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  1. Now the really important question is, is there anyone left at ffg after the "layoff", however it actually went down (not denying it happened, just do not know how big it was), who will shut down this thread or do they even care any more?
  2. Just give us the AFMk1. Don't really care which version as long as we get it. Feels wrong to just say, "we are starting with the second edition." Uhhh... what happened to the first, was it so bad we aren't allowed to see it all?
  3. As an American, I respect all of your opinions and such but you can keep your socialist political systems in Europe and elsewhere and allow us over here to respectfully disagree with your views. The states here with the biggest issues are the ones where our socialist politicians have created messes trying to provide for everyone which ultimately provides for no one. As for the comments regarding the Cuban political system, why is it so many Cubans will throw together anything that floats in an attempt to escape such a wonderful system? Anyway, this game of who's political system works best will never end until the Communist Chinese conquer all of us and say which system is best.
  4. Well never mind then, they were not showing up.
  5. Not sure what to think of this move yet. If it means greater supply of plastic crack without major changes to the game quality, then YAY! otherwise this may be the end of my purchasing new stuff.
  6. https://www.atomicmassgames.com/special-announcement?fbclid=IwAR1wtxPeedjYGuWdU-XMe5MGut03UK8-OywzQXje8LmIDDPSks6clyjmqWU
  7. According to this article https://io9.gizmodo.com/a-new-mandalorian-spoiler-may-have-galactic-implication-1845623159?utm_campaign=io9&utm_content=&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2mKg8nOK_CxLQm_2kaU3hzsGFeVeCcEhxsOAPdr4hp20hSYc0skdZKlCQ it appears that some variation of the Arquitens will be appearing this season. Given the time period, it means that class has some survived active use for quite a while. Guess maybe this is one more ship that could go into final order fleet with modernizations?
  8. You meant to say ANNOUNCED Q1 2021 and released in Q4 2022 as per standard FFG/Asmodee policy with just enough stock to cover 1-2 weeks of inventory at the flgs.
  9. If you read the new article for X-wing, there is a note that the v-wing can ignore TIE restriction on upgrade cards as it is the TIE precursor. This got me to wondering if some Republic ships in Armada might be able to ignore certain Imperial restrictions in a similar manner. Clearly crew would be out but are there other cards that might be usable? Also, please keep in mind I had very little sleep so this may be just ideas from a foggy brain. Anyway, anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
  10. I found the game through an fb friend who posted pics of another game and armada was being played in the background. Most of the crowd I play with saw it in the local stores. Cannot think of a single person who knew who ffg was before getting into either armada or x-wing (the gateway drug) first.
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