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  1. I gotta say, first pass on Cyberware looks like it isn't worth taking. A Maxed out Troll with Body of 5 uses ALL of its Essence to get Wired Reflexes 3 which only grants +3 boost to initiative? Something as extreme as "all of your essence" should be better than that IMO. Also, why would an Elf Gunslinger have less capacity for cyberware compared to a Troll Street Sam? That seems unfair/unbalanced. Everyone should just have the sam capacity. I also think augmentation wether through tech or magic should explicitly allow you to surpass the natural limit of 5. Otherwise, why take it? Augmentations are supposed to give you an edge over others.
  2. Long story short, we have a player that's about obtain the capacity to get about 8 proficiency dice when they aim a blaster rifle. And with their weapon + talents, they basically get enough crit and/or damage to decimate opponents on turn 1. And, they can reliably repeat this on each turn. The main trouble is this is character is so lethal that NPCs who can challenge them are basically going to murder the other characters that are nowhere near that kind of offensive output. So, what ideas do you have to challenge this kind of offensive nuke?
  3. wow. Our group has been doing that wrong. We let downgrades take a die pool down to 1 difficulty. huh... I find it odd (and unbalanced) that downgrades don't work in the exact opposite method as upgrades. Specifically, upgrades can add to the attempt dice, but downgrades cant subtract from the difficulty dice.
  4. Recently our group began a new game. A few players decided to secretly make their characters as comedic references to characters from a sitcom. This plays out as repeated catch phrases and mannerisms. It seems to be in conflict with the tone of Star Wars as a whole. My question is, how do you all deal with players insistent on playing against the game's tone? A joke here and there seems fine to break the tension (gallows' humor and whatnot) but when every choice and dialog seems to be to get a laugh, it takes me out of the experience.
  5. Endless Vigil does not list "Schematic" as an option for using advantage during lightsaber crafting. Does anyone know if this was errata'd or if it was intentional?
  6. I killed morality in my game. It started being reacted to as punishment and unfortunately highlighted each players unique beliefs regarding how their own morality interacted with "force morality". So I just nixed it and now I'm going to handle it narratively by letting them know when the Darkside is calling them to action. All "conflict" generation will be strain generation (except for using Darkside pips which already cause strain). I'll handle Juyo stuff if/when it comes up.
  7. Does anyone have an Oggdude Character creator XML that includes these new trees?
  8. The way I see it as a GM is that attachments are suggestions for how to add specific bonuses to a piece of equipment. I don't think that EVERY attachment that could add a +1 damage to a lightsaber is ALWAYS the same. I let my group take whatever attachments they want and if anybody has a problem with multiple hilt modifications that seem not to make sense together, I just fiat and say the offending attachment is something else that adds the same bonus. My special rule that I always make sure to explain is: whatever a player can get, an NPC can get. Often easier and maybe a bit better since they're supposed to be a challenge to overcome.
  9. Lunch break is almost over. I can do later tonight.
  10. Steel Hand Adept Grit Iron Body Iron Body Toughened v v Martial Grace Acklay's Scything Strike (NEW) Unarmed Parry Precision Strike v v v v Dodge – Swift – Parry – Improved Precision Strike v v v v Improved Dodge (NEW) Toughened Grit Sapith Sundering (NEW) v v Force Rating – Far Strike Dedication – Dodge
  11. Juyo Berserker Toughened Parry Grit Intimidating v Inner Peace (NEW) – Parry – Vaapad Control (NEW) Lethal Blows v v Balance Lethal Blows – Quick Strike Embrace Your Hate (NEW) v v v v Inner Peace (NEW) Intimidating Juyo Savagery (NEW) Quick Strike v v v v Parry – Embrace Your Hate (NEW) – Dedication – Multiple Opponents
  12. Colossus Toughened Durable Hard Headed Grit v v v v Toughened Durable Hard Headed Grit v v v v Toughened Durable Headbutt (NEW) Enduring v v v v Toughened Unstoppable Improved Hard Headed(NEW) Indomitable Will (NEW) v v v v Improved Toughened – Heroic Fortitude – Dedication – Power from Pain (NEW)
  13. Basic Power: OOT Incidental when hit with a Crit. Commit 1 Force to TEMPORARILY ignore effect of Crit (does not at +10 to future crit rolls, does not apply the crit effect). Crits are "ignored" while force is committed. Once commitment ends, suffer the full effect of the crit. For the Control upgrade, you simply increase the amount of crits you save for later, like AFTER combat. Mastery lets you stop the Crit from ever registering in the first place IF you get the roll. So, if you make your discipline check on EACH crit rolled against you using mastery upgrade you never suffer crits.
  14. STR: Increase severity of applicable crit to afffect by 1 per upgrade CON: commit 1 Force die to temporarily ignore an additional crit per upgrade DUR: incidental activation to ignore 1 current crit (if you can, based on STR upgrades) MAG: affect allies at short range as long as they are in short range RNG: increase MAG range to medium MASTERY: when activating power, roll Force and Discipline vs Crit severity. If successful, spend pips = severity and the Crit is not suffered at all.
  15. I haven’t done it before. Can you link me the template from the forum?
  16. [ BAS ] | [ STR ] - [ CON ] - [ DUR ] | [ CON ] - [ STR ] - [ MAG ] | | [ STR ] - [ CON ] - [ STR ] [ RNG ] | [ MAS ]
  17. Got my notice: should have it in hands next Wednesday!
  18. Yeah I'm kinda underwhelmed by the force powers. But, truth be told I like combat in games more than most other aspects. The conjuration seems like a Nightsister inspired power. Could be interesting but I'd still rather have a Lightsaber and keep Force lips free for Myove
  19. So lame, UPS won’t let me pick it up. It’s like 5 miles from me! The suspense is figuratively killing me!
  20. I’m tempted to contact UPS and have them hold it a location so I can get it earlier
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