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  1. I flew against a few lists like this. Vader is simply too squishy for my taste. The correct target is always the ps 6 reaper. He is so good and worth 34 to 38 pnts. Keeping vader alive and having him do the damage is hard. Try it though. Possible qd insteas of vader? Or inquisitor? She will survive anything including a harpoon missile unscathed.
  2. Well, took reaper instead of yorr. Ended up second at store champ. Was nearly swept off in final table by 5 x wings. Reaper was far superior (for me) as it was so manevourable and the jam action was great. Slicer tools is a must, so may have to find points.
  3. UPDATE: I was able to get a single game in with the Reaper (PS 4) against a Fenn Rau/Bobba Fett list. The Reaper was great to fly. I felt like I could put it where I wanted to and it could actually contribute to the fight. The jam action was better then I thought. It kept Fenn Rau naked a large portion of the time. Yorr is probably a safer choice, but the Reaper is so much fun.
  4. What changes do you recommend? I am loath to make too many changes the day before! Has a new palp aces settled?
  5. Hello, I have a store championship tomorrow morning and am not entirely sure what to take. I am a long time palp ace player (Expertise Quick Draw, Inquisitor, Yorr w/ Emperor). I usually actually use the shuttle in the initial engagement, but then have a nearly impossible time keeping it alive as it takes QD's stress (and sometimes Inquisitor's stress). I am considering switching Yorr for Tie Reaper - Sienor Squadron, Emperor, Adaptive Ailerons, LWF (could take multi-spectral camouflage, but I would rather have the enemy lock onto the reaper than QD). My one concern is stress. Keeping QD stress free makes QD so much more powerful. Has anyone considered switching from the Lambda shuttle to the Tie Reaper?
  6. Late to the party, but it has to be Ryad.
  7. The ships are still completely usable in 2.0, but the dials and pilot cards and upgrade cards are absolutely not transferable. You are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Buy something where the majority of stuff is outdated in 4 months, or wait 4 months to get new content...
  8. I agree, however the last two games I was able to get a 5 dice missile off. And, 3 shlooping then firing the cruise is pretty sweet. Still, i don't think the extra 1 or 2 dice for a single attack is better than ryad over delta...
  9. Our FLGS is having a restricted list event (no Fenn, Miranda, Lowhhrick, r3a2, TLT, EU, Expertice, PTL, VI, harpoons, Palp and a few other cards). I typically fly palp aces, and have two very similar but nice lists: Vader: adaptability, title, ATC, proton rockets, chips (33 pnts) QD: adaptability, title, light weight frame, FCS, advanced optics, cruise missiles (38 pnts) Delta Squad Tie-D: Tie x7 (28) I can drop cruise missiles from QD and take Countess Ryad instead of Delta. In the 10ish test play games I am having a difficult time blockign with the Delta, so considering having something a bit more offensive. Thoughts?
  10. I think your raider is far too expensive. I would aim for 160 points on the raider. Take a small swarm of ties (maybe 3 ps1 and howlrunner). Then an ace or two.
  11. Thanks! I will look into this. I have no desire to make any profits. Just like the idea of having a smattering of unique Alt Art cards to give out at local tourneys. Hopefully I can figure this out... I don't want to have to pay out of my nose (a FB guy quoted me 2 dollars a card, which seems a bit steep). Follow up - recommended printing service?
  12. Hi All, I am interested in making some of my own custom cards to hand out at local x wing events to boost participation. Unfortunately, I am not too savvy with computers or photoshop programs. Nor do I even know which provider to use. So, if someone here has made cards before, would it possible to provide some guidance (or point to a thread where this is already covered - yes, I did try searching to limited avail).
  13. Yup. Quickdraw. Then the list is not that bad.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up flying: Quickdraw: expertise, LWF, FCS, title, harpoons Colonel Vessery: tie/x7, ASTS Deathfire: EM, harpoons, proxy mines, LRS I went 2 and 1. The first match was against PS10 rebel aces (kind of). Nym, Lt Blount, Ten Numb all with harpoons all at PS10. The first engagement saw me lose Quickdraw. Took out the B-wing and bombed the z95. Came down to Nym vs one shield vessery. Almost won, but lost to the autoblaster/accuracy corrector. Second game against three wookies won easily. Took out Lohrick first, lost vessery then mop up work. Third game was against a Deci and aggressor. Lanced and did 12 damage with first engagement and splash damage onto agressor. Won with two rounds of shooting. Game was super quick and not too fun. Harpoons seem very powerful (maybe too powerful) and not that fun. Thanks again!
  15. We have event 4 of a local store tournament on Sunday and having a difficult time choosing a list (the Dash/Chewy list I was going to fly turned out to not be great). I have gone 1 and 2 in each previous event getting my second loss by usually only one hull point. I am aiming for 2 and 1. The meta here includes 3 wookies, some nym lists, fair ship rebels (still) and likely some missiles. There is a hard PS race as well. I am well familiar with the Imperial ships, but have flown the scum K fighters a few times. These lists can be tweeked or completely slaughtered. I tend to be more of a jouster/arc dodger than a kiter. List one (Imperial Aces) Inquisitor (32 total) - VI, Proton Rockets, autothrusters, title Backdraft (35 total) - adaptability, harpoon missiles, FCS, LWF, title Colonel Vessery (33 total) - A score to settle, TIE/x7 List two (missile carriers) Talonbane Cobra - Preditor, harpoon missiles, GC, pulsed ray shields, Vaksai, Ion Dischargers Viktor Hel - VI, harpoon missiles, GC, Vectored thrusters, Vaksai, Scavenger Crane Fenn Rau - PTL, AT, concord dawn protectorate.
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