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  1. That's... who? Caroline, Luke... there's several investigators with nightmares, but none I think have been to the dreamlands. Gloria Goldberg, Ashcan Pete, Jacqueline Fine... Edit: also, the follow-up scenario is Dark Side of the Moon. That also points at cats.
  2. They probably won't make investigator-focused story beats for an investigator from another cycle, nice as that would be.
  3. Actually, I just spotted something interesting in the article for the Search for Kadath: "In stark contrast to the rest of the Timeless Realm, Hazuth-Kleg is a decaying city of dingy, twisting streets and basalt towers that lies outside the reach of the king of Celephaïs. Even simple rules of architecture do not seem to apply here, and though there are gods venerated within the city's many temples, none of them are the reputable sort that you seek." The investigators are looking for helpful gods. Taking bets: Bastet, Nodens or Hypnos?
  4. I've actually added a sentence about standalones being difficult, upon feedback from Reddit. That should be on there now.
  5. To help new players find out what kind of products there are, what they are about, what they contain, and in which order to purchase what. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1GwzajrrRJmdaYHZMJs0zwZdj8-CCW-8_XRinz4bVE0I/edit?usp=sharing COmments and improvements welcome.
  6. If you're asking "what's the origin of Hypnos within the Cthulhu Mythos", that would be the short story you specify: Hypnos is the stranger who the protagonist of the story befriends, the godlike subject of his sculpting who leads him to experimentation is Hypnos himself. If you're asking "what's the origin of Hypnos as a god in general", that would be ancient Greece. Edit: However, Hypnos as like...a Big God who does stuff on a global/cosmic scale within the Cthulhu Mythos was apparently started by Chaosium with the Call of Cthulhu RPG. FFG took that ball and ran with it, as @awp832 indicates. FFG and the Call of Cthulhu RPG (which at this point have a symbiotic relationship but are still distinct canons) have their own versions of the Cthulhu Mythos unto themselves, and within FFG's m Yeah, that's what I meant. I read Hypnos, from what I remember, it's not even really clear what Hypnos is in that story. Might as well just be a human, a sorcerer or experienced dream-walker. I was just wondering if the name was used anywhere else by Mythos writers.
  7. I forgot about that part, thanks, but I was more thinking... which mythos source is he based on? Which books or stories? Because I can't find any sources on the guy. An FFG invention?
  8. Question. Is there much of a mythos source on Hypnos? I know the short story of that name by Lovecraft, but that doesn't really feature an old one of that name, it's just about people experimenting with what might be the proto-dreamlands. Apart from that, I only know him from Eldritch Horror.
  9. Yeah, but I think that's just how every cult and alien mentions Shub-Niggurath and every sorcerer chants Yog-Sothoth at least once. That doesn't mean those GOOs feature, they are just mentioned. Plus Big A lives in the dark void between the stars, and they just went there in the Circle. Entirely baseless speculation time: in Dream-Quest, the Gods of Earth tried to break into Randolph Carter's dreams and live there, because he was dreaming of the most wonderful city ever. This might be something similar and someone, maybe the gods again (given that one pack is Where the Gods Dwell) is trying to steal particularly nice dreams from people again?
  10. As with a lot of Lovecraft ideas, there's tons of materials once you go outside of what Lovecraft wrote himself, and the Arkham Files games have always drawn on that. It's not really fan fiction, it's more that Lovecraft had a lot of friends and friends of friends who occasionally wrote in the same universe.
  11. I mean, true, but the Arkham Files have always drawn heavily on Derleth, Bloch, Campbell etc. for her. And the early Call of Cthulhu RPG writers. IF we just had what Lovecraft wrote, we'd have a name and nothing else. No dark young, no children Nug and Yeb, nothing. She barely comes up in Lovecraft. It's generally assumed that the Magna Mater Cybele from Rats in the Walls is her as well, but the text doesn't make that clear and Shub's name is never spoken. So, if Shub-Niggurath comes up, we can pretty much tell what she'll look like. The same as in the other Arkham Files games, not some wildly new interpretation based on the original Lovecraft.
  12. It was also written by an author who otherwise wrote a long string of nautical novels and nautical fantasy, so at least he knew his stuff.
  13. I don't think Shub-Niggurath would get involved with some random criminals. And are cults are more into being dyonisiacs and orgiastes, rather than fighting gang wars, so I don't think that fits.
  14. Using the web to sneak into the dreamlands could be a fun scenario. Being sneaky for once, trying not to get AN's attention.
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