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  1. Eldan985

    A Critical Glance at Rogues

    The right Sefina is crazy powerful, I agree. Like last game, where she, over a long scenario, played three Hot Streaks and three Time Warps.
  2. Eldan985

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    Whenever we get Monterey Jack. The Bullwhip was always his signature card.
  3. Eldan985

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    BJ and KM?
  4. Eldan985

    Help with social play

    This sounds almost exactly what I'm doing and it's worked well for us for a while now (We're on our third campaign.) What you do is this: one player per "main" class. That player gets first dibs on cards from that class. Meaning that if you have, say, a Rogue and Wendy (Survivor/Rogue), the rogue gets to build his deck first and Wendy gets whatever rogue cards remain.
  5. Or of course Calvin Wright.
  6. The Armor was not out when I played Zoey. Though, these days if I played her again, I'd probably be tempted to go Flamethrower instead for the body slot. (Shame you can't have both. There go my dreams of playing a 40k-style Sororita in Arkham.)
  7. Thinking about it, I could also see him as a survivor, but that's stepping on Agnes' toes. Anyway, his special ability is sacrificing unique allies to defeat monsters.
  8. See, I went to Roman Mystery cults and Rex Nemorensis to that one, just to get in a priesthood that was already so weird that it creeped out the Romans at the time. And for bonus points, it's linked to Magna Mater Kybele, and in Rats in the Walls, Lovecraft says that Kybele was Shub Niggurath.
  9. John Constantine. Mystic or Mystic/Rogue.
  10. Hmm. If we go more into the Batman/Zorro direction, could I suggest something that is a sort of mix of Lola and Preston? You have a primary rogue or neutral character, who can't take weapons, the Secret Identity. A much weaker version of Preston, who can use only rogue cards. You start every turn as the Secret Identity. Then, once per turn, you can switch to your other role, the Mask, where you lose access to some options (allies, maybe, because a Lone Wolf?) and some rogue cards, but can also use guardian cards and maybe a limited access to Seeker. Could even have dual signature cards, that do one thing for your Bruce Wayne and another for your Batman.
  11. Eldan985

    Agency Backup

    What immediately caught my eye was Trial by Fire on Calvin.
  12. Arcane research. Then you get a Patreon, where your patrons can get the right to be Arcane Initiates.
  13. Well, it seems quite likely that at least the last adventure and maybe even the second-to-last will be in a different world as well. Just from the names.
  14. I mean, time travel is one thing. IF you wrote the game to actually just be set in that era... you'd have to rewrite the player cards too. I did see a full conversion of Eldritch Horror to the period of the bronze age collapse posted on a forum once. THat was massively fascinating. Every single card converted over to something fitting the time period, plus a new world map of the mediterranean and black sea.
  15. Ah yes. The great High Priest Clarkash-Ton.