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  1. I opened two full boxes last night and got the exact same 6 legendaries in each... 2x AT-ST 2x Kylo Ren's Lightsaber 2x Black One 2x Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber 2x One with the Force 2x Captain Phasma I got a pretty good spread of everything Common/Uncommon/Rare...though I was hoping for some Holdout Blasters and got none
  2. I've been fooling around with trying to create a good mill deck. My old eRey/Padme/Rebel Trooper deck was so-so...I won a few rounds and got really close to winning a few others...it just didn't have enough mitigation and dice removal to last long enough for the mill to work. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with the following. Ackbar is there to help with focus and has the added benefit of chipping away at my opponents characters when I get them to discard their hand each round...it's not enough to kill anyone, but it keeps them preoccupied with healing that damage or putting shields on their characters and those take up actions, cards, and resources that would otherwise be spent killing me. The supports are there to either get more focus or more shields to help with longevity. Almost all of the Event cards were selected to help with longevity or die removal, with a few there to help with mill. C-3PO and Spy Net have been the big helpers...all of the focus in my characters/upgrades/supports causes Spy Net to trigger quite often, which is really nice if I can get both copies out...and C-3PO's ability to resolve any die as discard comes in handy when I roll some pesky ranged damage. My main objective is to use the opponents battlefield so I can get my Ascension Guns in place and use their special to bring Command Center into play twice a round. Any thoughts on cards I might want to add to improve survivability or increase the speed of the mill? BATTLEFIELD ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Command Center, Lothal (Awakenings #165) CHARACTER ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Admiral Ackbar, Perceptive Tactician (Awakenings #27) 2x Jyn Erso, Reckless Operative (Spirit of Rebellion #44) UPGRADE ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 2x Scout (Awakenings #33) 1x Second Chance (Awakenings #137) 1x Lone Operative (Spirit of Rebellion #49) 2x Ascension Gun (Spirit of Rebellion #59) 1x Ammo Belt (Spirit of Rebellion #141) SUPPORT ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1x BB-8 (Awakenings #43) 1x Outpost (Awakenings #53) 1x Resistance HQ (Awakenings #113) 2x C-3PO (Spirit of Rebellion #30) 1x Quadjumper (Spirit of Rebellion #58) 2x Spy Net (Spirit of Rebellion #98) 1x Outmaneuver (Spirit of Rebellion #149) EVENT ¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Field Medic (Awakenings #105) 2x Block (Awakenings #153) 2x Dodge (Awakenings #155) 1x Disarm (Awakenings #158) 2x Electroshock (Awakenings #159) 2x Spirit of Rebellion (Spirit of Rebellion #96) 1x Never Tell Me The Odds (Spirit of Rebellion #115) 2x Friends in Low Places (Spirit of Rebellion #146) 1x Sabotage (Spirit of Rebellion #147)
  3. Flat out wrong. My "Lure of Power" card had the "Jedi Acolyte" die. My "Snap" card had the "Lure of Power" die. My "Jedi Acolyte" had the "Snap" die. So it all worked out for me...but only because I bought an entire box.
  4. I bought a full box and three of the packs had the incorrect die. Luckily, they matched each other so I don't have to contact anyone to get new cards...
  5. I got a box of SoR today and started opening the packs. When I opened my very first pack, a Jedi Acolyte die rolled out of the pack... But the card was Lure of Power! A few booster packs later and I see the Temmin "Snap" Wexley card with the Lure of Power die in the pack! Now I'm tearing through the packs faster... Slave I... Who cares... Quadjumpper... Nice, but not what I'm looking for to fix my problem... Finally, 3/4 of the way through the box, I come across the Jedi Acolyte card with Snap's die. In the end it all worked out for me, but what if I would have only grabbed a few packs from this box and ended up with only one of those three mismatched packs? Has anyone else run across this with the current shipment?
  6. Not true. "Another" has three separate meanings in the English language. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/another?s=t The first, and most generally used, is "in addition to"..."I want another scoop of ice cream" The second is "different"..."I don't like that shirt, pick another one"
  7. OP is from Sweden. It sounds like there was some debate as to the actual definition... "discard another card" ==> "discard 'an additional' card" vs. "discard 'a different' card" Strictly speaking, "another" could be defined either way. As native English speakers, however, we intuitively know that it's far more likely to mean "an additional" and simply jump to that definition without thinking about it any further.
  8. If I had another copy of Baz, I think I'd try eBaz/Leia. But it seemed to work quite well this way...my daughter zeroed in on Baz and hit him with everything she had because she assumed he was the bigger threat...he's tough enough, though, that I had plenty of time to beef up Leia.
  9. I created an eLeia/Baz deck over the weekend. Two Overkills and two A180 blasters along with wingman. I was dealing out between 7 and 15 damage each round. My daughter took out Baz, but by then I had the second copy of Overkill and an A180 blaster on my Leia so she finished things off. I think it went 5 rounds though...need to find some more red/neutral upgrades/supports to round out things, I think. Otherwise, it's a pretty solid deck.
  10. I don't think I have a need for 9 cases! Not yet anyway.
  11. The Feldherr cases look like the way to go...unfortunately, it costs more to ship them to the US then actual cost of the case itself.
  12. Oh...I had missed the FAQ...you are correct, there is a clarification there, but it's the opposite of what you said.
  13. I was recently playing a eRey/Padme/Trooper mill deck against a Jabba/Unkar Crime Lord deck. During the course of the game, he managed to crime lord Padme and Rey, leaving me with only my Trooper...in return I had completely burned through his deck and left him with only two cards in his hand. In the final round, his Crime Lord triggered again and he selected my Trooper...I managed to get him to discard his last two cards.... Who wins? Crime Lord states the character is defeated after the round ends. The win conditions for a mill deck also trigger after the round ends. Does it come down to whoever controls the battlefield winning?
  14. Ah! I didn't look at the tournament rules. Odd that they only mention it there and not in the main rules. Thanks!
  15. So, I went to the SoR event and ended up getting an Overkill in one of my booster packs. If I include the alternate art Overkill I got as part of the event, I now have two of that card, but only 1 die for it. I want to know if I can add both cards to my deck even though I only have one die? I realize I would only be able to actually use one of the cards at a time (due to the dice limitation) but this would increase my odds of pulling that card and being able to use it at all. Looking at the deck building rules, it doesn't specify that you can only add a card to your deck if you have the corresponding die, so I would think this would be a legal option.
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