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  1. If you want to take a break from GMing, and instead want to get a chance to play, I run a weekend game. Its supposed to be Edge of the Empire but it keeps on ending up Force and Destiny-like. We have a pilot, a prospect that wants to be a face, a mechanic, and a Medic. We're all pretty fresh faced and new, so you can expect a higher level of engagement than usual, and everyone is very friendly.
  2. If they know both Move and Bind, let them attempt it as a bind check and handwave it for the narrative that they do it, as they know both powers. Have it be limited to the range of the weakest power though
  3. The UEG Ishimura from Dead Space 1. I plan on putting my party through it, and see how they handle the necromorphs (I've written my own rules for these guys, very hard to kill through damage alone), and the ship itself would be a good reward, so it'd be nice to have stats for it.
  4. So, if you take this approach, make sure to have them do a check for their meditation, to represent them attempting to center themselves in the force. Then, give them a blue die for any force power use attempts (that match their current alignment) and whenever they make a lightsaber check. It gives them the feeling of improvement, and everyone likes rolling more dice. I have a houserule that swearing in star wars swears only the entire session earns everyone a 5xp bonus, so I agree with giving them a small bonus in place of my idea, it borders on too much to be added with the blue dice perhaps.
  5. We did, it was classic stormtrooper armor. but my bulky prosthetic had torn the bodyglove on the shoulder part of the suit, and as such it was pretty hard to miss, so I tried to feed the patrol squad bull about getting a refit from the armory, and they tried to radio us in to ask if we had the clearance. And then the break-in team released a biological weapon that began mutating all the prisoners into mindless nexu-like beasts (We sometimes do work for our universe's space hitler). So we managed to fight the stormtroopers as they were significantly distracted, and then we snuck by the hybrids.
  6. I love star wars tropes, you've been warned Oh we did something like this once, our GM modeled some of it off escape from butcher bay, so there were times where we were given weapons to fight for the guards amusement. I had my fighting partner all but kill me, and the guards sent me to the infirmary where we managed to take uniforms and we could've just bluffed our way out, except we suck at bluffing.
  7. I run a roll20 game every saturday at 8pm EST and I have seats open at my table. It is an Imperial campaign at the moment, set during the creation of the ISB and death star, the PC's have been given reason to doubt the Empire, so it's set to go full edge of the empire soon. I can work in any character and race archetype, as the "Leader" of the group is a clone veteran who mostly missed order 66 and has always enjoyed the company of aliens. I have also just started using voice modulation and soundboards which my players love, (I use them rather sparsely and only after spending about an hour working on the voice mods, and 20 minutes or so tweaking the SFX) That said, you should know, the main reason I have open seats in this party is the other players are super flaky and cancel often. Aaaand one of them is my younger brother (he is 12, this is his first TTRPG, but he's used to things such as swearing and he tries very hard to make sure he doesn't annoy people. He's also getting pretty good at RPing.)
  8. This is my spirit animal. I actually go thrifting for the most obnoxious tropical shirts in existence. I love them and I don't know why.
  9. Hmm, I may try to strike a deal with this spirit then. I don't like the idea of freeing it.
  10. Fair warning, I love tropes in star wars, so Imma be suggesting a trope If you still have any desire to pursue the original idea of a tame rancor, you could have a child unwittingly protecting the town by calming it with the force and even talking with it. Walking it through town in a way that nothing is crushed underfoot. I'd recommend making it not immediately clear that this child is doing these things, and maybe could even be as confused about the situation as the players would be. I'd also recommend having the child name the Rancor. As soon as the Rancor leaves town, the party could see it regress back into the killing machine we know them as.
  11. Rumors of a vast trove of (VERY VALUABLE) ancient artifacts laying untouched in a secret temple deep within another temple?. More than they could carry. Those spreading the rumors are able to produce some of the described artifacts. They warn of unseen dangers. (Do indiana jones star wars. do it.)
  12. I have a cursed ancient sith Kyber crystal, and the only canon disposal of one of those created a supernova the crew had to outrun (Rebels) any ideas?
  13. So one thing I'd always recommend is the idea that on the outer rim, the house always wins in some way. You've all gained a lot of money in very public events, were I your GM there'd've been a perception check to see if you catch the announcer winking at the holorecorder as he says the name of your ship/ the name of the last winner, and you'd be dogged by urchins on the ground and broke pirates in the skies. It'd take a small investment with a local information broker to make that calm down in the area around where you made that money, or hunting down the announcer (and or the hutt he serves) and convincing him to call off his goons. I'd also take a look at real jackpot winners and see how the mix of money and public announcement ruins their lives. But hey, I'm not your GM so watch your back, no idea what yours will do.
  14. Let them crash, let them burn, let their builds shine, let their builds fall apart. I think one of the best aspects of this system is that it is fairly difficult to end up with a totally "unfun" character.
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