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  1. There's a difference. Sometimes the agenda says "investigators... as a group", sometimes "investigators at your location... as a group." That matters a lot, in some scenarios. But yeah, they don't all have to be there, only those who spend clues.
  2. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2003373/my-card-storage-solution-so-far This is the one I got, though that's not mine in the picture. They are boxes/folders with custom inscription on the back, nine pounds per.
  3. 24" should come pretty close to 61 cm. So, you'll probably need A2 size paper to print these on one. Or several A4s and tape them together.
  4. Eldan985

    New players: doing something wrong?

    You can get those clues in other ways. Roland, especially, can get clues when he kills a monster. Spawn a monster there, get Roland in, kill it, find a clue. More clues with Evidence. Alternatively, Drawn to the Flame, which Roland has, finds two clues without a test. Look what I found can work if you only barely failed. THen, there's ways to boost your stats or make clue-finding easier. A flashlight, which several of you should have in your decks, lowers the Shroud value to two, which makes it doable. Then, there's an entire list of Seeker cards which help, which Roland should have in his deck: Dr. Milan and Magnifying glass both add +1 intellect, hyperawareness allows you to spend resources to boost your stats, Working a Hunch also just finds clues without a test. In a pinch, sometimes you just have to pitch enough cards to get +4 intellect, which is doable. Perception, Working a Hunch, Look what I found, Perception, Unexpected Courage all add +2. Also, in Midnight Masks, you are not supposed to find all the cultists. You are supposed to find some, then get out before the timer run's out. Basically, it's a tutorial teaching you about when to cut and run, which could well be important in the future. Two or three is entirely enough, especially on your first try. And finally, in four players, it will be very hard to clear a location entirely without a dedicated clue gatherer, yes. There's other ways to get XP.
  5. Hm. These are really, really nice, but those glasses just look like goggles on all of them. I guess that's just a bit too fine.
  6. Eldan985

    Threads of Fate in Cardgamedb

    Testless means without drawing from the chaos bag. Any card that just deals damage without you having to draw a token. LIke beat cop: discard, deal one damage. No tests involved. Means it can't really fail.
  7. I just know I've had solo games where I'd have given half my deck for a copy of Scene of the Crime. Like that **** shroud four engine room in Essex County Express where I spent three turns digging through my deck for a solution and then was defeated.
  8. Eldan985

    Threads of Fate in Cardgamedb

    Another really strong card, Scene of the Crime. Two resources, no checks, find one or two clues. Can't see how that one got made, really. I mean, compare to poor old Drawn to the Flame. (Let's start the Scene of the Crime podcast!) Seems a staple for a lot of solo decks, as a splash card.
  9. Eldan985

    Threads of Fate in Cardgamedb

    Ooh. Ichtacha seems quite strong. Edit: and Marksmanship. Marksmanship is... fantastic? In the right situation?
  10. Eldan985

    Forgotten Age Serpent from Yoth - HELP!

    That's right, yes. You need some weapons out, or combat spells, or that thing is not going down. TO be fair, any group should have either a way to evade monsters reliably, or some guardians or mystics who can dish out damage.
  11. We found out that it was easiest to stay far away from the Rougarou until we had all the parts we needed. Like, never even go into the same section of the map. That was four players, though, so we had specialized roles for everything, plus quite a few XP already. Zoey to take care of monsters, Rex to hover up clues, Skids to break into the house in New Orleans... then we rushed him all in the same turn once we had about 10 clues.
  12. Guardian: I'm still longing for a more powerful melee weapon, as I'm currently playing Zoey and for flavour-reason, I'm doing her melee only with a fire axe and a machete. I'd love an upgraded machete. Dodge, I can't really see anything interesting to do. Evidence, I suspect, could just be finding two clues, or a clue and a card. Dynamite blast has a lot of places to go. Cheaper, more powerful, less damage to allies... Mystic: Forbidden Knowledge would be nice. A version that's useful to not-Agnes. Or a blessed version of the holy rosary, now that Father Mateo is coming out? Rogue: Backstab, please. MOre damage would be nice, or a combat bonus. For elusive, I could see something like also exhausting an enemy. Seeker: Christopher Milan is already really strong, probably not that. I'd like Medical Text,we can use more powerful books for the Librarian, plus more healing options in general. Not sure where to go with it, though. 2 damage might be too much. No chance to fail is a bit boring.
  13. Eldan985

    Father Mateo Revealed

    I'd say the Codex is pretty amazing, if youcan play it right before an important test. THen it's an auto success for one action and 2 resources, and then you get either the resource and a card or the action back. Is it me or does Wendy Adams feel a bit cheated now that Mateo has a straight up better version of her elder sign.
  14. Was that Gaiman's Law? Someone's Law anyway, some author. The first time an author opens their printed book, no matter how many times it has been edited, they will immediately see a typo.
  15. Eldan985

    Heart of the Elders

    Eh. Yig isn't used much. People have mixed him in with a lot of other snake gods. Mostly Quetzalcoatl for real gods, but also Howard's Set from the Conan stories and the Great Serpent from the Kull stories. Lovecraft never really wrote about Yig. There was one story he took from another author and rewrote so it could be published under his name, and that's it. It's a pretty short one, too and pretty light on the mythology. There's a god named Yig, the natives of Oklahoma hate and fear him, he punishes people who kill snakes, the protagonists kill a nest of rattlesnakes, they die or go insane, it might be mythical. Looking him up on a few fan wikis and so on, no one has really used him again after that, before the RPGs. Usually, those involve some mystical dragon or serpent somewhere around the world that's sent by Yig and the protagonists have to kill it.