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  1. Open Group Advice

    Get a creature to block up the doorways maybe?
  2. Yet another first campaign thread...

    If you want to know more about the differences between descent and IA Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) There are others but I couldn't find them. the CRRG is best read only if you have descent.
  3. Yet another first campaign thread...

    keep in mind that core was made before JR Hoth, HotE or any other expansion was released, I brought in a tinkerer on a story mission and pretty handily won, I had Kayn rgc and blasie on the board all at once with a good shot at winning, I recommend limiting yourself to go no farther than hoth to start ( they have verena) unless you really need a win. I would do some research on class decks, there are plenty of good threads on the topic. for agendas don't bring in to many side missions and forced missions, something I am learning now.
  4. The Anti-Hero Guide

    I didn't bother reading all of the posts but the jyn counter Is arc blasters in technical superiority. my first campaign attests to that. Diala counter, attack her as much as possible and have trandos around.
  5. Starting 1st Campaign as Imperial- Need Tips

    Know their cards don't misuse threat, get high value target(and use it) don't get to many villians and If your the next imp player, look at the cards closely before playing the next ones. Don't dicount class cards that use threat, but don't get too many. The imperial industry card is important no matter what if you can get it. read the internet not just on the forums. focus fire heroes, don't stagger damage. That is the imp player in a wrap. look for weaknesses and if possible stun and bleed. I love bleed, as my rebels won't usually clear it right away.
  6. Addressing Game-Changing Mistakes

    resolve the problem peacefully, meet up again, forget move on. the campaign is supposed to be fun for all.
  7. Homebrew Characters Thread

    there isn't a thing like: When you die, perform a move and attack, you may not use rampage during the attack. I think that would be a fitting add-on.
  8. I came up with a use for the colored side. The R5 astromech (bespin) has forage: Search a crate limit once per crate. If the crate has been searched by the mech, then we flip it over, and the mech player knows not to forage that crate.
  9. 3rd Party Sci-Fi Maps

    Does this thing come with figures? or is it just here is a map, do what you want with it? Would I need to buy the first few packs for it to work?
  10. Home-made expansion: Rogue One

    That ATST looks to be equal with Weiss, was that your goal? This thing has almost as good defense as weiss who averages 2 + serge block or 4 blocks with the occasional 5 or 6. This one can get 4 block for 4 points less. He also gets to do that free movement which has ups and downs compared to field general. Thes one gets all the accuracy that weiss needs two blue dice for as a passive ability. In short, if this became an official card; the poor general would be obsolete. Suggested: (I don't have anything beyond Bespin) Lower the accuracy bonus? maybe to two or three, I would probably increase the cost by one but I don't have much so if that is too much for people who have it all, I'll just increase the cost by one as a house rule. Other than that all of it looks reasonable. On the Bothan spy, It says that you may reclaim a card that costs one, I would maybe add "Or less" to the card unless there is a specific reason why you didn't. This Is just as I see it, but over all Good Job.
  11. FFG poll

    unofficial vote for IA.
  12. Hidden Information

    The games are designed differently.Revealing the information in IA has a different affect in Descent. IE There are very few trigers in Descent and very many in IA.(D2e) This site will be helpful in your quest to kill Eliza, or other Lutenits. on the descent side of ffg, you will find many obscure rules and community Rules and reference guide CRRG. I recomend following Zytel.
  13. [RtH Spoilers] Home Front advice?

    having faced a similar group, ..... GL. I tried running away with people that had tokens. Maybe put them in a hard to reach place? Try and minimize the Recon token people deaths? Rebels don't Read without imp consent: Don't charge in, stack units untill they come to you and it is to late for them to kill your units. Balance your hand of open groups, trooper probe droid nexu and trando did nicely for me on almost all occasions.
  14. Loku

    Just finished up one of those, lets just say(as imp) it wasn't pretty, Verena +1 on every attack with point blank + T-21 + Diala reroll + close quarters + focus + SC-2 repulser tank + free movement = annoying. Then she has 6 endurance. Then, Loku gets to recover 2 strain or get focus (T-21) and deal more damage, then Diala reroll. Garkaan proceeds to charge in and take tons of damage, gets focus (becomes a red die) on stun baton. Then Diala....&*)..........@#$........?....... @....!... sums it up pretty well. Until trandos killed enduance some what. By the way shes got 6 endurance with biatic arm. This was on Hoth so they won. Highlights of other campaigns are on threads.
  15. Orkell the Swift 's heroic feat says "Use during your turn, while you are knocked out, to preform a stand up action. Then you may either recover all (heart symbol) or meve each monster adjacent to your figure 1 space. You may still perform 2 actions this turn." does orkell get to use the squishy affect that the overlord gets while moving? I.e, expand as if Orkell was the ol? The rules of core were ment not to have such abilties. please present a good argument because my ol is convinced orkell can't.