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  1. Digitalfiends

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    Worked for me...
  2. Digitalfiends

    MOTF 2 Year Anniversary

    Happy anniversary. You were the first Armada channel I subscribed to on YT! I’ve really enjoyed your “how to fly xxx” series of videos. The Legion stuff is pretty cool as well.
  3. Yep. I was really hoping that we'd at least see the original campaigns released for RtL. As I said, I'd have gladly paid for them and it'd be relatively easy for FFG to convert the existing the scenarios/campaigns to co-op, so I don't really get their lack of commitment to D2e via RtL. The app seems like it would have been a great way for FFG to extract more money out of an aging product and make the fans happy; it would even potentially bring in additional sales of physical product, like it did with me as I'd rather play co-op than 1 vs many.
  4. I was on the fence with D2e for a couple of years as I had committed to Armada and dabbled a bit with X-wing. But every time I’d go into my FLGS, I’d keep getting drawn to D2e and, eventually, I took the plunge. Knowing the product was getting a bit stale and possible nearing end of life, I snagged all the expansions, lieutenants, and m&h packs and was banking on scenarios being released for RtL. I must admit that I’m a bit shocked FFG hasn’t capitalized on using RtL to sell more scenarios/campaigns. I suspect they don’t have the resources dedicated to writing worthwhile content for the app, but still, it seems like a bit of a let down and a missed opportunity. They could have easily converted all the boxed set scenarios/campaigns into a digital co-op format for RtL, charged a bit of money, and made a decent profit. I’d have a hard time committing to a 3rd edition to be honest and they charge a bit much for upgrade packs.
  5. Digitalfiends

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    I’m super happy about this. I don’t play competitively, more just with family and what not, but I’ve got almost all the Armada products because I enjoy the models within the context of the game. Having a SSD (and cards like Emperor Palpatine) is going to be awesome. Yes, $200 seems a bit steep but I’ll definitely be buying it.
  6. Nice work on the spiders...I totally want to squish the crap out of them. Good job.
  7. Digitalfiends

    That Han Solo Sculpt Looks Like...

    ...looks like Greedo actually did shoot first and didn't miss.
  8. Digitalfiends

    Core Set Issues

    So far I've lucked out and my core box + the expansions I've checked so far seem to be OK. It sounds like this is a more common occurrence than it should be though - one of the gameshops around me opened a core set and found that it was missing the speeder bike bodies. There are a lot of posts on here about people having two left arms or missing small components. This is the first I've heard about the range rulers being mismatched. I'm going to have to check mine as I didn't think to look at that. Still, FFG has been stellar with issues I've had in the past. No fussing or drawn out emails back and forth, so if I find a problem, I'm confident it will be resolved quickly. As someone else said, because of all the small parts there are bound to be more packing issues, though the company that packed the parts should probably get a little talking to.
  9. I don't know where you are located but I had to order these from the US (I'm in Canada) as my FLGS couldn't tell me when they'd get them or if they were even on order!
  10. Wow, those look awesome!
  11. Yep, I just ordered pretty much all the lieutenants (no real interest in the ones from Manor of Ravens). Being in Canada though can suck when trying to get these sorts of things in a reasonable amount of time. None of our game shops have even received their restock orders of the boxed sets that arrived in December (LoR, LotW, etc) and they couldn't even tell me when or even if they were getting any more in. I was watching the stock go down on some of the US sites and decided to bite the bullet and order what I was missing - then I got a restock notification about the lieutenants, which are also not in Canadian stores yet. So I got dinged on shipping/exchange rate but my OCD for completeness is now satisfied and since I don't own MoR, I'm OK with not getting those lieutenants hehe.
  12. That is some excellent painting as I wouldn't consider the Descent miniatures to be amazingly detailed; you've managed to capture and create detail where there really isn't any and it makes those models pop. I just recently got into Descent and have rediscovered painting miniatures in general and your photos just make me want to cry - it looks like a daunting amount of work! I've also got some Bolt Action miniatures (never mind all the terrain ... yikes) and will likely be adding Legion soon as well. What have I done... I didn't read through this entire thread so you may have already answered this question but how long does it take you to do a typical group of 3-4 monsters?
  13. Digitalfiends

    Storage help!

    I saw a neat video on YouTube where someone used ziplock freezer bags, hole punched them, and stuck them in a binder (though this was for Descent). Then you just organize the tiles however you want (usually by expansion I'd assume). Seemed to work well. Found it: https://youtu.be/_ob8U9jbI00?t=233
  14. Digitalfiends

    Multiple miniature hobbies

    I feel your pain! I used to be into miniature games back in the late 80s with WH40k/Epic. I only recently got back into the scene over the past two years with X-Wing and Armada (no tournament play though - just with friends/family so far). Legion is the first squad-level miniatures game that has caught my attention in a long time - but after watching YouTube videos, I've also now discovered Bolt Action 2nd edition/Konflikt 47...aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I just bought a whole bunch of Citadel/Vallejo paints, terrain/basing materials, in prep for Legion and maybe BA/Konflikt '47. Konflikt '47 really appeals to me as a better alternative to Dust, which I always wanted to try but couldn't get over the mismanagement of that IP so never bothered; BA/Konflikt seems well liked and supported. I've pretty much committed to: Legion Bolt Action 2nd/Konflikt 47 Armada (already have almost everything...looking forward to Profundity!) X-Wing (only have a few ships though as it didn't appeal to me as much as Armada) Out of all of these, Legion and Bolt Action are looking to be the most expensive as you also have to factor in the initial cash outlay for paints, materials and time for model assembly & painting, and making terrain/buildings, etc...which quickly adds up! With that said, the wargaming scene has changed SO much since I was a kid, mostly for the better. The amount of terrain and building options available is staggering (e.g. all those 4Ground MDF building kits, 3D printed terrain, great quality plastic models, etc). Now if only I was rich and didn't have to work!