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  1. HaranHaste

    Deluxe Range Ruler

    the 5 segments can be used for 1.0 epic, but yeah, future proof for 2.0 epic, if it comes. Also, having the 5 segments allows someone to have both a range 3 and range 1 built to check ranges quickly instead of having to always pop a section off the end.
  2. HaranHaste

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    As is tradition
  3. HaranHaste

    Armor vrs Armor 2

    Agreed. "Armor" is on the war machines that protect against all hits, but since this is a modified civilian speeder, it can't protect as well.
  4. HaranHaste

    How are you handling the new Systems Phase?

    I do something similar, ask "All set?" and when i get the affirmative, I just say "Systems Phase" that way it is apparent we have moved on and that dials wont be changed due to forgetting about bombs. Also, it gets said before any hands move towards dials to flip them.
  5. HaranHaste

    Squad Builder: Feature wishlist

    a reference section for rules would be nice. Be able to search key words to get the rules. Yesterday, we had 3 questions come up: Ion Maneuver being blue, Talon Roll ending placement, and medium ship Barrel Roll. Would be nice not have to page through the rule book and RRG to determine these.
  6. HaranHaste

    so how about that app.

    Also cant review the upgrade cards without clicking "edit"... unless someone figured that out.
  7. HaranHaste

    Article: "Qualify for Worlds in Less Than Twelve Parsecs"

    New plan for the World's Tournament: FFG rents out US Bank Stadium (home of the Vikings) and everyone who wants to come gets a ticket. Day 1: Everyone is randomly placed into 64 person pods, double elimination bracket (two players will end with one loss and will play an extra round to see who moves on) Day 2: Top 2 from each pod are entered into single elimination bracket seeded on record and MoV (some may receive first round byes due to no set number of Day 1 brackets) US Bank Stadium could have sufficient space throughout the concourse and field to house a massive number of players. There would also be sufficient food and bathroom facilities. Breaking the players into 64 person brackets could allow for better management since each group would essentially be its own mini tournament with a dedicate TO/judge. Bracketing would speed up matchmaking since players would know right away who they would be playing next. When players receive their second loss, they can choose to play in other events or open tables for additional prizes/prize tickets.
  8. HaranHaste


    It says right there, "talk to your local retailer about getting..." Nothing in there about guaranteeing the promo deck with pre-orders. Now, if the distributors did not communicate the cost to the retailers, then that is a problem. Additionally, FFG is only saying the deck is free when ordering from them, I don't see them saying that it is free from the retailers as well. If my local game store told me it was $2 for the deck, I would say "$2, well worth it."
  9. HaranHaste

    Dial Counts in the Con Kits

    basically this. Unfortunately, you just need to pick which of your 1.0 ship models you want to use with the conversion kit, then decide if you want to hold on to the extras or try to sell them off to others who may not have purchased any T-65s since they weren't very good in most of 1.0. Remember, those who started with the FA Core set received the T-70 instead. I'll be setting aside my extra ships and maybe gifting them to a friend who got out of the game a bit ago and sold off his collection. That way, he will only need a core set and his own rebel conversion to have a good start to play again.
  10. HaranHaste

    Legion Outriders interview Alex Davy and Luke Eddy

    i agree, give a short summary of the main points. If I have to listen to a podcast or watch a video, I do it at double speed to save some time.
  11. HaranHaste


    Maul would cancel out Expertise though... is there something I am missing?
  12. HaranHaste

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    My apologies for using a different term, but the icon aligns to the weapon on the ion cannon turret card, it doesn't specify a specific arc. I don't understand why there is pessimism around the functionality of this. After the huge push to make the original trilogy ships better, why would anyone think that the Y-wing would get a huge nerf to one of its biggest traits. If you really want to go rules lawyer, the symbol for turret weapon is a single circle with an arrow in the corner is on all the turret gunner and Han Solo (gunner) cards, but the YT-1300's weapon is a circle with two arrows on opposite side, so technically speaking, those cards wouldn't work as written because the icon is different. So basically, we can agree that FFG spent a year trying to mitigate poorly worded cards by using symbols, but then the symbols themselves aren't exactly clear.
  13. HaranHaste

    2.0 Double Taps

    I would love it too, but seeing as the x7 title is basically baked into the ship, I think we are losing the TIE/D ability. IMO, there should be a modification for the Defender, B-wing, and gunboat that would allow the equipped cannon to deal its effect and primary weapon damage. Think of the 2.0 ion cannon but in reverse, the first hit does the token and the remaining hits are damage; same effect for tractor and jamming beams. Dice pool would be either primary weapon or cannon dice plus one so there would be an increase to hitting due to multiple weapon systems be fired, but not too overpowered by rolling both weapons' dice. Purely damage cannons (HLC) would not gain any effect since there is no added token ability.
  14. HaranHaste

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    If you look at the wording of vet turret gunner, it says "After you perform a primary attack, you may perform a bonus turret weapon attack using a turret weapon you did not already attack from this round" so it doesn't specify arcs as a qualification for firing therefore you can have a double shot out the front arc if the turret is facing forward.