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  1. Im new to the LOTR lcg and have really enjoyed playing the quests from the core set and a few of the older cycle packs i have found. Unfortunately like a lot of people i cant find many of the older expansions so i have been picking up newer expansions and cycles. As i play newer expansions, i like the quests but have noticed that the enemies are getting more powerful stats, in my opinion, maybe to powerful. A basic Goblin, Orc, etc used to have 2-3 attack, 1-2 defense and maybe 3 hit points, which was managable by a heroe or a couple allys which is thematic. In the newer expansions im seeing Dunland Warriors, Goblins, Orcs having Troll level stats, requiring multiple heroes along with allys to defeat them. Im sure a lot of it has to do with the attachments and events that are now available to the player. I hope LOTR lcg continues for many years to come but in future encounter decks it would be nice to have a board state with multiple weaker enemies (maybe a mechanic where some can combine attacks) as opposed to having overly powerful enemies. For me it would be more thematic. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  2. My local game store has a couple copies of the black rider available. Not sure where you live but they are in langley bc.
  3. There have been some valid points made as to why it might not be wise to add more dice. In my experiences with 2nd edition, crits can be lethal. My focus would be on certain ships not being able to hand out too many potential crit dice. As stated in above posts; there are other ways FFG could go about doing that.
  4. Im wondering if FFG has play tested having different attack dies in xwing? They have different dice in Armada and Legion, wondering why they didnt do that in xwing 2nd edition. I think a different attack die for ordinances and an attack die with say no crits but more hits along with current attack die would add a better variety to the game. A ship like the quadjumper (no weapons in star wars lore) just doesnt feel right when there is a potential for it to roll 2 crits. With clone wars ships coming, having different dice available could open up design. Thoughts?
  5. Im fairly new to x-wing miniatures so i may have a different perspective on things but i too like the idea of having more varied expansions. I've bought every expansion, some multiples of the same expansion, but dont know how long i will continue to do so. Currently it seems like FFG for the most part uses a cookie cutter approach, release a new ship, 4 pilot cards (2 unique, 2 generic), and a couple new modification cards. They have released a handfull of themed packs which i like. I personally would like them to release more campaign expansions. For example with Rogue One being recently released, they could have made a Battle of Scarif expansion. Whether they released it with just new pilot cards and the relevant campaign material or with a few ships also included; i would be fine with either. I play the game for fun and not to become the next plastic toy world champion. Change it up FFG.
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