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  1. Yeah, looks like I'll probably be disappointed but I have bought the mat so I might as well actually see how much it upsets me. And as for FFG replacing the mats, yeah if it is intentional then no chance as nothing is actually wrong. But I am holding the slender hope that the company will acknowledge that this is not what the community wants and that it is not clearly advertised that the mat hexes are oversized. But in the end, likely to be a junk purchase which is intensely frustrating and because I am Australia based its prohibitively expensive to get an alternative mat (notably the is a nice Kelsam one) because of shipping costs. Oh well.
  2. Bought one online because not many LGS out my way stock them, looks like they are smart and I'll be disappointed. Cannot believe that FFG is selling a product which is essentially sub-standard. I'll see how bad it is when I get it I guess but looks like I bought an expensive piece of garbage if this is true. I actually hope that FFG steps up for those mats which are so obviously mis-sized and replaces them.
  3. Well disappointed that FFG has in no way responded, rolling into December and sadly learning a great deal about game play and such from folks who have actually been able to purchase it. I think I've worn out my welcome at the store where I pre-ordered hoping it had arrived. If I get it before Christmas I guess I'll be happy enough but this is frustrating, I've paid for a game that has been released and others have and I'm waiting with no information or expectation of actually getting it.
  4. Baffled as to why this game has not yet appeared to be released in Australia. I cannot find any Australian retail store with copies of TI4 and some information indicates it is not expected till 27 Dec, even at the moment its release in Australia is weeks behind other nations, if it doesn't hit stores till 27/12 that will be over a month behind advertised release and also after Christmas. Is this the case? Is there any logic or reason at all for this very delayed release, its really frustrating and is souring the game for me before I've even received a copy. Multiple websites and streaming videos are reviewing and discussing this new edition and I've yet to see anything but a photograph or screen shot. Hoping that we've not been intentionally delayed by FFG but cannot see why we have not had release alongside other regions worldwide.
  5. In part agree but.. The clash of professional, seasoned and expert swordsmen will become increasingly lethal and against any opponent (however skilled at their trade) who is not capable of wielding a weapon in defense a seasoned blade master will quickly cut them to pieces. In part the question is realism vs narrative fantasy. I favor letting the players have a Defense skill they roll to avoid being hit. NPC's and monsters have a Defense value which reflects their difficulty to be hit for whatever reasons or reasons be it superb skills, mystical talent, amazing equipment, incredible size/power/durability and/or supernatural ability. So the Defense of opponents that players target is open to the storytelling narrative a young samurai may be low and experienced dark sorcerer protected by foul magics moderate and a mighty horror of the Shadowlands high. It is only when player clashes with player that the raw value vs. value becomes critical and then sadly a battle hardened samurai warrior probably will cut a long experienced academic courtier down very quickly unless the courtier possesses other surprises.
  6. Like the dice app but do prefer physical dice and am looking forward to such dice being available. I strongly believe that FFG should reduce the price of the dice-app, I am happy to pay for it but think it is in the interest of the company to minimize barriers to player entry and involvement and it would certainly be easier to get a casual curious potential player to invert $1 or $2, essentially an amount of to small to buy a coffee then the current price, which at $5 (or $8 AUS) I perceived (and others may not) as an actual purchase I had to think about before I made. Obviously free is the ideal but I can understand FFG is a business but honestly I think the income and interest generated by making the cost minimal would provide longer term benefit and profit.
  7. Had only a quick look over thus far but note the Honor, Glory and Status values and generally like the idea, it emphasizes the importance of these cultural ideals in the society of the Emerald Empire. But one thing which strikes me is that the respect of ones fellow Samurai and nobles is very different from the acknowledgement, love, respect, derision, hatred and fear that the non-noble, peasant and working classes would possess. The history, lore and legends of Japan and China include reflections on those lords and ladies who were respected or reviled by the people of the lands they ruled. Certainly as players become more powerful they would command lands and groups of followers who are non-noble and the respect of the peasant or simple warrior is a very different thing from the expectations of behavior between the Great Clans. Should there be some recognition of "Respect" or a similar stat to quantify how a character is viewed by the common people of the land, whether they are loved, feared, hated, respected; are they considered a champion of the fief given acknowledgement as someone loved, hidden in times of danger, supported during trials or has their behavior invoked fear and are the bows cursory to a noble only to avoid punishment and is the land restless with discontent and fomenting rebellion. To a great degree this is of course purely story and narrative base but the same could be said of Honor, Glory and Status each of which has a mechanical value to ease tracking them and each of which as presented in the rules seems to be slanted towards how the player is viewed within the society of their equals and superiors. This is very different when considered from the view point of the worker and common warrior who make up the majority of the Emerald Empire and whose obedience and toil is the source of the Great Clans wealth and power.
  8. Increasingly coming to the idea that most if not all random elements in the story should be resolved by the players. So the storyteller/GM rolls minimal or no dice at all, they oversee the story and set challenge difficulty then the players engage, support narration and add the random element with the tasks they perform. This has worked in other games I've looked at very nicely, providing Less of a GM vs. players feel, the GM rolling against the players atmosphere which can sometime pervade More scope for the GM to concentrate on the story/scene and not get involved in the numbers and rolling mechanics Reduces one of the ransom elements with only one group the players involved Helps to balance challenge as the GM can tailor difficulties more simply, it is always difficult as dice become involved on both sides of the equation balancing the impact of random elements Makes sense as it is the players who are the wild card element who are fated to influence the course of events I know this is a big change and radical departure from established doctrine and the system which forms the backbone of FFG's RPG property. However so far a large part of L5R RPG seems to emphasize, flexible, abstract and narrative and this roll mechanic style supports that. Furthermore it emphasizes the player narration interaction which FFG supports heavily in its dice symbols and interpretation system, here the players almost always roll and the narration of the roll's is heavily skewed towards the players further engaging them in the story and making the process increasingly collaborative. On a quick scan it seems L5R RPG could easily support this, thoughts?
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