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  1. I've always felt the Eclipse seemed more like a ship from Warhammer Gothic than Star Wars.
  2. Yeah, I thought these seemed a little big even though they say they are for 103x128 cards.
  3. Here is the actual model used in TESB (I think): http://www.modelermagic.com/?p=1781
  4. So just to confirm, the Paladin sleeves I mentioned above work great, though very slightly oversized. They are nice and thick like FFG's standard sleeves.
  5. Just wanted to add another option: https://paladinsleeves.com/product/ragnelle/ 103x128 I stumbled upon these at my FLGS’s site while seeing if they carried those Swan sleeves (they carry Swan but not that size); they are $4.95 CAD for 55 sleeves. I just ordered some and will see how they work out. Edit: link It looks like Swan also makes a “thick” sleeve in 103x128 vs the “thin” ones linked to earlier on in the thread. The thick sleeves come in packs of 50 sleeves: https://www.swanpanasiasleeves.com/products/swan-card-sleeves103x128mm-50-pack-thick
  6. The pricing doesn't really bother me too much but this is how I feel about these two new ships. The SSD was something many Armada players always wanted to see but never thought would happen - so when it was announced, it was probably an immediate pre-order for a lot of us. Come on, everyone knows the Executor from Empire Strikes Back! But these two ships? Yeah, they look cool but they aren't immediate buys for me at those prices. Again, I don't mind paying more for something exciting (e.g. SSD). With that said, costs are going to go up. I recently got back into 40K - mainly collecting cool models for painting at the moment - and let me tell ya...Armada still seems WAY cheaper, especially if you're into multiple factions like I am.
  7. That looks awesome and much more imposing. One small suggestion: I think the engine glow might look even better with a bit of Troll Slayer Orange added to the mix: Oh and can we get a bigger pic?
  8. So potentially a silly question and possibly covered in another thread, but was it difficult to disassemble the top and bottom shell? Is there any glue or just clips? How do you disengage the clips...just pry and push/lever them with a small flat-head?
  9. So I went to my FLGS and checked out a few other SSDs. All the ones I looked at had the same slightly asymmetrical spacing where the inner structure meets the outer shell at the rear. So I think mine is as it should be. I obviously couldn't check for any bowing but I'm starting to get used to mine. I'll just pretend Ozzel screwed up his hyperspace jumps one too many times and bent the space frame; someone should really do something about that guy... Thanks for that suggestion. It looks like a few people have already disassembled their SSDs. I really like how it looks re-painted a darker grey and might just do that myself. 👍
  10. Yeah, I can see what you're saying when looking at that. Cool, my OCD thanks you haha. I just wish the sagging wasn't so noticeable.
  11. I'm in Canada and it's around 28-30c before humidity, but I'd be surprised if that was the problem. Maybe it happened in transit to my FLGS or just a bad assembly job. Who knows...going to hit up my FLGS tomorrow and see what they say. I could likely get used to the misaligned inner structure as it's admittedly pretty minor and just the perfectionist in me but the sagging is more serious and not what I'd expect from such an expensive product. Thanks again. Going to talk to my FLGS...I've done a lot of business with them over the past year, so we'll see what they say. Might just have to suck it up. Still a great looking ship though...
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