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  1. I played eKylo FN FOS and 3-0 8 player event too but yesterday I played him with yellow cards. Vibroknuckles and Flamethrower are rly strong with 4 respectively 5 dice sides you can resolve right away with no other needs. I only had 3 starting dice with FN Bala Dooku and it seemed slower (less resource symbols and dmg sides) but once the yellow weapons dropped it was hell for opponent. I want to try eFN Bala RoyalGuard when I got the dice. One thing I loved with Dooku is that every redeploy from dead FN goes to strong character that can carry the rest of the game. Also the ratio of weapons support cards and removal is hard to tackle. You can go multiple routs. Control with few strong weapons and a lot of control cards or all in 20 weapons. I played from 8-16 weapons decks and both routes seemed legit to me. Especially blue red deck with 10 weapons 14 removal and 6 support cards was feeling rly smooth. To craft perfect deck with FN and so many card options is going to be challenge. Sorry for long post and bad English. May the force be with you :-)
  2. Hi sorry if this was already ask but i cant found it anywhere. If i play weapon on FN-2199 And roll a blank so i cant resolve it where should this die go? It stays in pool or is move to the charakter?
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