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  1. I'm still bummed that Carolyn Fern can't take Miss Doyle to go along with Foolishness.
  2. Good point, Patrice should have at least some choice in her deckbuilding. That said, neutral skills are pretty good on her. She can through them very quickly.
  3. I'm willing to buy those prints of anyone who wants to send them to Europe in a letter?
  4. I looked at the article in an RSS reader first, which didn't show this picture, so I'll just cross-post it here. It's worth it.
  5. Almost definitely, given that myhos pack 3 is called "The Dark Side of the Moon".
  6. Yeah, but they are much less interesting than some custom cards to remind you of what happened.
  7. I just hope that this one has more than one reward card again. My group was really disappointed after Rougarou and Abyss, when only one person got something for it. Let's hope they do it like in Carnevale.
  8. I just want to play Let God Sort them out in a Zoey deck. For the name. Even if it takes some of those VERY valuable off-class slots. Hm. I wonder if I can make a valuable Zoey solo deck for The Circle Undone where she just goes around killing everyone of all the factions, because they are all heretics. 2 Let God Sort them Out, two Sixth Sense to investigate, maybe St. Hubert's Key or a Holy Rosary for a will boost... then save up for the Flamethrower.
  9. Killing him is fine, but in Dim Carcosa, you can't kill him. So you have to investigate him instead. With your fists. (Mark also found six clues in that mission. By killing three cultists who all had an edict of the king with a flamethrower.) Edit: That reminds me I haven't posted the entire anecdote here: Spoilers for Dim Carcosa. Scene one: The Man in the Pallid Mask is in the throne room. He needs to be investigated ASAP. Neither Ursula nor Sephina are nearby enough. So Mark plays his Bauta from Carnevale of Horrors, which allows him to use combat for one check. He dons his mask, walks up to the Man in the Pallid Mask and just rips the mask off with brute strength. Scene two: Ursula is engaged with some Byakhees. Mark levels his machine gun, fires, draws an autofail, and kills Ursula. Scene three: We just need six more damage on Hastur. And through interesting card draw, there are three cultists on Spires of Carcosa, and through several other encounter card draws, they have, among them, picked up all the clues. Mark has a flamethrower, walks in, grills them all, and turns over the location. THere is a woman standing on the railing. Mark knows what he has to do. He pushes her off. Hastur dies. Mark wakes up in the ward theatre. Ursula is hacked to pieces. Sephina was driven insane. He player looks at the rest of the table, as the ending narration is read, and just reveals from his hand: "Possession: Murderous" and goes insane. So yeah. Mark repeated his backstory of killing his wife, to defeat an incarnation of madness, though he had won, woke up from his nightmare in the theatre, but then succumbed to Hastur at the last moment. It was his fault all along.
  10. They were on Whisperer in Darkness, yes. You can also see them here: https://www.reddit.com/r/arkhamhorrorlcg/comments/d1v31g/the_whisperer_in_darkness_dreameaters_spoilers/
  11. Our best carcosa moment was still when Mark Harrigan successfully investigated the Man in the Pallid Mask. How, you ask? By putting on his Bauta from Carnevale of Horrors and using Combat for the investigate check. Just ripping that mask off.
  12. There's three resolutions, too. If you play conviction, you are convinced that you slew a horrible monster and go home, clapping each other on the back. Well done, investigators! The horror is not resolved by resolution, no. It's done entirely by encounter cards. If you didn't get any at the wrong moment, congratulations.
  13. True I suppose. Yeah, it's an anti-synergy, you're right.
  14. It's interesting, though. Because as far as I know, she's been a main spellcaster in all other Arkham Files games.
  15. I really want to play Peter Sylvestre with Tommy.
  16. The idea of having Luke playable in both campaigns simultaneously is kind of awesome, but also feels impossible to balance. He would kind of end up with twice as many XPs as everyone else. Though they could do a kind of Carcosa-like story nod, where you gain an item in the real world and then there's a reference to having that item in the dream world, leading to an impossible story resolution.
  17. I once survived it as Zoey, thanks to I've had Worse. That felt good. Especially because I drew it as my second to last card.
  18. I don't think they'll do that again after Dunwich.
  19. Maybe we will get The Circle Redone instead of a return expansion?
  20. Hm. If we really want to play up the short range, we could give her an ability along the lines of bonus damage to enemies engaged with her? Or some kind of movement power, we don't have a mobile guardian yet. Free engage action per turn? Free engage after a move? Free move if you kill an enemy?
  21. Some survivor cards fit her, but the archetype doesn't. She isn't a normal person desperately trying to escape a supernatural threat. She trained her entire life for this.
  22. I considered it, but +2 bonus damage would be really good for free. +1 combat per free hand, +1 damage if both hands are free?
  23. That would actually be a very easy way to handle Lily Chen. Gain +1 combat per free hand slot, max +2.
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