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  1. flooze

    BroBots v.1

    Be aware that the escape craft can't match speed and maneuverability. You can keep it on the far side of the battle. I have tried Lando in the escape craft. Same ini as the IGs, so many options for coordination. Tactical officer and maybe composure and Lando is fine. And his ability is quite nice. Leet could also be an option, since it's a valid target for posting calculate tokens of you every decide to run ig-88a
  2. flooze

    Obi Wan's pilot ability

    That one made my day! I can actually hear it in his voice right now, including the obligatory cough at the end
  3. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Well i hope that it won't be gone. The dozen was more of a provocation and I was afraid to get the first answer to that number I get that this is npe for some, and therefore increasing the cost will only change so much. So I wondered if it's more "fair play" if the effect only happens every other round.
  4. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Would it help if the tractor action had recharge and you needed two/three/dozen charges to activate?
  5. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Just to put it on context @SOTL: in another thread you stated that you can see a decrease of about 10% on large based turret ships. I don't want an Oxford style argumentation or for you to justify, just insight on your opinion/feeling about how this point change mixes with the ~70% pilots cost increase. Do these stack? So decrease cost of e.g. Lancer by 10%, then smooth out the curve on high init pilots of that chassis?
  6. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Can someone plz explain second table "most common pilots" plz? Palob is number 1 in "most successful" and "least successful" - what does this tell me?
  7. flooze

    Starter Set 2.0: Did we really need a new set of templates?

    I like the markings on the base and the rules for barrel/talon roll. You can modify your 1st edition ones. I did, since I like the style more - the new ones are too clean. Took me 15 minutes to add small triangles indicating where the middle is. Noone I played against has complained, neither causal nor tourney. If you have some favorite acrylics, bunch my locals had theirs reworked to include the lines. I'd be down for that, the large deck with fang fighter schematics instead of the X-Wing... Think I'd bought that
  8. At our "club", we were quite skeptical at first. But we made the step to 2.0 with the prerelease and even had our first tourney on release day. Not all of us have converted each faction (I have only converted scum). But we are in agreement that this edition is absolutely fun and feels very good. I don't even bother that there are not many new ships to be expected for scum, because the possibilities are plenty, combinations for years. My advice would be to take it slow, get a (promo) damage deck, eyeball those new lines on the templates and skip the starter first. Skip the falcon, han can be proxied (the escape craft is the gem.... later) as well as moldy crow. Get in some games and see how it goes
  9. Are you willing to share your list?
  10. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Bad wording on my side, sry With the theory crafting "what if Palobs ability was mobile arc only", I think Torkil becomes more attractive, since it works from the moldy crow arc and the mobile arc
  11. Maybe add a quad to spice it up a little bit?
  12. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    This would at least be an incentive to use Torkil more, since he does not have an arc restriction (and also not the range 2 restriction). It would for sure make his ability weaker because harder to dodge
  13. flooze

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    I agree that the moldy crow hwk is a steal right now. But I hope they will not touch the chassis much, since without the title is quite toothless
  14. Obviously a misclick, let's go for trickshot