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  1. If they do a RV2 my bet is it ties into the Han Solo movie. I'm hoping it will be based from Han Solo at Stars End novel series complete with the Corporate Sector Authority and IRDs.
  2. Communication has to be fixed above all else. I don't know about the rest of you but I've supported more than a few games that have gone under and one of the first things that stops is that article/slash forum interaction with the customer base. Without it you run into exactly what happening in these forums. Negative speculation. Now pretend you are a new player coming to the forums to learn about the game your interested in. You read about no communication companywise and even long time players lamenting the lack of product and articles. This might give you serious 2nd thoughts into plunking down the 100 for the base set. Never mind the expansions. Now while I don't believe that armada is in trouble yet based on the strength of these forums I do believe that if this trend continues getting new serious players will be an increasing issue that only more communication can solve. Sorry for the rant folks but at this point any communication would be good.
  3. Firestorm and spartan games as a whole died at the beginning of this month. While the rights have been bought by another company now would be a great time to tempt those players over to the dark side.
  4. No Golden age can exist until team Venator is satisfied! Seriously I think we are really close if not there. IMHO.
  5. As a backup to the civilised forums comments. Go look at the IA forums people are really annoyed with FFG for Legion being 32mm vs 28mm in IA.
  6. It would be easy enough for die-hard separatists to reprogram existing droids after the shutdown or even start from scratch. One of the great loop holes in order 66 is that the CIS army and navy was still manned to a certain extent. Reprogramming secret factories salvaging ships etc would be possible and always what I envisioned the empire being busy few in the first few years post purge and beyond.
  7. The only problem with the wishlist if they did put these out then we'd have to have another 2 fighter waves to go with them. Vulture droids anyone?
  8. Really if the scale difference bothers anyone get some bases or laser cut wooden disks and raise the IA mini up a few mm.
  9. Yes those, i think we will see those either in this wave or the next.
  10. For rebels Flotilla (No idea on name sorry) from the movie trailers Mc75 medium based Imps IGV-55 surveillance flotilla Lancer frigate This way rebels maintain a one ship numbers up from the Imperials and FFG fills in some role gaps.
  11. While slightly off the movies i view the release of the anniversary WEG rpg as a strong sign that they are more willing to expand beyond rebels and the current disney movies. Personally I would love to see IRDs! although I think the han solo movie is going to be based around the corporate sector and the hutts making that wave( 9? 10? )worthy in the future.
  12. July 6th sorry mostly I think itll get pushed until after the 4th.
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