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  1. Had some success with variations of this: Luke Skywalker [R2-D2, Expertise, Vectored Thrusters] (38) Han Solo [Expertise, Chewbacca, Navigator, Millennium Falcon (Evade Version), Engine Upgrade] (62) You can run 3po instead of Navigator for extra defense, but with all the ps11 out there, I like looking at my opponent's dial
  2. Here you go: Omicron Group Pilot [Collision Detector, Emperor Palpatine] (29) Colonel Vessery [Juke, TIE/x7] (35) Darth Vader [TIE/x1, Lone Wolf, Engine Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Computer] (36) This should do pretty well. Vader will be nice and tanky between having Lone Wolf and Palp access. Vessery gets his evades from the title and can use it for defense and/or to juke. It's a simple list, but should be easy and forgiving to fly.
  3. I really am determined to make this work. Messing around with some ideas, and built out a fat Bossk with Kavil for support. The idea will be to run Kavil behind Bossk to deter enemies from trying to sneak up the rear. Here it is: Bossk [Daredevil, “Mangler” Cannon, Homing Missiles, K4 Security Droid, Intelligence Agent, Boba Fett, Burnout Slam, Engine Upgrade] (57) Kavil [Bomb Loadout, Extra Munitions, Twin Laser Turret, Unhinged Astromech, Expertise, Vectored Thrusters, Conner Net] (43) I know it's probably trash. I'm probably going to try it out anyway.
  4. Here's my T-70 Snap Shot List. We've been calling it Poe's Echelon at the store. It's fun and reliable to fly. Red Squadron Veteran [R2 Astromech, Pattern Analyzer, Snap Shot, Integrated Astromech] (31) x 2 Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) [BB-8, Primed Thrusters, Intensity, Autothrusters] (38)
  5. Time to dust off everyone's favorite/most hated list. Here's my most recent stab at what I'll call the Scarif Aces. The idea is high pilot skill and maneuverability, with solid support and sustainability from the shuttle. If flown right you'll be behind the enemy and putting out a lot of hurt. Yes, this is a bit of a glass cannon, but I think it has a decent punch to it. Speaking of punches--don't pull any. Using these ships (you can choose other pilots), what list would you make? How can I improve the Scarif Aces? Darth Vader [TIE/x1, Cruise Missiles, Veteran Instincts, Engine Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Computer] (38) “Duchess” [Veteran Instincts, Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame] (26) Captain Yorr [Sensor Jammer, Emperor Palpatine] (36)
  6. Alright, Round 2 did not go so well. A lot of it was due to flying, but I think that the list can be fine-tuned a lot more. Overall, though, I love flying these two ships together. Here's the new Firehound list. What do you think? Boba Fett [Expert Handling, K4 Security Droid, Glitterstim, Slave-1, Engine Upgrade] (50) Bossk [Daredevil, “Mangler” Cannon, Intelligence Agent, Outlaw Tech, Burnout Slam, Engine Upgrade] (50) There's a good amount of action efficiency here, but, most of all, Bossk now gets to make very informed decisions about whether or not to boost or burnout. As long as Boba is pulling greens he can get a target lock and a barrel roll. Thoughts? Here's another take that I may try next time. The big difference is that I took Mangler Cannon off to add more crew...not sure how I feel about it. Bossk [Daredevil, Greedo, Dengar, K4 Security Droid, Burnout Slam, Engine Upgrade] (50) Boba Fett [Expert Handling, K4 Security Droid, Glitterstim, Engine Upgrade] (50)
  7. Just finished the first game. The list did well, and won, but it was close. Took TheBitterFig’s advice and made some adjustments. Here’s the new version. Gearing up for round two: Boba: EU, Bomblet, Cad Bane, Expert Handling Bossk: 4-LOM, K4, Mangler, Daredevil, EU
  8. Do I need this for a third bomb slot? Boba has one bomb slot already, and Cad Bane gives him a second, so I'm covered for Bomblet Generator. Oh, I see. The app I was using keeps putting prox mines in the second slot when I add Bomblets. Boba has no prox mines, so no need for the Andrasta title.
  9. I may be missing something here. The only way that Poe can use Garven's focus is if Garven spends it first (on an attack or evade).
  10. I would use the PS8 Poe so that he can benefit from Garven's focus more reliably. That way you can shoot first with Garven and try to pass the focus immediately.
  11. Hey everyone, tonight is x-wing night at my store, and I haven't flown scum in a while. I wanted something fun and thematic, so I put this together: Boba Fett [Lone Wolf, Bomblet Generator, Cad Bane, Engine Upgrade] (50) Bossk [Daredevil, “Mangler” Cannon, 4-LOM, Inspiring Recruit, Zuckuss, Burnout Slam, Engine Upgrade] (50) These ships are expensive, have low agility, and often go down pretty fast. What the heck am I thinking? I really like the idea of bomblet on Boba because of what it forces the opponent to do. Being in range 1 of Boba was always a problem, and now with Bomblet in the mix hopefully people will be running away for their lives, or chasing Bossk. I had thought about running Expert Handling on him for some crazy re-positioning, but was a bit torn, and wanted a consistent way to re-roll. What do you think? A barrel roll could help him escape his own bombs, or get into range one... I love the houndstooth, but maneuverability has always been an issue, so I have three ways to address it: Daredevil, Engine Upgrade, and Burnout Slam. Daredevil means that I can get back into the fight pretty quickly, and Inspiring Recruit can help take that stress away next turn; Engine Upgrade means that I can make minor adjustments as needed; and Burnout Slam means I can get out of dodge with a couple of three maneuvers. Between Bossk's ability, Mangler Cannon, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM, there isn't a terribly pressing need to take actions, which frees me up to re-position as long as I can clear stress.
  12. I actually find that N'Dru sticks around quite a long time. He's not the obvious threat, so no-one ever bothers with him. However, his efficiency means that he is consistently doling out (small) amounts of damage, and has adequate defensive capabilities. Bossk usually gets focus fired because he's chunky and mean. Then, when the opponent realizes how painful Kavil is, they often try to take him out. In my experience, Kavil goes down first, followed by Bossk (if they get that far) and then N'Dru is left on the board. Honestly, I find that N'dru lives a lot longer than Zuckus. Zuckus really runs into problems--with his troublesome dial, minimal agility, and threat he gets focused down really quickly. Another nice thing about this list is how you fly it. Naturally you keep Kavil and Bossk relatively close, and flank with N'Dru. If you keep Kavil on the far side of Bossk, you essentially assure that they enemy doesn't close into the range-one distance. With the added benefit that all of these pilots have the same skill level, keeping the right formation with Kavil/Bossk will be relatively easy. And, with Kavil's PTL, he can re-position and modify, no problem.
  13. Been thinking about trying this out. Here's my gang's-all-here list: Luke Skywalker [R2-D2, Expertise, Vectored Thrusters] (38) Han Solo [Expertise, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Millennium Falcon (Evade Version), Engine Upgrade] (62)
  14. Love the idea of expertise on Horton. Here's my stab at a list with this: Horton Salm [R2-D6, Extra Munitions, Plasma Torpedoes, Twin Laser Turret, Vectored Thrusters, Expertise] (43) Chewbacca [Push the Limit, Cruise Missiles, Nien Nunb, Kyle Katarn, Millennium Falcon (Evade Version), Engine Upgrade] (57) Lots of action efficiency. Horton is basically free to barrel roll all day, and Chewey will be getting up to three actions each turn (PTL plus the strip stress focus from Kyle). Best thing though is that these ships are going to be tough and reliable.
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