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  1. Orkell the Swift 's heroic feat says "Use during your turn, while you are knocked out, to preform a stand up action. Then you may either recover all (heart symbol) or meve each monster adjacent to your figure 1 space. You may still perform 2 actions this turn." does orkell get to use the squishy affect that the overlord gets while moving? I.e, expand as if Orkell was the ol? The rules of core were ment not to have such abilties. please present a good argument because my ol is convinced orkell can't.
  2. 1. In rise of shadow fall mountain, if i stand up on a new tile, does that count as entering the space of a new tile? 2. Can I move through doors when it says move three spaces? we say no because doors separate adjacency, and usually spaces are adjacent.
  3. Thanks man
  4. as the imperial player in hoth with precision training, facing varena, loku, garrkan and diala, It isn't just you right now, what i did was play imp side missions such as industry and retaliation, I have lost more than not but just won the one for old wounds. do you have banes left? if so try to keep them by playing side missions, and if they pick your side mission, you keep the bane, and if they choose bane, you get a card to replace it. do they have boons? if so try and get them to use them on every opportunity. bring your a game to all bane missions, and you should win it. I try to have enough stuff to slow them down, and not let verena get free actions or loku spread tokens. This works well when you spawn a heavy hitter. trando to keep dialas strain high, don't let them get dialas re-roll, make sure mak cant disengage if he has it and no E-webs at all. I like wing guard because if they don't take the guard seriously, he can recover, but use the elite ones for that. don't bother with royal guards, as they focus fire them down whenever they can. plan what you want attacking who especially if they split up. Hired guns on mak, split troopers when fenn is within 10 spaces. last thing, forums are good, but you can learn a lot from a guide or two.
  5. mak is hawk-eye. lots of damage safe distance, fragile.
  6. It will probably come back one day, amazon sells him for $60 right now. If you have a local game store cheek it out, There might be one there. He will be reprinted at some point because people will buy the core and want the figure and cards, not many will pay 60$ for it i think.
  7. means of production was close at three threat and came down to the last turn with the last activation. it was during hoth so i really won that one(Threat in RtEB[Return to Echo Base]). our next mission is RtEB, one bane no boon. Diala, Loku(no comment from union please), Talos, and Gaarkan. on means of production I didn't do a good job on doors and i didn't use an agenda card. depending on group status, three threat was good for that mission.
  8. whatever every post has relevance. except for maybe these two
  9. I was thinking one or both trandoshens(diala/biotic arm counter), Ewing guard(recover option and reroll), snow trooper(heal), and a possible royal guard for stun. I am aware that those are all expensive but I thought that with a starting threat of 4 i could make it work. I am running with presion training and have versetle attack and 3 xp going into return to echo base. they could bring echo troopers. thoughts, sugestions and or otherwise? speak now or forever hold your peas.
  10. I am about to play this mission and saw that thanks for the input. I was rebels once on this mission and we won barley because mak got like 8 successes in two rolls with only tech.
  11. jyn = superior agmentation arc blasters I agree that jyn is ANNOYING. you can't forget covert, you can forget ambush but never, ever, ever forget covert, all else is secondary. everything else looked good. we are at a similar stage to you it looks like but we have the exact opposite stuff, we have hoth and bespin gambit.
  12. I think a lot of us don't have rune wars, but if you do, by all means, go ahead well figure out something if we wanted to play your mission.
  13. I agree that there isn't a number of units per group there as there should, It would be interesting if you could make a hose rule to have two or three palps out on the map.
  14. nice. My tile solution was organize the core tiles numerically then put LoW and LoR on top at an angle in the core box. how much did the above box/bag cost? how much with only second edition?I noticed some first edition stuff in there i think.
  15. I assume you know of the kick starter site. What if you could sell individual add ons for each expansion, or had get it for all of if option? I know some people like me don't have all of the expansions yet.