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  1. @Aresius vs myself ends in a 314-284 victory for Aresius. I went first and chose AG. Raddus dropped Profundity at the top of round 2 and my HIE cr90 proceeded to whiff on 6 blue and no crit. His Liberty AG my MC75 and pulled Coolant Discharge and the one that drops your engineering which did not allow my MC75 to double arc. That crit won him the game I think as it took 3 rounds of fire to bring down the Liberty. Very well played game and good luck next round!
  2. Can't play until we get our preview..... (Scheduled for ~22 hours from now)
  3. @Aresius and I are scheduled for 3pm CEST (2pm UTC, 9am EST) this Saturday, 2/2/19.
  4. @CommanderDave vs @Viktor Tanek I had initiative and chose 1st. Objective: Fighter Ambush. Final Score: 475-0 for CommanderDave. That one hurt. I chose FA and kept my HIE deployed in order to get deployment and activation advantage against Dave and his squads tore me up.Turn 3 I dropped the MC-75 in a nice double arc of his Interdictor and also had demo double arc'd with Admo. Both my ships proceeded to whiff and the game quickly (it was going fast at this point) spiraled out of control. Very well played by CommanderDave, he earned every point of this one. The Interdictor escaped on 1 hull and Demo survived on 2 or 3. Good luck next round, win one for Pod 5!
  5. @The_tony_davis (1st Player) vs myself Objective: Capture the VIP Score: 230-0 (MoV 230) 9-2 win to myself In the battle of the Raddii, Tony had the bid and chose to go first and picked my Capture the VIP. I was able to use Quantum Storm to secure the objective on turn 2 and then ran for the hills. Round 3 saw the much-anticipated Raddii drop with Tony landing behind his Admo and in range of my Admo flagship. I was able to counter drop to the side of his Liberty, out of black range of his Admo. Between my HIE CR90, the side of Profundity, Admo's front and Tycho learning to bomb, I was able to drop his Liberty at the bottom of Turn 3. Admo then finished off a TRC HH and we called it. Good, tense game.
  6. @jp82729 vs myself. I was 1st and chose his Solar Corona. Final score 185-167 for an 18 MOV to myself. We traded his Screed ISD and Ciena for my MC75 and Bright Hope.
  7. Why not both? I expect you'd see a lot of overlap between those who play Vassal and those who are at World's.
  8. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here.
  9. From the post for the tournament: Then the winner from each section and one Wildcard (Highest points and MOV overall that isn't the section winner, normal tiebreakers) will round robin (The top 4 players will play each other, top score and MOV wins) until we have a champion. 3 section winners + 1 wild card = 4 (also, Pi)
  10. Bounty is on the loose, catch him before it's too late.
  11. There are rumors a pillow fight bounty will be available later tonight, after 7:30PM EST (~12 hours from now)
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