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  1. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    I like resources as an idea, but I find them quite redundant in implementation. Overlaps too much with focus and, as mentioned, debt. THey don't add too much new. Even in the fluff. Older expansions had encounters written where you could spend focus to represent that you were prepared for some emergency or brought the right supplies. If that's there, what's the need for resources?
  2. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    Has anyone played Nyarly or Antediluvium yet? They both seem at least interesting. I'll join the chorus and say that I won't be using Resources. And probably not the investigators that use them, either. Are there any encounters that require you to have resources, like some do with focus?
  3. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    This is what I'm referring to: And That's pretty different flavour from the other mystic ruins, which are locals that are very much still around.
  4. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    True, true. Still, these at least seem to be quite easy to separate out, whereas for the kind of thing you mention, I'd have to pre-stack every location deck and sort out the fitting ones.
  5. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    How so? They seem very different, I don't see them blending together at all. One's about things talking to still living high priests of gods from the Hyperborean age and time travel. The other is about digging through ancient ruins. It's quite different.
  6. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Well, at least we know 3.5 of the Mytic Ruins now. I'm wondering, though. How well will these ruins mix with those from Strange Remnants? Because these seem to pretty explicitely involve some kind of time travel/resurgence of old cities, while the Mystic Ruins from Remnants were, well, ruins. A lot of ghosts and old writings and such. Probably better to keep these separate?
  7. It's adding stuff to other expansions too, it seems. There's personal stories for investigators from other expansions, there's new Mystic Ruins... while it's not confirmed, I wouldn't be surprised if there would be some content that works with other expansions, too.
  8. I don't think small scale sideboards make sense. I commented on this before when the idea of an Arkham sideboard came up. Turns in the game very likely represent weeks. In a double move, you can sail around Africa, across the Pacific, or travel by train across Asia. It would not work if, in the same time frame, an investigator moved from one train car to the next. Or, in the case of the Arkham sideboard, crosses the street to the boarding house. If Horror on the Orient express comes up, it would make much more sense for the AH LCG. As for why people think this is th last expansion, it's because it looks a lot like Miskatonic did for Arkham. A big box expansion that expands on older expansions. It looks very much like something that serves to round out the game and tie everything together before the end.
  9. Mask's of Nyarlathotep sideboard

    I doubt that. That would mean that people would have to buy three other big expansions before they can use this one. That's surely a bad business move. I don't think there'll be a sideboard in this one. We see encounters in normal Africa and Shanghai locations, which don't take place on any sideboard, I think that's a pretty strong clue. Surely either the Bloated Woman or the Sand Bat would be on such a sideboard if there was one.
  10. It's on the Boat!

    Could also just be how Nyarlathotep is fought. The RPG campaign included a number of seemingly unconnected cults that all worshipped Avatars of Narly. This: Shows the back of an adventure card with the Sand Bat on it, one of those cults. Could be that Nyarlathotep is not fought by solving mysteries, like other Old Ones, but with adventures. Or that his mysteries are adventures. Though Ruins seem to be involved as well. (I had initially assumed the new ruins were for the Antediluvium, the other Old one, but this mentions them with Nyarlathotep too.)
  11. Atlantis add-on

    My main problem with Atlantis in an Eldritch Horror game is that Mythos-Atlantis is just not very interesting. All jokes about Kull aside, it's a very generic place.
  12. All Tentacles?

    Might give it a try. Who's the easiest AoO nowadays? Still Yog?
  13. Atlantis add-on

    Not much. But then, the game already includes a lot of non-Lovecraft stuff. The other two sunken continents, Mu and Lemuria, show up a few times in the margins, especially with Yig. Plus, they have some Howard stuff and Hyperborea already, so non-Lovecraftian ancient civilizations are a thing that could happen. Plus, including Kull of Atlantis would be hilarious. More seriously, though, there's about a million more iconic things in the Chaosium world they could bring in first. The more I think about it... a while ago, I think on Boardgame Geek, someone posted their total conversion of the game called "Ancient Horror," which set the entire game just before the Bronze Age Collapse around the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. A similar conversion to the Hyborian Age would be pretty fantastic. Plus, the tone of hte game has long been one more of "punching Cthulhu in the face with a gatling gun" than "Horror", so having Conan and Co in there would actually fit.
  14. Coach Me , Win ratio at 0%

    If you have three players and want four investigators, I'd suggest getting Charlie Kane and deciding as a group what he's going to do. He's pretty ideal for that role.
  15. Campaign Mode

    I find it very, very likely that you won't get to keep your items between games. I've played a few games like that (two or three great old ones back to back) and even with increased mythos deck difficulty, once you start a game with a few good spells and an artefact or two, the challenge goes right down the drain. It could factor into the resources. They could function as a kind of experience mechanic, where you start subsequent games with resources.