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  1. Need Anakin in every wave of Republic: Jedi Starfighter ✔️ N-1 ✔️ Y-wing ✔️ Twilight eta-2 Nubian Yacht
  2. How did they screw up painting the Luke miniature? His flap is clearly open, but the inside portion should be white/grey-ish, not black.
  3. New linked battery modification: After you declare a target, you may choose to make both a primary weapon attack and cannon weapon attack against that target. You may choose the order of attacks, but the dice cannot be modified.
  4. Was wondering the same, can they be stacked, or are the magnets only for the lid. Do the two trays connect, or do they only connect to the lid? What are the actual dimensions of the boxes in each configuration?
  5. Epic is the format with more than the standard 200 (previously 100 in 1.0) points Huge ships have always been called huge.
  6. I won a TIE fighter coin way back when, it was the only tournament that I ever took first. I used it as a coin toss for breaking initiative ties instead of a die roll. A few months after winning it, someone swiped it from my box. Bought a replacement for $5 about a year ago, but it isn't quite the same.
  7. Also, she had a son with Kanan.
  8. While Han and Chewie were fixing the Falcon, Leia was piloting... and started hitting asteroid. Initiative 2 Ability: During the activation phase, if the maneuver template or ending position enter range 1 of an obstacle, treat it as overlapping that obstacle. Decrease cost of crew and gunner upgrades by 2 points
  9. I believe Disney killed Clone Wars on CN when they bought LucasFilm to start fresh with their own content. Netflix still retained the streaming rights to the Clone Wars so the episodes that were already completed they were able to put up in their library.
  10. it's strange to not have Lost Missions count as a season, yet, their stories are being treated as cannon with the fate of Fives.
  11. I'm surprised no one has said the V-Wings. Maybe a 3 attack, 3 agility ship with little hull and shields as it is an interceptor.
  12. ugh, you guys are going to cost me another $30
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