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  1. ausknipsr

    Unable to change Account User Name

    Bumping this because i have the same "problem". I can't imagine this is intended. Might be fixed in future versions, because it would be pretty pointless if you were stuck to a username without a proper warning.
  2. ausknipsr

    GCW units

    I know its not GCW, but i would love to see some Reborn Meele Squads / Anti-Jedi Shadowtroopers from Jedi Knight 2:Jedi Outcast at some point...
  3. ausknipsr

    GCW units

    Im really hoping to see AT-PTs . They were my favourite walker unit to blow up in star wars: rogue squadron.
  4. ausknipsr

    Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    Awesome work! i need a 3d printer....
  5. ausknipsr

    What to buy

    In previous titles, i ended up buying three cores of x-wing, two cores of armada, two cores of runewars and one core of imperial assault. Every time i bought multiple cores at the beginning, i ended up with a lot of minis i never played beyond wave 1, so this time i got myself one core and every expansion wave 0-1 for the extra cards which are not included in the core and see where this game will take me. On the other hand, having more dice is a must, having extra rulers and tokens is nice, and if you plan to split with someone, buying a second core might come in handy. its truly situational.
  6. ausknipsr

    From now till release day

    Well, seems like i stand corrected. And while i still would like to see a playable Obi-Wan (and i am pretty sure he will be released sometime in the future), i get your point. Never looked at Leia this way, thanks for the input.
  7. ausknipsr

    From now till release day

    well, that is true, but no one cared in IA, so i dont think this will matter for Legion. Or am i missing something?
  8. ausknipsr

    From now till release day

    Short answer: I can see New Hope Obi-Wan participating in a ground assault because of his experience from the Clone Wars era. Longer answer: Thematically spoken, lets say the whole gang is sitting on their ship in hyperspace and everyone knows that on the destination planet, a larger battle with imperial troops is necessary. No hidden operation, just a good old firefight. Who would rather go, Obi-Wan or Leia?
  9. ausknipsr

    From now till release day

    I wish i could too. And while i can see the necessarity for her to come in as a support commander, in my personal opinion leia doesnt fit into the whole "big firefights with big guns"-theme for me. she was a perfect addition to imperial assault, but for legion? meh. its probably just me, but i tought of leia more like a steahlty character, using diplomacy first and being part of small spearhead operations if there is no other way out (as we have seen on endor). while she might be fitting to be a more supportive charakter and counterpart to veers, i cant wait to see obi-wan announced.
  10. ausknipsr

    So, release date game....

    i'd say feb 8th
  11. Off-table artillery sounds nice. Heck, if they would go epic format and release an AT-AT some time in the future, i would buy it in an instant, just for decoration purposes. I personally dont think there will be an armada-pendant for ground battles, but mostly because i can not come up with a decent amount of REALLY large, land based vehicles in the starwars canon . Well, maybe when taking the EU into account.
  12. ausknipsr

    Templates for digital testing

    Here you can download the PSD-File: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArljplbDLywuib1rKl3QMVcEyredpA You will find that there are multiple pre-done Layers for both armies already. I would recomment you to leave them untouched and create new layers for your personal coloring. I had the best results when changing the individual Layer Style to "Soft Light", painting the designated area and then adjust the colors via "Hue/Saturation" Enjoy!
  13. Yay. Subforums. I did those to fool around digitally before painting the real units and i figured that someone else might find them useful, so ill post them here. Sadly, there is quite an upload limitation here. Please PM me for PSD-Files/larger JPGs or visit the Discord channel!
  14. ausknipsr

    Runewars Discord?

    bump for the sake of bumping.
  15. ausknipsr

    Runewars Discord?

    i set one up here: https://discord.gg/wMBbnuT please join and provide input, ill grant rights to everyone who wants to contribute!