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  1. I can make a Sil 4 Corvette which flys like a starfighter and no rules for crafting starship weapons. Even the 30 year old Space Master rules were a bit better, AFAIR.
  2. The turbolaser of the star destroyer will not bounce off, but the TIE fighter laser will. with brilliant evasion the fight will be easy.
  3. The elegant design , table 3-5, gives me a big headache. I could use a freighter frame and turn this thing into a starfighter with 36 hull trauma. I can not find any armor limit by silhoutte, is there one in the book ? where ?
  4. Printing is strange now. My generated print pages do not show the first page of the vehicle. page 1 shows what normally is on page 2. This is for char printing as well as printing a stock vehicle
  5. This charGen in an android version would be great. A laptop on the game table uses more space than a tablet.
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