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  1. Eldan985

    Exhausting cards

    The kind of trigger does not matter. Cards that exhaust say so specifically.
  2. Eldan985

    Will there be new investigators?

    Portuguese version of John, apparently. So, Brazilian, maybe? That would fit Calvin's look, if not necessarily his name.
  3. Eldan985

    Will there be new investigators?

    Well, João is a male name. If they named him John, would you argue that it could be a woman?
  4. Eldan985

    Card Game Meets Elder?

    The loadouts are basically a super-simplified deckbuilding. Clue encounters are from Eldritch too. Definitely a lot of the new mechanics taken from Eldritch, over Arkham.
  5. Not entirely true that it couldn't be stopped. I remember one game where we played against the Elder Things (the easiest GOO by far) where we ended with a higher doom clock than we started at.
  6. Eldan985

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Yeah, exactly. I'm wondering why they have never done anything with those traits. "Parley with Peter Clover, +2 if you are a criminal". "The catacombs: -2 shroud if you are a believer". "If you are a veteran, the soldier gives you 1 resource". Just things like that would add a lot, I think.
  7. Eldan985

    New Deluxe Expansion - after Fogotten Age

    As the analysis on BGG showed, new Deluxes are announced around mythos pack 4. Which just came out. So, yes. There's even quite a bit of discussion on what it will be about. (I'm hoping for another more story-focused one like Carcosa.)
  8. Eldan985

    City of Archives Release Article

    Oh no! They haven't announced it yet! That must mean the game is dead and there will be no further expansions. New edition next Arkham Nights, mark my words!
  9. Eldan985

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    You know what I just remembered that I'd actually quite like to see here? Investigator traits that mean more. There's 5 or 6 allies that have the Miskatonic trait and two investigators, Norman and Daisy. Half the story is about Miskatonic and two scenarios are set in Miskatonic locations. I'd actually quite like if that did something here, maybe like with Lola Hayes in Carcosa. Daisy Walker starts in the Orne Library, Norman Withers starts in the new observatory? Or they have a small advantage when researchign there? That would be fun. Edit: I mean, they are never going to do it, but "Daisy Walker may spend her extra action for actions on tome items as the extra action required to investigate the Orne Library". Always thought it's a bit of a shame how little those traits do. You have no idea how much I'd love if there was a scenario later on where there's an Agency presence and you'd get +2 to a parley check if you had a card with the Agency Trait or something.
  10. Eldan985

    5 Players

    Normal. You might wanna try hard.
  11. Eldan985

    5 Players

    I have. Mostly because too many people show up to game evenings and I can't discourage them. So far, we played The Miskatonic Museum, Curse of the Rougarou and The Last King with five people. Not too many card pool problems, but I can say that the scenarios felt maybe a bit too easy overall with five.
  12. Eldan985

    I have no idea what I'm doing

    You do probably get more XP with more players. Because more XP monsters spawn, if nothing else.
  13. Eldan985

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    I mean, that's fair, but on the other hand, I'd hate to think of some cards never being used again.
  14. Eldan985

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    Eh, I think some encounters don't need to be replaced. Like locked doors. That's no flavour problem at all.
  15. Eldan985

    Quick Flare question

    I don't actually remember seeing them before on a card, but they are bullet points. Like these: Option one Option two You don't add it to a fight action. IT triggers a fight action itself, like a weapon. Edit: unless you mean commit. In which case, yes. It has a "?" skill symbol, which means it can be added to any test.