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  1. My main problem with Atlantis in an Eldritch Horror game is that Mythos-Atlantis is just not very interesting. All jokes about Kull aside, it's a very generic place.
  2. Might give it a try. Who's the easiest AoO nowadays? Still Yog?
  3. Not much. But then, the game already includes a lot of non-Lovecraft stuff. The other two sunken continents, Mu and Lemuria, show up a few times in the margins, especially with Yig. Plus, they have some Howard stuff and Hyperborea already, so non-Lovecraftian ancient civilizations are a thing that could happen. Plus, including Kull of Atlantis would be hilarious. More seriously, though, there's about a million more iconic things in the Chaosium world they could bring in first. The more I think about it... a while ago, I think on Boardgame Geek, someone posted their total conversion of the game called "Ancient Horror," which set the entire game just before the Bronze Age Collapse around the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. A similar conversion to the Hyborian Age would be pretty fantastic. Plus, the tone of hte game has long been one more of "punching Cthulhu in the face with a gatling gun" than "Horror", so having Conan and Co in there would actually fit.
  4. If you have three players and want four investigators, I'd suggest getting Charlie Kane and deciding as a group what he's going to do. He's pretty ideal for that role.
  5. I find it very, very likely that you won't get to keep your items between games. I've played a few games like that (two or three great old ones back to back) and even with increased mythos deck difficulty, once you start a game with a few good spells and an artefact or two, the challenge goes right down the drain. It could factor into the resources. They could function as a kind of experience mechanic, where you start subsequent games with resources.
  6. Oh. I never noticed. Nice. And yet, when I shared my self-made devastation tokens there, they were taken down for apparently being a promotion.
  7. Definitely go to Board Game Geek. There's several very well-made custom Ancient Ones for download there and people are willing to share their templates if you ask them nicely, I've had some sent to me before.
  8. Yeah. The big strategic considerations are basically these: Investigator selection to cover the roles. We draw randomly too (three per person, choose one), but try to cover the basics. Who to send where. Ideally, everyone will be doing their specialty, but that's not always possible. Sometimes, a gate just needs to go, now. and How long to spend strengthening characters before you get on the mysteries. You want to do some shopping and focusing early on, but you can't take too long. (That's why Charlie Kane is awesome. He can shop for other people, so they can get going right away.)
  9. Yeah, we do that too, except with two. One thing I've found is that especially with larger parties, the Antarctica board is almost game-breaking. The City of the Elder Things makes farming for Clues and Artefacts very easy and moving across the board is actually very fast (as in, one, maybe two turns to get anywhere on that board.)
  10. All the named locations represent large areas. Most of them seem to cover at least an entire country. So, that's nothign unusual for Arkham.
  11. Pretty much. It features a lot of "more of the same". I mean, it has some new mechanics, compared to the base game. But there, it really only has talents. Which are very nice, don't get me wrong, but they aren't as game-changing as the ruins deck. Impairment tokens are new here, too, but again, not that big a thing. I wouldn't call it a bad expansion. Hastur is an interesting old one, with 8 instead of just 6 mysteries and 4 of his own decks he offers a lot of replayability, too. Jenny Barnes and Wendy Adams are among my favourite investigators, too. It has a lot of stuff that are in other sets as well, but not in core. Glamours, preludes, unique assets. But it doesn't have a big new mechanic. (But then, apart from focus, neither does FOrsaken Lore.)
  12. Our group took the Pharaoh down pretty handily too, though I can't say for general. CHeck the statistics thread, I suppose.
  13. Interesting. I'd say no monster in that case, as the text says it's an encounter with the city which has the clue on it, not encountering the clue.
  14. Couldn't find anything else to do? Gate closing, expedition?
  15. Not sure many of those are in the base game, though. Looking through the list on the Wiki, I can only see the Lodge Researcher in Core. FL at least adds the Research student, Intelligence Report and Police ledger. So, yeah. If you've already parked someone on London, buying your way through the asset deck to one of these might help.