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  1. Questions about Cybernetics, Droids, Armor vs ION damage quality: It is stated that Ion affects cybernetics and droids, but how does it happen (in mechanic sense)? I Can't find full clear answer on that in rulebooks, so just to make things clear: 1. Does Ion instantly disable all cybernetics that are in range of blast or are hit by Ion? About Cybernetics (EotE 173): "If hit by weapons that normally would affect droids, the cybernetic enhancement temporarily stops working for the scene or until repaired" but... 2. Does Ion instantly disable all droids that are in range of blast or are hit by Ion? Why do we need damage numbers then? If we need them, how is that in comparisment to "instant disbaling of cybernetics"? 3. Do I need to get through soak to achieve this "disabled" effect/is soak "considered" when calculating damage on target which is affected by Ion damage? 4. Does 1 hit (for example from rifle) affect all cybernetics or just 1? 5. Do I need to apply damage to cybernetic limb (like 4x Sunder) to disable it? Maybe I just apply the Ion damage type to cybernetics like: for example 11 Ion damage (treated like Sunder for cybernetics purpose) = 4 damage to cybernetic leg (destroyed/disabeld), 4 damage to cybernetic eyes (destroyed/disabled), 3 damage to cybernetic hand (almost destroyed, barely functional) 6. What are the ways to defend against Ion? I know there is (SM 50) Surge Override Switch (cybernetics), there is a special talent (need ref), but they are options to "restart the cybernetics". Is there some "screening" that player can do/buy, to make cybernetics fully resistant to Ion (some cybernetics are resistant so there is a way...) 7. Does Ion affect Armor and its upgrades - like optical camuflage or night vision googles? 8. Does wearing an armor with Vacuum sealed gives any protection for cybernetics in users body? I looked a lot for answers on this subject, but all I found were some home rules and some uncertian answers, so please help. Please state if something is not set in stone and should be left for home rules. Kind regards. Thanks for the help in advance.
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