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  1. Ugh.... I thought I had trouble getting my wife to let me have the Harley Fat Boy Lego set, this will cost me a new Coach purse or two in return.
  2. To be clear, since I am really good at saying things in a way that I did not intend it to be taken, I do not disagree with your premise. I was simply suggesting that people seeing not just 5 or 6 ISDs on screen but hundreds or MAYBE 😁 thousands of them will spark a serious interest in purchasing just basic plane jane ISDs. All so the can field a bazillion of their very own. ISDs could be a serious cash cow for FFG if they can just get enough into the hands of the greedy general Imperial (or Resistance?) public.
  3. Given that there are hundreds in the new movie, I would bet production will crank up again soon.
  4. Admiral Nelson never forgets... As long as the bad jokes are still rollin.
  5. Clearly they used a CR90 and not a Victory to get it here. A blockade runner is the only way they could get past customs so quickly.
  6. The whole issue of a new "standard" game is doing nothing but revive the game in my area. We now have the hard core 400 pointers as the old school base. But we now have an entirely new group of people who are getting in on the 200 point games while older gamers who drifted away are all on board with games up to 1500 points per side. We actually a regular game night at one store and another group of stores allowing pickup games of Armada again as well as stocking minis again. All of this new stuff, rules and cardboard and minis, is breathing life into a region that used to have a large crowd before all but disappearing. All I can say is bring it on, more is better.
  7. Yay. Nothing more needs to be said until it is on the shelves and I have $200.
  8. It will be the announcement that Armada is dead. Sorry, someone had to make the joke. 😁
  9. X-wing got a massive set of new stuff for Huge ships and epic play. You may ask, why does this matter to Armada? Note how every huge ship is now dual faction across the different eras. CR-90 is officially being used by the Republic and Rebels. With CW era coming to Armada, the idea of cross faction and cross era ship usage seems like a very real possibility. Getting all of the multi-faction/era stuff properly sorted out also helps to explain some of the delays we are seeing. No clue how this all works out in game play, just know that if my wishful thinking and fantastic hypotheses are correct, I am going to need a second job to pay for all the new toys I will be buying. (Assuming production keeps up with the demand. 😁)
  10. I used to play other miniature games. We would send in units with a cardboard card the same size as the base but no other info. At range x or when the unit fired, the actual unit was revealed. True fog of war. At times we even added a dummy card, cause false echos and such.
  11. ...when your wife who does not play, does not want to play and could care less about playing, tells you and your son to clear the kitchen table and make a list.
  12. The ssd cards are the new art playmats they have been promising us for years. Two of the dreadnought sheets make up a regulation armada play area. Go empire!
  13. He just missed the 4th. I say we move up the calendar just for him. 😢
  14. In the world of x-wing, there are four distinct versions of IGs. A-D. Each does something different but combine powers when on the board together. Not sure how you would represent that synergy in armada but could be interesting to see.
  15. FYI - x-wing 1.0 had a rule for such situation. Fighter was destroyed while huge base ship suffered damage only. My rebel transport blew up three ties, one X and an A all on a poorly misjudged turn/movement timing issue. I won the game with a single point of hull left on the transport but literally crushed everything else in one bad move on my part including my own ships. Still gonna be fun killing each other with huge ships.
  16. In X-wing any faction can play any faction regardless of time. As for Armada, ships don't just suddenly disappear when the calendar turns over a new year. You will certainly get to play against any faction just as you do now. As has been documented in many official cannon sources, older ships are still capable of holding their own against never ships. However, with being said, different races design and political philosophies and shipyards will turn out wild variations in quality and power. Cannot even begin to tell you how the different eras will match up but it will work out fine. FFG wants your money and they want you to play absurd games where a Lucrehulk slugs it out with an SSD while both side swat all of the other puny vessels aside.
  17. You do know that a Cease and Desist is coming from Darth Mickey soon. With FFG releasing an official version "soon", they will look to shut down things like this. It has happened before, just look through the x-wing boards for examples. Also using the Armada logo could be a copyright issue. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you should be prepared for the legal fun and games.
  18. I think this may be the way to go. Create a droid control ship title that says you may activate "X droid" fighters in addition to your normal activations. Restrict to say, large base ships and above to cut down on abuses. Hahahaha.... All droids are rogue but restricted to range one of that ship only. Keeps close combat with that ship dangerous while still allowing for something with reds and blues to "safely" pound the controller. Keep fights cheap and disposable. This preserves the look of a ship covered in defensive droids but not so op that no one can get to it with other options. Shifts how fighters get used at a meta level. Ooh... enjoy my bomber swarm robot dog. Dangit, cannot get past all those pesky vultures. Now you counter swarm with As or TIEs to open defenses but lose that big bomber attack. Maybe control ship loses some (or all) fighter defenses in exchange ridiculous number of droids to encourage opponents to attempt to clean the droids off. Big take away is that droids and controller need to synergize well together but be somewhat dysfunctional when separated. Maybe droids that are out of range must attempt move into range of the nearest controller or have strength reduced in some way. Lose a dice, lose movement. Blah blah blah. Enough ramblings from the Grand Admiral. Take my ideas, taken from Kani, and trash them and agree to their greatness.
  19. As long as we are resurrecting things, I want an Admiral Nelson commander card. Exhaust this card to force opponent to execute a rage table flip.
  20. Please do not spoil my excitement for the new toys by cloning admiral nelson. I for one find today's announcements a welcome and thrilling set of additions to an already great game. Huzzah and all that stuff to Crabbock for the right outlook on things. Yay, more toys and more excuses to play spaceships!
  21. Mc75 leading a pair of mc30s could make for a reasonably fun slash. A variation on the Ackbar conga line.
  22. My ability would be to take any one hit I rolled and change it to a blank. As in why do my dice hate me so much.😂
  23. The thing about 3d obstacles that makes them useful is that you are more aware of them amd how they will impact your actions. A mostly black piece of cardboard on a black background gets overlooked a lot until you realize that you have no choice but to crash. All because you did not readily see it. In my experience, 3d terrain affects the choices people make for movement and cover far more that a piece of cardboard.
  24. With the new article up on mega games, I know I will be needing reprints of many things including fighters.
  25. Ok, so how will this impact cards like the 7th Fleet amd Mon Cal Fleet? Will those interact across all friendly players or just within the individual fleets? Will only one player per side get to use the "fleet" cards or everyone? Just some food for thought... it may be in the rules already and I just missed them. I am at work in theory. 😁
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