing
  10. Wow, I just lucked out big time. I was at my not so local shop picking up my Raider order and decided to grab a Rebel transport as well. I knew that they were having a one day Black Friday sale so asked if I could get the discount today since I was there. Turned out to be 35% off 1st ed X-wing products! Ended up getting the GR75 for $41CAD and the Raider for $60! (refunded from yesterday's order). So I guess everything worked out. The official Black Friday sale starts at midnight...I might have to pick up some more stuff.
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