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  1. I'll also add that I don't think it's necessary to sleeve everything. There are many player cards that my group has never used. Real binder fodder. So, if you don't mind some extra work, get sleeves for scenario cards plus enough sleeves to sleeve one deck per player and some extras and you should be fine. You sleeve your deck at the beginning of a campaign, the rest of the cards go into storage, they'll be fine.
  2. Hm. Cheapest sleeves I can find with some quick googling are around 2 cents a piece. They are ****, though, from the customer reviews. Good sleeves are considerably more expensive.
  3. I agree. It really makes things easier to have player and scenario cards in separate places. Also, if you play at places other than your home, a small box to take along just what you need for the next scenario is great.
  4. The dark horse bet is that this is the way to play competitively with a game master that has been very vaguely teased last year.
  5. It's not a cheat. It's a thing you can do. Though I'm wondering how you're getting to 60. Lightning gun has 3 ammo. If you play extra ammunition (+3) to it, that's 6... contraband, 12, contraband again, 24, contraband again, 48... Honestly, at that point, you've played 4 cards and used four actions, just to get to more ammo than you will ever need. Like, I don't hink there will ever be a scenario where you have to fire a lightning gun more than maybe 10 times, even when fighting a boss with a lot of life. It seems a bit of a waste to me.
  6. Black Wind I really didn't like, despite loving everything Dreamlands, mostly because it... didn't do much with the Dreamlands. Everything felt quite small scale and not very fantastical, and more than any of of the other stories, it felt like not a complete story, but a prologue to a proper novel. Blood of Baalshandor, I think is probably the best. Molly and Dexter are lovely together, both competent at what they do and feel quite fleshed out for a story that short. Hour of the Huntress is okay. Very pulpy, but it features a bit of investigation, an action sequence, likeable enough characters. Dirge of Reason... didn't really stick in my mind? Neither good or bad. I remember what it was about, but I can't really remember a single scene. Ire of the Void was interesting, but really fell down in the second half for me. I was kinda enjoying the idea of reading one of these stories about an elderly academic instead of, you know, young investigator with a gun, all ready for action and violence. And then he literally goes out and gets guns and explosives. Norman.
  7. There was a great suggestion someone made about Charlie Kane. He has very low stats, a bit like Preston, but his thing is that he can have three allies right away and he can play cards of all classes, but only while he has an ally of that class in play.
  8. And you could get fire tokens from Mansions of Madness for one of the others.
  9. Of course, original Daisy can take Seal of the Elder Sign to negate the Necronomicon.
  10. "Destiny coin" sounds like a back-translation for "Doom Token", I think. Google translate, maybe? If so, yes. All counters on a defeated enemy are removed as well.
  11. The timer I mostly give myself in the beginning is "finish the first act before the first agenda advances". That seems pretty solid in many scenarios. The exceptions are pretty obvious, like when the first agenda has 10 doom, or there is only one.
  12. One of my first upgrades as Luke was Storm of Spirits 2. In general, you want some area damage on this campaign.
  13. My local shop says I should get Blood of Baalshandor delivered in 1-2 days.
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