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  1. Latts, unklar, 0-0-0, bt-1, cybernetics. maybe add intimidation if you have the points. Liked that pre points update and it still works. Tractor nerf is real, sadly, so if you don't want that and are low on points, go for the generic
  2. I've been trying to use a quad jumper along with some star vipers. While I like constable zuvios ability, he ends up pretty expensive with pattern analyzer and proximity mines. So I also tried unkar plutt, which is cheaper and I wouldn't use mines on him because of that. So at the moment there are two ideas spinning around Guri (64) Elusive (3) Unkar Plutt (33) Pattern Analyzer (5) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Dalan Oberos (54) Predator (2) Collision Detector (6) Constable Zuvio (35) Pattern Analyzer (5) Proximity Mines (6) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Black Sun Enforcer (46) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  3. I use a small box with compartments for all the dice and tokens. Usually enough for the typical squad or two. So that is always there when I play. Since I have a lot of MtG stuff and don't play that often any more, I put my ships, dials and bases in one of the fat pack boxes. No padding, yet to face any problem over the last years. Typically I bring one list, but sometimes more ships if I am not sure what to play exactly. (Today it's Lancer, HWK, 2 Khiraxz, mining tie, Scyk and a Quadjumper. Let's see who gets table time...). Since I only have scum ships, I bring all my cards with me. That is another fat pack box, the cards are sorted in deck boxes. Base inlays come in a smaller box. Also a leather dice cup and my templates. My ship storage at home is not very well suited for transport, so if i had to bring them all, I'd have to think about changing something.
  4. Good stuff, like the story (missed that one up to now)
  5. Well is that not how scum works? Anyhow, I don't care how we get this honorable fellow, just tell me where to sign
  6. Seevor snap shot - did you try it or is this theory crafting? I am not sure about the pricing. He can jam out of this, so it has some value tough. I like the pioneer pilot choice in this list, making it all initiative three. Plus I like his ability. I am not sure about trick shot. I would keep it stress free with tactical officer for the coordinate, free up three points which I'd put into predator for the viper. But that's just what I'm used to do, haven't tried informant yet so I can't comment on its worth.
  7. I prefer a dice cup. Doesn't throw dice all over the place and reasonably small for transportation
  8. My suggestion: Never try white lining. Thought it was a good idea. Oh the horror.... On this picture, the silver looks like the ship had been used for a while. Maybe do some really light drybrush with silver in flight direction?
  9. I love my wet pallet 🙂 I tend to handle the models with a base or stick, and for the finishing layers I always manage to leave some finger marks in fresh paint
  10. Take these Latts Razzi (59) 0-0-0 (5) Unkar Plutt (2) BT-1 (2)
  11. The more I think about that build, the more I like it. Lean, simple, cheap, effective. Thx for sharing!
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